Joke (track 6 of RM Mixtape)

– Lyrics by Rap Monster

Original Track : Run The Jewels – Oh My Darling

This post is prone to random updates.

October 2016

I noticed that a decent subtitle of this song is hard to come by, so I tried to make one.

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This song is NOT talking about GIRLS!!!  It’s talking about MALE RAPPERS who were his HATERS. 

He talks about “Haters like leeches, Kill me, tie me, silent me”, and tells them “Your rap, I’ll just say one thing.  Don’t rap.”

This part is NOT talking to a girl:

Yes, you’re the best woman, abuse of power.
So, fucking good at it, abusing power.
Ah, but thinking about it, you were never really powerful.
Let’s take off “power” and call you “dear”.  Gonorrhea.

My husband does this often, where he will call an annoying MALE co-worker an “annoying bitch/bastard”.   RM is still talking about the MALE RAPPER.  

Thank you


+ he is generally gender non-specific with his swear words.  He seems to use bastard/bitches, male/female genitalia mentions based on whether they go better with the flow, not because he is talking about a specific person/gender.  He is not talking about a girl and especially, he is not talking about an ex-girlfriend.



Why is there a speculum on the surgical table in his MV?  ^^ Is he having a pap test?

Anyway.  I feel like BTS is everywhere these days,  but their lyrics are quite awsome.  As someone who used to sub, I really really like the lyrics.  I actually like Suga’s lyrics better when listening to the songs.  But RM’s lyrics are more fun to read.  I feel like I’m studying Korean, not just as simple language, but in cultural context.

(my notes are in brackets)

The rhythm that resonates my ear drums.
Bass & Drum, the fuel that make me move.
All your happiness and new year’s luck that exist here, imma fuckin get’em.
I’m elastin, you’re dandruff.
(elastin – is a highly elastic protein that’s important for healthy skin.
Update (thank you nyoongi in comments):  
Elastin is also brand name of shampoo. 
So he is a shampoo that washes away the haters who are dandruff? ^^
I guess he used this line because “비등 비등/bideung bideung” (meaning “similarly so-so” in next line), sounds similar to “비듬/bideum” (dandruff))
Rap retards, your levels are all so-so
fame, girls, money that ma honey to the honey to the honey
Who’ll stop me, imma fuckin beat em
Haters like leeches, Kill me, tie me, silent me
im so super i juss grew up
Damed motherfucker motherfucker, mix them up and break their legs
Make them do a Circus, Make them do chin ups, fuck up.
(“chin up” also means “barely making it”, in Korean.  As in, they do not excel in what they’re doing)
With one mouth, you say two different things.  Girls call you Unni.
You lay down steel so easily.  In your songs, you’re like Lee, Kun Hee
(“lay down steel” on your face, means, “being so shameless, your face/expressions don’t show shame when it should”.
Lee, Kun Hee is the Chairman of Samsung.
This line means:
-You’re so shameless, you think you’re a Chairman in your song.
Also, a play on words, ’cause literally, you could be working with steel at Samsung.)
Girls are swirming like flies.  No, I can see your reality clearly.
The few Hip-Hop fangirls at Hongdae variety show are your regulars.
I open and close the door here,
Like the rap pain that you shitty retards say you feel every day.
(a lot of words that sound similar to “gae pyein”.  could also mean:
“Like open/shut the rap pain you feel every day”)
In a moment, I dominate the beat.
Beats say, when they see you, “beat him”
You must feel envious, of my pay.
Sweden, Germany, Brazil to Japan
Stronger than your tongue, is my pen.
Now we get to call, my hand that’s better than 5 Kwang
(5 Kwang is one of the hands in Korean card game.  It would be like getting four of a kind)
Got six bullets in my tongue
Six snakes in my lung
Six shots got me feelin’ 2pac, yeah, these are A$AP’s lyrics
There’s not much (byulguh) to you, like a happily married couple.
(“There’s  no separation (byulguh) like a happily married couple.”
You have no need to stand up, like a heavenly woman.
(uses two play on words here, for standing/erection, and for heavenly/true.  Could also mean:
“Like a true woman, you never need an erection”)
I tap tap the duster, scrub scrub sweep off.
Like water, my tongue, washing dishes
This is meaningless play with words,
you know i got a mufuckin beat
i got a mufuckin rhyme
i got a mufuckin flow
i got a mufuckin style
i got a mufuckin wine
i got a mufuckin shine
How many measures is this,
my mufuckin line
Bitch im the one im so mufuckin prime
You’re fucking provincial, village mayor.
Or pig-feet loving old man style
Bitch im your man. 10 outta 10
Heart is black, mid-summer’s sun tan
Start the battle plan, yes my name’s brand
Does everything, my name’s band
This is my amusement park, pull the lever
There’s a difference from the roots, in your and my level
The name is Greatest, and my last name is Ever.
I’m never going to change my name, never ever ever
Yeah, idiot.
You’re the clown, not the powerful
Food, not the top (referring to food chain pyramid)
Fake, not the true answer.
(the last 3 lines are interesting because the two things he compares in each line sound very similar.)
If you watch porn, you come in 3 seconds.
I’m the top of the top, power of the powerful, answer of the answers.
The sunbae and hoobae all turn around.
Just suck on a dick, it taste good.
Yes, you’re my enemy, so show who you are!
(or:  “Yes, you’re my enemy, so fuck off!”
Jot – dick.  Juk – enemy. 
“Juk kka”, also sounds similar to “Jot kka”, which is essentially, “bare your dick”, used in similar fashion to “fuck off.”)
Day and night, fucking hard working
to only rap in three syllables, you bastard.
bibidi babidi boobidi babidi
nimini namini jikibi chakami
Yours is cancelled, Eat dried fish
Your name is Mimi?  Shawty?  No solution.
My rap is completely insane rap.
Your rap, I’ll just say one thing.  Don’t rap.
My rap played in the larger waters
Your rap is really not rap.  Non-rap.
(played – “non” —>makes these two lines end with same 2 words, except one is in Korean and the other is in English)
Yes, you’re the best woman, abuse of power.
(or..“Yes, you’re the best woman, best vagina.”
“gab” -best/power, etc.
“jil” – vagina.  Also is a verb to do something in a rude way, which is how “gab-jil” translates to “abusing power”  )
So, fucking good at it, abusing power.
Ah, but thinking about it, you were never really powerful.
Let’s take off “power” and call you “dear”.  Gonorrhea.
(The word for Gonorrhea is “Im Jil”.
“Gab-jil” = abuse of power, where “gab” = power.
“Im-jil” = abuse of “dear” (this is a made up term),  where “Im”= dear.
“Im-jil” also means “gonorrhea.”

