BTS – Directory of Ramblings

I figured that since I’m accumulating a number of posts, I should make a directory…. to keep things organized.

This section is to see if I can explain some of the artistic allusions/cultural references/slangs, etc. in BTS songs…. as I feel like simple translation often does not do them enough justice.

The posts are prone to small edits over time (It’s not my fault that BTS has lyrics that are so complicated that I can’t get all the meanings on first attempt ^^).


Aug 2017 – RM – Life updated.  Also, very belated translation of Not Today…
Jul 2017 – RM – predebut freestyle updated.
I know I’m slooow…..


Short Translation Requests
If you just have few short lines that you would like clarified semi-quickly (relatively speaking compared to full posts), please post them here.

BTS lyrics


BTS – Not Today (NEW Aug 2017)

BTS – I like It Pt. 2 (Korean Ver)  (NEW July 2017)

BTS – Spring Day
probably not all that useful for the lyrics which are straight forward anyway..

BTS – Dead Leaves/Autumn Leaves

BTS – Whalien 52

BTS – Satoori Rap (Paldogangsan)

BTS – Am I Wrong 

BTS – Cypher 4 

BTS – Reflection


BTS – Dope/Fire/Save Me

BTS – Spine Breaker

BTS – We Are Bulletproof Pt. 1

BTS – Ma City 

BTS – f(x) = Sexy Math Lyrics
and songs using “hae” word play, containing parts of:
Always, 2!3!, War of Hormone, Voice, and Favorite Girl.

BTS – Cypher Pt.3 – Killer 

BTS – Cyper Pt. 2 – Triptych
my favourite “onion” song – endless peeling layers of meaning.

BTS – Baepsae/Parrotbill
and some comment about “spoons” in the song “Fire.”

RM Mixtape / Rap Monster other works

RM – Life (09) (NEW Aug 2017)

RM – Freestyle 1-4 (predebut 2013)  (NEW July 2017)

RM – God Rap (07)

RM + Zico – Fuck Cockroachez (2008)

RM- Do You (02)
and… kind of a book review as well.

RM – Monster (04) 

RM – Joke (06)



Agust D Mixtape /Suga

Agust D – August D (02)

Suga – It Doesn’t Matter/SSaihanuwar (2013)

tracks 05-07 should be read in order.
Agust D – 724148 (05)
Agust D – 140503 at Dawn (06) 
Agust D – The Last (07)

Other Rambling

Hitting the Wall – anime/drama trope in Boy In Luv

RM mentions on SPIN and other Ramblings 

Suga Tibits

Rap Monster Tibits
mostly compilation of things I found interesting… will likely add over time.

BTS – Like taking a Literary Course

I feel like my grammar is dying a slow death… as I only have to write things in point form at work.


Trying to get Mr. muish to like BTS.

He saw the picture of RapMon as Gudetama and said… “She’s cute.  She looks like Jennifer Lawrence when she smiles!”

He also likes the Hip-Hop Monster figures, especially the Jin one…..

And he likes Suga with hedgehogs on his head…

Mmmm…. why do I get the feeling…that he likes plushies, rather than BTS?   (He actually has a large collection of plushies, and I had to give him a life-sized sheep plushie in exchange for a diamond ring, to get him to marry me….   lol… That makes him sound perverted.  He really is not…all that much…..)

39 thoughts on “BTS – Directory of Ramblings

  1. Hello Mrs. Muish!
    I have been a silent reader of your blog for quite a while, and first let me just say Thank You So Much for helping us international fans to deeply understand the beautiful words that are BTS’ lyrics.
    I was wondering if you could please give me the permission to translate your posts (lyrics+ramblings) into Vietnamese? Personally I find your explanation and mentions of events and links very interesting and useful, and I would like to help my fellow Vietnamese ARMYs to approach BTS’ lyrics with a closer view. If the permission is given, I will be posting directly on my current account that I’m using to leave this reply, so you can come in and check anytime!
    Thank you for reading this and have a great day!

