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This section is to see if I can explain some of the artistic allusions/cultural references/slangs, etc. in BTS songs…. as I feel like simple translation often does not do them enough justice.

The posts are prone to small edits over time (It’s not my fault that BTS has lyrics that are so complicated that I can’t get all the meanings on first attempt ^^).

NOTICE:  For the people who would like to use my posts to translate into other languages, please try to translate directly from Korean to your language (as translating  translated lyrics is probably not accurate).   Feel free to use the additional ramblings I’ve added to lyrics but beware that I am often editing/correcting myself over time to try to be more accurate.
Please do not use my non-lyric-related ramblings (eg. the tibits, etc)
Thank you~~~

This is a bit of a lazy low-stress blog…and I’m a slow woman.
To see the posts in the order of most recently posted, you can read them under BTS tag.


June 14, 2022

I’ve been pretty inactive on this blog so I just wanted to update that I am still drowning in the responsibilities of real life. I’m listening to the new album a lot as I do my mountain of work, but probably can’t update any time soon.

There are a lot of good translators now compared to when I started in 2015, so I don’t really feel pressure to update often. But I’m taking a break from work next year and hopefully will be able to tackle the list of translations I’ve been meaning to do. It’s still far away… but hoping for many more good days ahead :)

Feb. 1, 2022

I can’t believe I didn’t update this blog for more than a year. Why do real life responsibilities go up but my energy level go down as I get older. So sad…

Hopefully I can do more this year than last one.

BE (2020)

BTS – Life Goes On 

BTS – Blue & Grey 

BTS – Telepathy 

BTS – Dis-ease 

BTS – Stay 

motsjpg MAP OF THE SOUL SERIES (2019 – 2020)


BTS – Intro:  Persona

BTS – Boy With Luv

BTS – Jamais Vu

BTS – Dionysus


BTS – Interlude: Shadow 

BTS – Black Swan


BTS – Outro: Ego


lys1     LOVE YOURSELF SERIES (2017 – 2018)


BTS – Serendipity

BTS – Best of Me

BTS – Pied Piper  

BTS – Mic Drop

BTS – Go Go

BTS – Outro:  Her

BTS – Sea


BTS – Singularity

BTS – 134340

BTS – Paradise

BTS – Magic Shop

BTS – Anpanman

BTS – Outro:  TEAR   


BTS – Trivia 承 : Love


wings     WINGS SERIES (2016 – 2017)

BTS – First Love

BTS – Reflection


BTS – Cypher 4 

BTS – Am I Wrong 

BTS – Spring Day

BTS – Not Today

hyyh     HYYH SERIES (2015 – 2016)

BTS – Ma City

BTS – Whalien 52

BTS – Baepsae/Parrotbill

BTS – Dead Leaves/Autumn Leaves

BTS – Dope/Fire/Save Me

darkandwild  DARK AND WILD  (2014)

BTS – f(x) = Sexy Math Lyrics
and songs using “hae” word play, containing parts of:
Always, 2!3!, War of Hormone, Voice, and Favorite Girl.

BTS – Cypher Pt.3 – Killer 

BTS – Second Grade  
+ remake into Fifth Grade for their 2018 Festa Prom Party

schoolseries   SCHOOL TRILOGY SERIES (2013-2014)

BTS – I like It Pt. 2 (Korean Ver)

BTS – Satoori Rap (Paldogangsan)

BTS – Spine Breaker

BTS – Cyper Pt. 2 – Triptych
my favourite “onion” song – endless peeling layers of meaning.

BTS – Tomorrow


BTS – We Are Bulletproof Pt. 1



RM + Zico – Fuck Cockroachez (2008)

RM – Freestyle 1-4 (predebut 2013)

RM Mixtape (Mar 2015)
RM – Voice (01)
RM – Do You (02)
and… kind of a book review as well.
RM – Awakening (03)
RM – Monster (04)
RM – Joke (06)
RM – God Rap (07)
RM – Life (09)

RM Playlist (Oct. 2018)

RM – Tokyo (01) + Seoul (02) 
RM – Moonchild (03)
RM – Bad Bye (04)
RM – Uhgood (05)
RM – Everything Goes (06)
RM – Forever Rain (07) 


1VERSE (2015)