“Gab Jil/abusing power” was an especially hot word in social topics around the time this mixtape came out in 2015.  In December 2014, an airplane executive physically assaulted an employee and caused the flight to turn around while taxing (very dangerous as a lot of accidents happen during take off/landing).  This became a symbol of “Gabjil” and caused a public outrage.)
pop it rock it knock it never stop it talkin some trashes
I’m unemployeed so I have no mercy.
You’re really unemployeed.  You have no money for the bus.
You know i aint about the thousands let me ride it yo drop it swap it
rock it mock it stalk it lock it in my pocket theres full of monsters
Yeah i gettin on em bitch gettin on em rich
Son of beach (in Korean), you’re son of a beach
I shine like unpolished jewel, like son of a Jadeite .  (Jadeite in korean is “beach”)
I’m a monster, so son of a Stitch (movie “Lilo and Stitch” reference)
Yeah man i told you that im a monster
That why i be rappin non stop
I do want your hands at the concert
Want your fuckin damn erry hands at the concert
Hit me

6 thoughts on “Rap Monster (BTS) – Joke (ENGLISH TRANSLATION + RAMBLINGS)

  1. Thanks for the detailed post; loved reading it! “I actually like Suga’s lyrics better when listening to the songs. But RM’s lyrics are more fun to read. I feel like I’m studying Korean, not just as simple language, but in cultural context.” <– This is EXACTLY how I feel too! :) Cheers!

  2. Why did i run out of breath just reading the lyrics in my head?
    Thanks for the explanation. So many wordplays going on here.

  3. Wow thank you for this explanation. This allows me to better understand the lyrics. It is fun to finally know the meaning. Thank you for your hard work.

  4. it’s prob from my ignorant, simple mind. but when I heard Elastin from the song, i thought RM refer to shampoo brand
    somehow i’ve heard the brand mentioned several times by “older generation” on tv shows

    1. Thanks~! I looked it up and you’re right. it is a type of shampoo. The post has been updated. ^^
      I haven’t lived in Korea for a long time so I don’t know things like shampoo brands. If you notice anything else I’m missing, please tell me (I try to update these as I go along because BTS hide so many stuff in their lyrics) ^^

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