BTS – Cypher PT.2 : Triptych (Eng translation + ramblings)

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BTS – Cypher PT.2 : Triptych–>it’s even better if you listen to it while reading~!

I’ve been lazy and passive with my free time, doing passive things like…. watching reaction videos!!   I ended up at this song and it had too much fun stuff in it. Just reading subs didn’t seem to do it justice…. (not to mention some of the subs were not accurate.  This is the lyrics video that I found w most accurate subs)

Please tell me if I’m missing anything and I will try to edit the post….

Korean lyrics I used are from here, combined with the original non-censored lyrics to RM part is posted on BTS blog for this post.   The non-censored lyrics makes more sense… and when you listen to the song, it’s sung non-censored.  But in written “official lyrics”, they use similar sounding censored words.

There’s some talk that this is response to B-Free disrespecting Rap Monster and Suga. The interview made me cringe a bit. Erk.  They would  only have been 19 and 20 years old.  I read some comments from K-hip hop community before BTS became really famous, and I couldn’t believe a lot of them actually defended B-Free.  While this interview is fairly well known, this song does seem to also address haters in general.

The lyrics are quite nice. ^^ I love all the references to various songs/pop culture. There’s also a lot of interesting rhymes, homonyms/double meanings, etc.  The amount of artistic and cultural allusions they’ve crammed into this one song is really mind–boggling.  ^^

Original Lyrics

Eng translation or adaptation
My ramblings/random explanations/definitions.



누구 때문에? 제이홉 때문에

Because of who? Because of J-Hope
War of Hormone reference here…

누구 때문에? 랩몬 때문에

Because of who? Because of Rap Mon

다시 누구 때문에 슈가 때문에

Again, Because of who? Because of Suga

모든 스타일과 흐름은 다 방탄 때문에

All the style and flow are because of BTS

21세기 한류를 이끌 애들의 또 시작된 놀이

A new play for kids who will lead 21th century K-pop.

우린 일곱 마리 늑대, 함성이란 양들을 몰이

We’re seven wolves, herding sheeps of applause.

지금부터 보이는 고장 난 랩들 견인 해가지

Tow away the broken raps I see now.

우린 계속 진격, 비트 위의 거인

We keep attacking forward, Titans over beats
References to their song “진격의 방탄/Attack on Bangtan”, which is references to the manga/anime, Attack on Titans.   Mmmm…. anime fanboys.

방탄 싸이퍼 right here, 싸이코 right here

Bangtan Cypher right here, Psycho right here.

링에 누가 있건 우린 다 이겨, rap fighter right here

No matter who is in the ring, we win it all, rap fighter right here.

난 hi여 넌 bye여 불난 타이어 우린 달려

I’m “Hi,” You’re “Bye.”
Burning tire, we run

Fire, hot choir, 대중가요 잡을 싸이여

Fire, hot choire, like Psy that grabs mainstream K-pop

내 랩 거대한 떡대 니 귀에다가 대놓고 fuck that

My rap is huge, fuck that right in your ear.

역대로 격해진 우리만의 폭행

Our riots that became unprecentedly violent.

긴 말 필요 없이 랩으로 설명해

No need to be long-winded, Explain with rap

BTS, follow the leader 지금부터 go해

BTS, follow the leader, from now on, go.
The last word, “go hae” where “go” is in English could mean “go now”.
If you write it in Korean, “gohae” is confession.
so “BTS, follow the leader, from now on, confess”


Rap Monster—->

난 랩 와이퍼, 완전 싸이코,

I’m a rap wiper, total psycho

내가 다이서라면 임마 난 다이스 다 있어

If you’re dicer, hey, I have all the dice.
The term he used for “hey (imma)” is mildly derogatory.
Hey punk/Hey fucker/Hey kid/Hey idiot.–>something of a mix of all these.

Also interesting because “dicer (english)” and “I have all (in Korean, sounds like – daissuh)”sounds similar.  Makes it sound like, “If you’re dicer, I’m dice dicer.”

Updated (Thank you, Zea, in comments ^^)
“if you are a dicer I have all the dice” part can be a reference to the webtoon “Dice“.
When the dicers (players) collected many dices they can upgrade themselves.

싸이퍼, 니가 nice면 임마 난 nicer,

Cypher, if you’re nice, hey, I’m nicer.

니가 프라이드면 임마 난 크라이슬러 that mean imma priceless

If you’re Pride, hey, I’m Chrysler. That mean imma priceless.
This “hey (imma)” and “imma” priceless use hononyms.
“If you’re Pride, hey fucker, I’m Chrysler.  That mean, hey fucker, priceless.”