HOPE WORLD Mixtape (Mar 2018)
is recommended to be read in order of the tracks.
Hope World – Hope World (01)
Hope World – POP (02) + Daydream (03)
Daydream is only a snippet
Hope World – Baseline (04) + HangSang (05)
HangSang is only a snippet
Hope World – Airplane (06) + Blueside (07)


It Doesn’t Matter/SSaihanuwar (2013)

AGUST D Mixtape (August 2016)
Agust D – August D (02)
tracks 05-07 should be read in order.
Agust D – 724148 (05)
Agust D – 140503 at Dawn (06) 
Agust D – The Last (07)

D-2 (May 2020)
Agust D – Daechwita (02) (NEW)
Agust D – What do you think? (03)
Agust D – Strange (04)  


Ji Jin Jung – Chaos with Notes + Sub 
BTS – What’s in a Name?
Hitting the Wall – anime/drama trope in Boy In Luv
RM mentions on SPIN and other Ramblings
Suga Tibits
Rap Monster Tibits
mostly compilation of things I found interesting… will likely add over time.
BTS – Like taking a Literary Course

Short Translation Requests
This is on hiatus as I’m too busy to work on it… sob.

List of LYRIC VIDEO Recommendations 
This is on hiatus as I’m too busy to work on this too…

I feel like my grammar is dying a slow death… as I only have to write things in point form at work.


Trying to get Mr. muish to like BTS.  Muah~!

107 thoughts on “BTS – Directory of Ramblings

  1. Hello Ms. Muish,
    I hope everything has been well with you. Good to see you that you still lurk around every now and then. I have been following your blog since 2017 and have always appreciated you updating, translating and adding your own tidbits to the translations. Life gets busier as we get older. Please take your time and come around here whenever you feel like it. Just wanted to drop by and appreciate your work (again). There’s going to be a lot of changes in BTS contents from now on. I am sure you’re already updated with the news. Here’s to more music and contents from our boys. 💜

  2. Hi. I’ve been watching this vlog for maybe about six years from Japan… I appreciate that your ramblings help me understand the meaning of their lyrics. I… I just want to say I really love your contents. Please live your life at your own pace.

  3. So glad to see you post an update in February 2022. Please never take this website down even if you end up not updating it ever again. Your work is so helpful to ARMYs, old and new! I still find myself coming back to your posts once in a while even though I’ve been ARMY for a couple of years now. Thank you for everything!

  4. Hi Muish,
    I just came to reread an explanation of yours I’ve come back and linked people to many times over the years (Am I Wrong) and noticed your Feb 2022 note. Glad to see you pop up! Hope all is well :) I know many comments ask for specific translations/explanations, but I don’t have any real requests. I just love to read fellow ARMYs thoughtful ramblings and interpretations of any and all of Bangtan’s music as I almost always find a different nuance or understand something a bit better or differently. Thank you, always, for sharing what you do. <3

  5. Hi Muish,

    I just wanted to drop a little thank you for all the work put into this blog. I know how long you’ve been in the game – I remember all the way back when you were hardsubbing WGM episodes! It was your tutorial that taught me how to time & subtitle.

    I love the insights you give to BTS lyrics, it really enriches my experience as a fan.

    Much love –

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  7. Hello Muish~ Hope you’re doing fine nowadays. Jin released a song on his birthday and I’m wondering if you will be doing the translation or not? If not, there’s a question I’d like to know about it. It’s said that Abyss is a song he wrote about his negative emotions and I’m curious if the song ended with the meaning that he confronted that side of him and came to terms with it or he’s still trying to approach that side of him? (this sentence felt like he’s not ready to face it tho 아직도 나는 내게 머물러있다 목소린 나오질 않고 맴돌고만 있다)
    Or maybe both of my interpretation is wrong? What do you think about it? :D

    1. I am still in the process of pondering this song. I honestly thought I would be less busy over the holidays, but there’s been a lot more work than I expected. Hopefully, I can spend more time on this blog over the next couple of weeks.