    1. Sure. You can use my translations. :) Please add note to say that BTS lyrics are complicated, so this is a work in progress. Please also use only my translation + background information notes. Please do not use posts that are mostly my opinions like the tibits and non-lyric related ramblings.


      1. I’ll make sure to follow the rules given, thank you for giving me the permission! And you can drop by my blog once in a while or contact me to check if there’s anything you would like to include to the rules too, I’ll follow them all 👌
        Once again thank you so much for allowing me to use your translations ㅠㅠ

  2. This has been supremely helpful! Any plans to do “Not Today”? I definitely had to do some Googling on some phrases and I’m wondering if there are other things I’ve missed at this point

  3. Thank you so much for this blog! I feel that I can really appreciate BTS more fully now as a group, beyond “they’re cute and their music is fun.” As someone who became a fan knowing next to nothing about Korean culture, this is a blessing. I learn something new with every post, and I find myself loving them more.

    Can’t wait for their (and your) comeback!

  4. Hello mrs. muish :) I’m so glad that I’ve discovered your website. I really appreciate your works! As an international fan (who doesn’t know korean),it’s hard to understand their lyrics because of the language barrier (even tho there are translations etc.) but reading your posts made me really understand and love their songs more ^^ Thank you so much ♡♡

    Please excuse my poor english 👀

  5. Good day! I just want to give a huge thumbs up for the nice information you have right here on this post. I will likely be coming again to your weblog for extra soon.

  6. Hi… I think I’ve said this before, but are you interested in writing about them in It’s a site where people dissect and understand much deeper about music. I and some other people are trying to put BTS on their radar, and I have been using some elaborations of yours to make annotations on the site, but I always felt guilty because it feels like I’m stealing your works of thought… TT

    1. Hi. I’ve been super lazy and I can’t believe I haven’t updated this site in months…. so I don’t think I can take on another task like helping out at However, feel free to use information I’ve posted here to post there, if you want. ^^
      I’m trying to keep this site mostly background info/straight forward information, rather than too much of my personal opinion. I know I fail at this sometimes…. So…if you do take any info from this site, please only take things that seem reasonably objective/straight forward information. ^^

  7. Hello Ms. Muish, I have a few questions, and I hope you’ll answer them:

    1. Since you don’t do translation for “so far away”, I’m guessing that you think that the lyric is already straightforward, but I see a lot of people saying that no one on the internet really did a good job translating the “dream….” part, especially the part where he used a very formal grammar structure, I want to ask if you would translate at least that part or at least link me to the translation that you think is the most accurate.

    2. In “give it to me” the line “범으로 태어나 개처럼 살수는 없지” has many different translations (even though they’re basically the same)

    “Born tiger ain’t gonna live like a dog.” (official from bighit’s youtube channel)
    “I’m born as a tiger, I can’t live like a dog”
    “I was born from a tiger so I can’t live like a dog.”
    “I can’t live like a dog when I’m born to be a tiger.”

    which one do you think is the most accurate translation?

    Thanks in advance >,<

    1. Hello~
      “So far away” is fairly straight forward. The “dream…” part does sound formal, poetic, and like something from an old religious text/bible/prayer. The meaning itself is fairly straight forwards and I think most lyric videos are fine. The tone of the verse is difficult for me to translate… as I’m not very familiar with this type of writing in English, so I’ll have to read some English writings in this style, to see if I can get a feel of it. I get the feeling that if I translate it now, it will just sound like regular ordinary prose, which will not do it justice.

      2. Give it to me
      “Born tiger ain’t gonna live like a dog.” (official from bighit’s youtube channel)
      –> I would say this is the most accurate. Good job, Bighit~! ^^

  8. I have been reading your ramblings for a few months and want to thank you for your interesting work! So much things gor clearer with your explanations and you are always super positive and funny) I’m glad that BTS are so many-sided and that you devote your time to help international fans understand them better) Love you!
    Btw Sexy Math Lyrics is my favourite post so far. I lalso like that nerd-ish side of our boys))

    So good luck with your hobby and stay healthy and happy!