Also, Pride is the name of a small Kia car (about $10 000).   Chrysler is about $50-80 000 in Korea.

Essentially making fun of the other’s “pride” and indicating that the pride is cheap.

니들이 뭔데 내 랩에 니들의 식견으로 점수를 매겨, rapper?

Who are you to use your perceptions to judge my rap, rapper?

여긴 원피스, 난 흰수염 ,

Here is One Piece, I’m Whitebeard,


너넨 그냥 긴수염, 한 마디로 메기여. fuck it

You’re just long beard, essentially, catfish. Fuck it.

On official lyrics, this is written as “Catfish bucket”    However, if you listen to the song/ on their blog, it does say “fuck it.”
They seem to do this often where they write the less offensive version on official lyrics, but pronounce it uncensored.  (I will be using the blog lyrics from this point on)
Updated:  If you pronounce 메기여(catfish)  a bit faster, it sounds like 멕여 (to feed/forcefeed) which means to fuck someone up. So, it can also mean “You’re just long beard, essentially, I will fuck you up.” (thanks!  SSJ in comments).

Random info:  to feed someone = to fuck someone over –> this originated from waiting until others drink water/soup, then to snatch the solid food parts quickly. (was disappointed to find out the origins of this term wasn’t dirty…..^^)

히히하하 뛰뛰빵빵 시속 300 나가

heeheehaha beep beep honk honk, go at speed 300 kmh

절차탁마의 절차 밟았으, 안 가리고 싹다 잡아 툼스톤, knock knock knock out

I went through the process of polishing my craft, without discriminating catch all and tombstone, knock knock knock out.
Guh. uses this term –> 切磋琢磨, which means something like “polishing a diamond in the rough to get something of high value”. Oringinating from book by Confucious.
The first half of this word is also homonymous with the phrase “going through the process”. This boy must be a genius or something.

Fire in the hole bitch BING BING POW POW,

넌 울며 찾아가지 니네 아빠

You cry and look for your daddy.

시시각각 랩 민짜들의 목을 죄여오는 내 voice, PC방 마감

Every hour strangling the rap minors neck, is my voice. PC café closes.
Here he used the word that is slang for “minors (underaged)”, I’m assuming it’s also used as opposite for “majors” –> meaning to suggest the “underground rappers.” They actually do not use this “minor” term interchangeably with “underground” in music industry normally, so this is a play on words.

This phrase “rap minors” suggest “underground rappers” but also gives a feeling of immaturity to these underground rappers.

In addition, the PC cafe (internet cafe) is where people often post anonymous bashings – which is a very bad problem in Korea. BTS criticizes these internet bashing in other songs too…  where people will just bash others, rather than working hard to create something of substance.   Suga/RM calls them “keyboard warriors” in “We On” and “PDD” (thanks to Anonymous in comments)

In Korea, minors are not allowed to be in a pc cafe after 10 pm. So it means Rapmon’s voice is like an alarming sound to them because they will not be able to “play games” once they hear Rapmon’s voice.  (thanks SSJ~)

여긴 왕국, 나는 킹 너는 덤

This is a Kingdom, I’m king, you’re dumb.
“dumb”… or “dum”, meaning cheap extra stuff you get for free when you buy something of value.
While he says “왕국” (kingdom in Korean), he must have had the English word “kingdom” in mind as well, since King + dum(b) sounds almost like kingdom.

짝 씹어 삼켜 넌 버블껌

Chew and swallow, you’re bubblegum.
To “chew” also means to “diss” in Korean.

뛰는 놈 위에 나는 놈 위에 타는 놈 그게 나야

Above the running man, is the flying man. I’m the punk riding him.
Based on Korean saying “above the running man, is the flying man” — so don’t assume you’re great because you can run! But I guess if you’re riding even the flying man, that does make you great….
This phrase was also used in Psy’s Gangnam Style song.

bitch, 비보다 나쁜 놈

bitch, even worse bastard than Rain
Reference to Rain’s song “Bad Boy”.(could not find this song on Itunes)

난 걸레처럼 널기만 해

I only hang up like a rag.
Nulgiman hae->just hang up.
Nul giman hae–> I deceive/play  you.(play like a “player” type of dishonest playing)
—>the only difference is where the space goes
could mean, “I play/deceive you like you’re a rag”
“Rag(gulae)”–>implying it’s dirty. “I play/deceive you like you’re dirty”
In Korean, “rag” is also a slang for “slut”–> “I play/deceive you like you’re a slut”. This word is also occasionally used for man-sluts although not often.
Mmmm..possibly me reading too much into it.