  8. Thank you so much for your time in doing these translations. I really appreciate the extra notes to understand Korean phrases and idioms. I’m new to BTS and your translations are my favorite. 😊

  9. hi! i’m making playlist videos and i want to add the english translated lyrics for all the songs. is it okay to use your translations (multiple songs)? i’ll be sure to give you credit (in the description and/or pinned comment of the video).

    hoping for a response from you. thank you! :>

    1. Sure! I know my translations don’t always flow well as they’re meant to be used with a bunch of explanations. Please proofread them/change them to better fit your videos as needed. Ah! And I do sometimes watch lyrics videos and my two pet peeves are lines broken up in confusing places and lack of punctuation. It’s up to you, but could you keep the line breaks and punctuation if possible?

  10. Hi, Muish. Thank you for your lyric translations! I really enjoy reading them and your ramblings related to them. It’s lovely to get extra depth to the already beautiful lyrics that Bangtan creates.

    I’m thinking about creating an instagram account focusing on BTS’s lyrics, and I was wondering whether I’m allowed to use your translations (alongside with other translators’ result) as source material.

    One thing, I plan to make my captions both in English and Indonesian – I could not find Korean – Indonesian lyrics translators thus far, so I have to stick to English translations for now. I will not attempt to translate your translation into Indonesian, but my captions will be my thoughts about the song based on the English translations; which I will then translate to Indonesian.

    Let me know if you foresee any potential problems or if you have any objections to what I plan to do!

      1. Hi Muish, seems other people had a similiar idea to me. I always see awfully translated lyric videos on youtube and then I think back to your blog and your lovely translations and it just irritates me XD I was thinking of just making my own, but I speak 0 korean lol. Would it be alright if I used your english translations? I’ll obviously credit and will link your page so that people can read the proper explanations behind things. Also, obviously I’m not earning anything from this as the songs are copywrited material XD this is really just my own personal vendetta against awful cypher lyric videos LOL

        1. Feel free to use my translations, especially as a reference, but I recommend you still use other translations/proofread my translations as well. I feel like my grammar is actually quite bad and my ramblings probably do not flow well for something like a lyric video. So … I don’t know. Feel free to use my stuff but hopefully you can improve on my ramblings and make it more fitting for a lyric video. I’m just not all that confident about my work.

          1. Oh thank you. I’ll probably edit some things if it needs to flow because I know your blog is more about explaining the messages and meanings as opposed to making it sound good, but I find most of your stuff pretty ‘flowy’ so don’t worry too much about stuff like that or feel unconfident about it. Heck, it’s 1000x better then some translations i see where im just like… google translate would do a better job XD. I’ll make sure to cross-reference and stuff though, so Thank you (: Have a happy holiday!

  11. Can I simply say what a relief to seek out somebody who truly knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You positively know methods to bring an issue to gentle and make it important. More individuals have to learn this and understand this aspect of the story. I cant consider youre not more well-liked since you definitely have the gift.

  12. Hi there! I just want to drop a note to say I really really really appreciate the thoughts and work that goes behind the translations. In fact, I’m still catching up on most of the posts. I an adult, I’ve started to take more notice into the songs I’m listening to and the meaning/message it brings across. What I’m feeding myself is more than just nice songs to bop my head along to!

    Sometimes while listening, I’d read your translation posts over and over again to understand the song better. I realized this is the only way I could communicate, and I would like to sincerely thank you and I’d continuing supporting you from this side of the world. Thank you, Muish.

  13. hi muish!! i saw the notice you added yesterday, and i just wanted to thank you for continuing to write and for all the thought you put into what you share! i’m not on twitter anymore because i find it way too stressful, so i’m not sure what happened, but i am sorry for whatever chaos went down. I love reading your writing and i feel like i learn so much and also just get exposure to new topics to study or look into further. as someone who is also currently trying to learn korean, i always appreciate the insights you give in your translations. yoongi is my bias and your writing made me appreciate HIS writing more, and even inspired me to do my own writing actually! its a new passion and has become very cathartic for me, so thank you. as long as you continue writing, i will continue reading and enjoying.

    1. Thank you for your comment. :) It makes me feel better. I’m not on Twitter, so as a passive observer, I generally really like Twitter ARMYs. Most of posts I see seem fun. I guess it was just the loss of control that made me kind of scared, although it’s kind of a known risk whenever posting online so I should have expected it to some degree. I’m hoping I can return to a passive observer status…

  14. I love how you analyse the lyrics and also your ramblings hehe. Anyway, if you have the time can you please do one for Louder than Bomb and also Ddaeng? Thanks so much and stay safe!