  9. Hi, I love your work. I and a group of us at OneHallyu and all prefer your translation as the default. We look forward to your BTS translation post, every single time. I would love to see more lyrics of BTS and the rap line translated by you, I know you are extremely busy. Would you consider taking commissions for you effort? As a present for an impatient and frustrated (non-Korean speaking) international BTS fan in 2017? Please let me know (pm me at OH). Thanks for thinking about the possibility. Have a happy 2017. We will certainly follow you closely in the up-coming year. :-)

    1. As a woman in 30’s with family and a job, I guess I’m semi-busy. But BTS is partially to blame for my infrequent posts. They put out so much stuff, even watching just some of it takes a lot of time. ^^
      I don’t think I can take commissions…as I’m an old woman.. with good stable job… and it would be too expensive to make it financially worthwhile for me.
      While I don’t really take requests, I do sometimes decide to translate based on comments I read… so feel free to leave me list of songs you specifically want or found confusing. Usually the reason I won’t translate a song is if it’s really straightforward and lots of other ppl have already done it.

      1. Thank you for translating “Satoori Rap” and “Agust D.” I originally planned to request “Satoori Rap” actually. In regards to translating other songs, I will be honest, people at OH will go nuts at anything you translate from Rap Monster or Suga’s mixtapes. There is a fairly active group of Suga stans on the site. LOL. Answering your question about song translation request, any song that you think contain word plays and slant usage or require clarification in context of Korean culture will help us [for example, explaining the use “hae” in “Always”]. In essence, whatever you think will help us to appreciate the songs more and understand the lyrics better is a good choice. Since most of us are non-Korean speaking, it is difficult for us to ask for things that we don’t know. :-) We appreciate your thoroughness and thoughts behind all your translations. We just hope to see more of it. haha. As a personal request, can you translate “God Rap” if you think its worthwhile? Again, thank you for your answer and your time.

          1. I saw it today. Thank you so much!!! In addition to your translations, we also enjoy reading your ramblings as well. :-) They really help me to put certain songs in a better perspective and context. I personally would be happy even if you only do bits of lyrics that you think are pertinent instead of the entire song. There are just simply too much materials to cover adequately otherwise. BTS is king of contents. They have been keeping us busy since debut. Again, thank you so much for the quick responds. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Will be looking forward to all your future posts.

  10. This is awesome and hilarious. Although I speak Korean, I’m unfamiliar with all these cultural references, so it was super enlightening and just made me love and appreciate BTS even more!!

  11. I just wanted to say that I find all of your posts very insightful. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to make these posts, and I always find myself coming back here anytime BTS makes something new, and sometimes just to see if you have updated anything. I love their lyrics so much. They are a huge part of why I love BTS so much, but sometimes I feel like because of the cultural gap (me being from America) it means I am missing out on some of the symbolism. Your posts not only make me appreciate the songs more, but they make me feel a little closer to them as people as well. I hope you continue to add to this blog whenever you find something that you think is interesting to share with us. I don’t think I would be as big of a fan of BTS as I am now if someone hadn’t recommended your blog to me (although I would still love them). I just wanted to let you know.

    1. Thank you for the link. This song is a lot more complex than I had initially thought, so I did end up translating it.
      I put your link in the post. ^^ I hope you don’t mind.
      I think it’s always good to read multiple writings on one topic, and try to get well rounded information…

  12. Can you do a translation of Satoori Rap? I know there are a lot of contextual references that are lost on an English speaker.

    1. I was thinking of doing Satoori Rap. I found J-Hope’s part really difficult. ^^ I’ll have to see if I can sort it out in my head…

    1. Ooh. I think I’ve seen some of those. I’ll have to check them out.
      I always thought that the people who did lyrics videos were the ones who were translating it, but I guess that’s not the case (I guess that explains why some videos are translated better than others, even on the same channel).

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