RM (BTS) – Everything Goes (English Translation + Ramblings)

Track 06 of RM playlist mono.


Poetic expressions + no official lyrics included… is not a good combination for lyrics translators.  RM, how could you?

I have to say one of the hardest things in translating this song was counting how many times he says “It will pass.”


Everythingoes (지나가) (with Nell)

Produced by RM, JW of Nell
(RM, JW of Nell)

It will pass
For certain

It will pass
For certain

It will pass
(repeated x 4)

It will pass
everything everything everything yeah
(repeated x 8)


Just like night passes and morning comes
Spring passed and summer came
Just like flowers fall and fruits ripen
Everything has to hurt


Embrace the world and try to breathe in deeply
The burning air filling my lungs says everything
It’s true, the countless times I wanted to touch 
The old past where I pained and became dulled (to the pain)
Just below that, everyday I pray
That I would become an adult that’s a little better
And everyday I stay
Because even people and pain will someday die
To become dull (to the pain), you have to be hit by the winds
맞다 means “to be hit” as well as “to welcome”, so it can also be translated as:
To be come dull (to the pain), you have to welcome the winds
I wasn’t sure what word to use for “dull.”  The Korean word is kinda like becoming “blunted” like a stone that loses sharp edges from being polished by winds over time, as well as losing ability to feel the pain as you get used to the pain. 
You know forever isn’t possible in dreams
Instead of unclear words saying to have strength
Instead of the lies that it’s all just the way things are
Just like all these winds
That like the winds it will pass 

I pray


It will pass
everything everything everything yeah
(repeated x 8)

It rains
Will pass

6 thoughts on “RM (BTS) – Everything Goes (English Translation + Ramblings)

  1. Hi muish ^^ I’m so glad to see you back ! Your translations have always been the best ones out there and I’m thankful that now we get to see your full interpretation of mono :)
    I’m here today because I have a question related to this song and I thought that maybe you could help me. I wanted to get ‘지나가’ tattooed, but I found this one reddit post ( https://www.reddit.com/r/Korean/comments/9uk9w7/translation_help_지나가/ ) where people suggest OP to not get that tattooed because it makes no sense and it kinda discouraged me a bit. I have seen that phrase translated as ‘it shall pass’ or ‘it will pass’ literally everywhere so I’m wondering if it only works in the context of the song? Namjoon repeats it a lot of times on it’s own and the song is titled like that too so I don’t know, I’m feeling really confused and insecure about what to do right now ^^ What do you think? Is it really something that a korean speaker would laugh at? Thanks on advance, love u ♡♡

    1. I think the problem is that Korean phrases often don’t use subject/object and you can just have a verb. And the object/subject is supposed to be implied by context.
      This means that when you take the context out, you just have a random verb. In this case, 지나가 would be like tattooing “will pass” with no context. I do agree you probably shouldn’t just use this word alone in a tattoo. Especially since it’s a commonly used word that can be used in many many other context. For example, if your friend is trying to walk past you, you can say “지나가”, like, go past me. So I agree with a lot of things that the reddit post said.
      I don’t know. If you really want this as a tattoo, you’ll have to add enough context to have the word mean “It shall pass.”

      1. Thank you so much for replying ! I really wanted to get your opinion on this ^^ I will definitely be not getting this on my body then hahaha thanks again and hope you have a nice week ♡

  2. this song is my favorite from mono, it’s just so comforting. thank you for your translations and ramblings muish, they’re always so interesting. when I started getting into bangtan 2 years ago I remember spending a lot of time reading your blog and marveling at their lyrics 💜 I don’t want to ramble too much, but I remember reading that your bias is yoongi?? Mine too, I’m really looking forward to shadow, maybe he’ll do the intro…

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