  15. Hi! I am so glad that I found your blog! I am a beginner in Korean and I decided to get vocabulary from BTS songs (I started with RM’s monster and oof, I loved your style). Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your knowledge with us. What do you think of TXT? Will you stick with BTS or would you like to try with their some of TXT’s songs? And again, thank you! 🖤

  16. Muish your translation ramblings are my favorite!! I cannot–and I cannot stress this enough–cannot wait for your thoughts on Dionysus.

  17. Hi! I love your detailed translations, I was wondering if perhaps you could translate ‘Lost’ from the wings album whenever you have time of course (:

  18. I just wanted to say “Thank You” for the beautiful translation. Im a Korean but does not speak well because I lived in US since I was ten. I was not a fan of Kpop because all the music and pointless words were the same. Only one I liked was 2NE1. Anyway, I accidently discovered BTS late 2017 through watching Jimin`s MV “Serendipity” on YouTube, and I thought how beautiful the music was. And that is the beginning of my BTS obsession (not the crazy way. I am too old for that). I have watched most of the MVs with English subtitles, and I thought this is how music should be. Until this morning when I accidentally found your website and read all of your “ramblings”, did I realized how deep the songs were. I dont usually comment but read only. However, I just had to tell you how grateful I am of your translation. I cried in few of the songs when I read your comments. I see why people love them. btw, I will be turning 49 next month.

  19. Muish, love love love your work – pleeeeeeeeeeeeease could you do an analysis of ‘Trivia 轉: Seesaw’ – I think for many of us ARMY, this is one of the highlights of the new album and the translations I’ve seen online for this song aren’t particularly good…I’d really love to hear your thoughts on it!

  20. HI I have just discovered your blog when searching 2nd Grade(Ver. 5th Grade) lyrics. I love your translation and notes! May I have your permission to translate them into Chinese for a lyric video? Thank you!

  21. Hi, Mrs. Muish! I just discovered your blog when searching cypher 4 lyrics and i luv how u trans and explain abt lyrics~ I was wondering if you could please give me the permission to translate your posts into Bahasa (Indonesia) for a lyric video? Thank you!

    i’m sorry i can’t say so much word bcoz my English not good enough and i still studying Eng Language :’)

    1. Sure – but please have someone who speak Korean also review the work in your language. I find that Korean -> English -> another language –> might cause too many changes in meaning by the end.

  22. Hello I’m a ARMY from Vietnam. Firstly do love your translations. We’re having a project designing fanbook about RM. We’ll sell it and all the profits we earn will be served for charitable purposes under the namjoon name. One of the part of this fanbook is lyrics & analysis lyrics, can we refer some posts ‘RM’ mixtape lyrics & rambings of you? we are so grateful if you allow us ..
    I’m so sorry if I’m annoying you guys. In the end,always I want to thank you a lot

  23. Ohhhhh, I have a request! I came to see if you had this one already done, but it’s not on the list, yet. I know you’ve got a long list of ‘to do,’ but… I’m so interested in the satoori raps, especially when the satoori is shown how it’s different from ‘standard’ Korean. As I may have mentioned, before, I’m in the novice stages of learning Korean, and satoori is the (practically impossible) dream. So, I was hoping you wouldn’t mind translating and musing on 어디에서 왔는지 (Where Did You Come From?) from the Skool Luv Affair EP. :D

    Thank you, in advance!

  24. I really hope you can get time to translate Paradise also i really hope you can ramblings about Ddaeng T…..T i miss Mrs.Muish so much…!
    i will wait patiently for Paradise –>when Jungkook do intro and have some lyric numbers, what is that supposed to mean?
    and ddaeng –> just everything about it, because it have so many layers T…T kkuuhh, i hope you comeback soon

  25. Hey muish, I was wondering if you could translate the song the rap line posted for Festa this year? It’s called Ddaeng and I feel like it has a lot of lyrics that have deeper meanings than what people translate it to say? Thank you so much for your translations and rambles!!!

  26. Hello! I would like to know if it is okay to translate your content on other platforms and linking back to your blog for reference. It would mainly be by a new translation team on Twitter @btsconnection, and we wish to make available BTS content to as many fans as possible globally. I believe your content is very eye opening and should reach more people if possible. Please let me know! Preferrably by Direct Message to @btsconnection on Twitter, Thank you!

    1. If it’s okay with you, let us know which ramblings we could use first or the ones you don’t think you will go back on and edit in the near future. Thank you again!

      1. You can use my lyrics ones – which are all the ones except the ones under “other ramblings”. I don’t have twitter, so I hope you came back to read my reply……

  27. Hi! I just discovered your blog and I love it! I was wondering if I could use your lyrics and translate them into spanish for a lyric video? Thank you!

    1. Sure! :)
      Please note that BTS has complicated lyrics and I’m not sure myself sometimes whether I have the right meaning. It is only as accurate as I know of at the time, and I do end up fixing things over time.

  28. I don’t even know if this blog is still active..but I just discovered this and it’s the best thing??? And you probably don’t like it every time other people ask for request but if you have time, can you do Intro: Nevermind? It’s old but some translations out there were a bit awkward and my Korean professor said it’s more heartfelt in Korean.

  29. Could you please translate Outro: Her when you get the chance? I’ve read several translations but they seem to contradict each other in places and there are parts that seem a bit confusing to me. Your translations are by far the best that I’ve come across! Thanks so much for doing all of this. I wish I had found your site earlier!

    1. “Her” and “Sea” are the next two I plan to translate. When BTS gives me a couple of weeks of less content, so I have time and energy. I never knew stanning a group could be so exhausting. ^^ I’m aiming to do these by the end of November but no guarantees.

      1. Thanks so much! And yes, there has been so much going on with BTS lately that it has been crazy trying to keep up with it all! Anyway, I appreciate you making the effort to translate and don’t feel guilty if you don’t get to it for a bit. We understand that you have a life! :)

  30. Hi, I was wondering if there was anyway of contacting you privately (either theough twitter or email) about a question?

    1. Am I in trouble? If you leave me your email address, I’ll email you.
      This is very low maintenance site, and my email is also very low maintenance, both sometimes infrequently checked…so may be kind of slow to communicate.

  31. Hi! I hope you’re doing well :) Could you please translate Go Go from Love Yourself – HER? There’re so many translations of that song but neither of them feels natural nor “well” translated. I prefer your translations, i can understand bts’ songs better thanks to you.
    I really hope you can do it! ^^

  32. Hello! I know it may be a little bit off topic kind of question but here I go. Several days ago I accidentally played a random vid in youtube about future jyp boy group. All of them are still trainees. What caught my attention was a rap by one of them and I’m 99% sure that he mentioned Rap Monster in there along with other rappers. Problem is that no matter how much I searched for lyrics at least in korean, I still couldn’t find anything at all (my hope was that if I find lyrics in korean I can translate the with google translate and I’ll get a rough idea of the meaning). However I don’t speak korean so trying to understand the lyrics just by listening it’s not a option. Is it possible for you translate the part where they mentioned Namjoon or at least tell me the context in which they used his name. Thank you and sorry for my english – it isn’t my native language. this is the vid and I think he was mentioned around 0:40

    1. I couldn’t make it all out, but it’s something like “the few underground rappers who still diss (the non-underground rappers), how outdated is your discrimination? Zico, Rap Mon, Minho, P.O, etc, ..(says something about Dynamic Duo that I can’t make out), . Tablo, Simon Dominic, SanE too changed…(something I can’t make out), There’s no need to fight. Over/under, wackers (??), stop minding each other and just do your own thing. Just go your path all day..”

      Anyway.. something like that… ^^

  33. Dear Muish,
    I absolutely adore your translations! Thank you so much for expanding my understanding of BTS’s lyrics, especially some of the most social consciousness and political lyrics.

    I wish to make a request for Suga (Gloss)’s 518 062, if that’s something that you would like to translate!

    Also, if you ever want BTS fanart, please let me know! I’d be happy to offer you a doodle as a thank-you. <3

  34. Hi! I was wondering if you had any plans to do a post about Second Grade? I’m confused as to what it means :/

    1. 2nd Grade is one of my favorite songs! I’ll add it to my list although I don’t know how long it’ll take me. I’m kinda slow and I already have a bunch of songs on the list that I meant to translate. ^^

  35. Hello Mrs. Muish!
    I have been a silent reader of your blog for quite a while, and first let me just say Thank You So Much for helping us international fans to deeply understand the beautiful words that are BTS’ lyrics.
    I was wondering if you could please give me the permission to translate your posts (lyrics+ramblings) into Vietnamese? Personally I find your explanation and mentions of events and links very interesting and useful, and I would like to help my fellow Vietnamese ARMYs to approach BTS’ lyrics with a closer view. If the permission is given, I will be posting directly on my current account that I’m using to leave this reply, so you can come in and check anytime!
    Thank you for reading this and have a great day!

    1. Sure. You can use my translations. :) Please add note to say that BTS lyrics are complicated, so this is a work in progress. Please also use only my translation + background information notes. Please do not use posts that are mostly my opinions like the tibits and non-lyric related ramblings.


      1. I’ll make sure to follow the rules given, thank you for giving me the permission! And you can drop by my blog once in a while or contact me to check if there’s anything you would like to include to the rules too, I’ll follow them all 👌
        Once again thank you so much for allowing me to use your translations ㅠㅠ

  36. This has been supremely helpful! Any plans to do “Not Today”? I definitely had to do some Googling on some phrases and I’m wondering if there are other things I’ve missed at this point

  37. Thank you so much for this blog! I feel that I can really appreciate BTS more fully now as a group, beyond “they’re cute and their music is fun.” As someone who became a fan knowing next to nothing about Korean culture, this is a blessing. I learn something new with every post, and I find myself loving them more.

    Can’t wait for their (and your) comeback!

  38. Hello mrs. muish :) I’m so glad that I’ve discovered your website. I really appreciate your works! As an international fan (who doesn’t know korean),it’s hard to understand their lyrics because of the language barrier (even tho there are translations etc.) but reading your posts made me really understand and love their songs more ^^ Thank you so much ♡♡

    Please excuse my poor english 👀

  39. Good day! I just want to give a huge thumbs up for the nice information you have right here on this post. I will likely be coming again to your weblog for extra soon.

  40. Hi… I think I’ve said this before, but are you interested in writing about them in It’s a site where people dissect and understand much deeper about music. I and some other people are trying to put BTS on their radar, and I have been using some elaborations of yours to make annotations on the site, but I always felt guilty because it feels like I’m stealing your works of thought… TT

    1. Hi. I’ve been super lazy and I can’t believe I haven’t updated this site in months…. so I don’t think I can take on another task like helping out at However, feel free to use information I’ve posted here to post there, if you want. ^^
      I’m trying to keep this site mostly background info/straight forward information, rather than too much of my personal opinion. I know I fail at this sometimes…. So…if you do take any info from this site, please only take things that seem reasonably objective/straight forward information. ^^

  41. Hello Ms. Muish, I have a few questions, and I hope you’ll answer them:

    1. Since you don’t do translation for “so far away”, I’m guessing that you think that the lyric is already straightforward, but I see a lot of people saying that no one on the internet really did a good job translating the “dream….” part, especially the part where he used a very formal grammar structure, I want to ask if you would translate at least that part or at least link me to the translation that you think is the most accurate.

    2. In “give it to me” the line “범으로 태어나 개처럼 살수는 없지” has many different translations (even though they’re basically the same)

    “Born tiger ain’t gonna live like a dog.” (official from bighit’s youtube channel)
    “I’m born as a tiger, I can’t live like a dog”
    “I was born from a tiger so I can’t live like a dog.”
    “I can’t live like a dog when I’m born to be a tiger.”

    which one do you think is the most accurate translation?

    Thanks in advance >,<

    1. Hello~
      “So far away” is fairly straight forward. The “dream…” part does sound formal, poetic, and like something from an old religious text/bible/prayer. The meaning itself is fairly straight forwards and I think most lyric videos are fine. The tone of the verse is difficult for me to translate… as I’m not very familiar with this type of writing in English, so I’ll have to read some English writings in this style, to see if I can get a feel of it. I get the feeling that if I translate it now, it will just sound like regular ordinary prose, which will not do it justice.

      2. Give it to me
      “Born tiger ain’t gonna live like a dog.” (official from bighit’s youtube channel)
      –> I would say this is the most accurate. Good job, Bighit~! ^^

  42. I have been reading your ramblings for a few months and want to thank you for your interesting work! So much things gor clearer with your explanations and you are always super positive and funny) I’m glad that BTS are so many-sided and that you devote your time to help international fans understand them better) Love you!
    Btw Sexy Math Lyrics is my favourite post so far. I lalso like that nerd-ish side of our boys))

    So good luck with your hobby and stay healthy and happy!

  43. Hi, I love your work. I and a group of us at OneHallyu and all prefer your translation as the default. We look forward to your BTS translation post, every single time. I would love to see more lyrics of BTS and the rap line translated by you, I know you are extremely busy. Would you consider taking commissions for you effort? As a present for an impatient and frustrated (non-Korean speaking) international BTS fan in 2017? Please let me know (pm me at OH). Thanks for thinking about the possibility. Have a happy 2017. We will certainly follow you closely in the up-coming year. :-)

    1. As a woman in 30’s with family and a job, I guess I’m semi-busy. But BTS is partially to blame for my infrequent posts. They put out so much stuff, even watching just some of it takes a lot of time. ^^
      I don’t think I can take commissions…as I’m an old woman.. with good stable job… and it would be too expensive to make it financially worthwhile for me.
      While I don’t really take requests, I do sometimes decide to translate based on comments I read… so feel free to leave me list of songs you specifically want or found confusing. Usually the reason I won’t translate a song is if it’s really straightforward and lots of other ppl have already done it.

      1. Thank you for translating “Satoori Rap” and “Agust D.” I originally planned to request “Satoori Rap” actually. In regards to translating other songs, I will be honest, people at OH will go nuts at anything you translate from Rap Monster or Suga’s mixtapes. There is a fairly active group of Suga stans on the site. LOL. Answering your question about song translation request, any song that you think contain word plays and slant usage or require clarification in context of Korean culture will help us [for example, explaining the use “hae” in “Always”]. In essence, whatever you think will help us to appreciate the songs more and understand the lyrics better is a good choice. Since most of us are non-Korean speaking, it is difficult for us to ask for things that we don’t know. :-) We appreciate your thoroughness and thoughts behind all your translations. We just hope to see more of it. haha. As a personal request, can you translate “God Rap” if you think its worthwhile? Again, thank you for your answer and your time.

          1. I saw it today. Thank you so much!!! In addition to your translations, we also enjoy reading your ramblings as well. :-) They really help me to put certain songs in a better perspective and context. I personally would be happy even if you only do bits of lyrics that you think are pertinent instead of the entire song. There are just simply too much materials to cover adequately otherwise. BTS is king of contents. They have been keeping us busy since debut. Again, thank you so much for the quick responds. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Will be looking forward to all your future posts.

  44. This is awesome and hilarious. Although I speak Korean, I’m unfamiliar with all these cultural references, so it was super enlightening and just made me love and appreciate BTS even more!!

  45. I just wanted to say that I find all of your posts very insightful. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to make these posts, and I always find myself coming back here anytime BTS makes something new, and sometimes just to see if you have updated anything. I love their lyrics so much. They are a huge part of why I love BTS so much, but sometimes I feel like because of the cultural gap (me being from America) it means I am missing out on some of the symbolism. Your posts not only make me appreciate the songs more, but they make me feel a little closer to them as people as well. I hope you continue to add to this blog whenever you find something that you think is interesting to share with us. I don’t think I would be as big of a fan of BTS as I am now if someone hadn’t recommended your blog to me (although I would still love them). I just wanted to let you know.

    1. Thank you for the link. This song is a lot more complex than I had initially thought, so I did end up translating it.
      I put your link in the post. ^^ I hope you don’t mind.
      I think it’s always good to read multiple writings on one topic, and try to get well rounded information…

  46. Can you do a translation of Satoori Rap? I know there are a lot of contextual references that are lost on an English speaker.

    1. I was thinking of doing Satoori Rap. I found J-Hope’s part really difficult. ^^ I’ll have to see if I can sort it out in my head…

    1. Ooh. I think I’ve seen some of those. I’ll have to check them out.
      I always thought that the people who did lyrics videos were the ones who were translating it, but I guess that’s not the case (I guess that explains why some videos are translated better than others, even on the same channel).

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