 갖고 논 다음

After playing with you/it

This “play” is the regular type of play (like, normal playing like kids)

니 고막을 찢어 단번에 boom boom boom

I rip your eardrums at once, boom boom boom

이건 내 새벽의 저주, 악몽, 폭행,

This is my curse of dawn, nightmare, violent crime.

연쇄살인, 강도, doom doom doom

serial murder, robbery, doom doom doom

넌 친구 없는 카톡, 볼 일 없어

You’re KaTalk with no friends, no reason to look
Kakao Talk seems really popular in Korea…
OR:  You’re KaTalk with no friends, there is no “1” to see, where 일 없어 is homonym for  “no 1” or “no reason.”  If you send a message to a friend, there is a “1” with the message (eg. noting it was sent to 1 person). If there is nobody in the chat room, I guess there wouldn’t be a “1.”

Also, “reason to look” or “things to look” also is an odd expression for “things that need to be done” as well as “bathroom things to do (eg. need to go to bathroom)”

Can mean:
“You’re KaTalk with no friends, there’s nothing to you.”
“You’re KaTalk with no friends, no need to go to the bathroom.” (which goes with the next line of peeing pants)

벌써 지렸니? 미안 화장실 없어

You peed your pants already? Sorry, there’s no bathroom.

내가 지금 명령해 mic 놓고 일어서

I command now, drop the mic and get up.

넌 그냥 천 해, 왜냐하면 넌 실 없어

You’re just 3rd class, because you’re meaningless. (OR: You, just do the fabric. Since you have no thread)
Chun hae –> do the fabric. Chunhae -> cheap, 3rd class, etc.
Sil eupseu –> have no thread. Sileupseu –> have no content/meaning/value.

난 널 밀쳐내 니가 너무 싫어서

I push you away because I really hate you.

나는 바느질 좀 잘해, 실 천해

I’m a bit good at sewing. I put into practice (OR: I do thread and fabric)
Shilchunhae –> put into practice.
Shil –> thread
Chun –>fabric
Hae – to do.

나 지금 으르렁대, 너 좀 위험해

I’m growling now. You’re in a bit of danger.
Exo Growl reference. 으르렁대 and 위험해….

넌 그냥 연 해 말했잖아 실 없어

You’re just weak. I told you, you’re meaningless. (OR: You just be a kite. I told you, there’s no thread)
Yeun – kite. Yeunhae–> soft
Shileupseu–> no meaning. Shil eupseu –> no thread.

하늘로 올라가 올라가 찢어져,

Rise to the sky then rip up.

I find it interesting that this phrase can be applied to both the rappers that rise in fame only to crash, as well as to the “kite” metaphor.

fuck it 주석, 난 널 잊었어

Fuck it, Joosuk, I’ve forgotten you.
Joosuk, was a Korean Hip Hop artist who was famous in early 2000’s but got into some trouble for change in style for the worse and inappropriately dissing people…according to wiki..
If you look at previous line, the rapper Joosuk definitely could be described as the one who did “Rise to the sky then rip up”.
Edit: Joosuk also has a song called “I’ve forgotten you”

Joosuk also means, “foot note” –> ” Fuck it.  As a foot note, I’ve forgotten  you.”

나의 목소리, 나의 헤게모니

my voice, my hegemony

일부터 십까지 싹 다 내가 키웠어

from one to ten, I did it all.

나 온 세상을 내 혀 위에 올려다 놓지

I put the whole world on my tongue

큰 데서 놀아, I ain’t spittin low sh

I’m playing in the bigger world, I ain’t spittin low shit

On the CD, 아님 TV, you can see me,

On the CD, if not then TV, you can see me.

Envy me, it’s a pity, gee gee

Bitch, I’mma monster I rap with a prospect,

yeah I rap with a mindset I’m a suspect

Sucka where yo rhymes at where you lines at?

I’m da king, I’m the god so where ma emperors at?

I parachute on my Neverland, I’mma peter pan,

so this will never end

You know when I ride on my G5 you sit

first class and satisfy and I keep giggling

Keep gigglin, keep jigglin,

bring yo fuckin mic, bitch 한판 붙어볼래?

bring yo fuckin mic bitch, you wanna fight?

자부심과 이상한 신념뿐인

With nothing but arrogance and weird fanaticism

신병 걸린 형들은 8마디면 헤벌레

sick with religious fervor, hyungs fail after just 8 measures.

늙은 애벌레, 더 더 더 더러 이 beat 줄게

You old caterpillars, so dir dir dir dirty. I’ll give you this beat.

한 번 해봐 버 버 버러 지들아

Try just once, you worms.

랩이나 좀 잘하고 떠들어

Talk when you can actually rap.

니넨 랩 못하게 해야 돼, 법으로

You should be forbidden from rapping, by law.


누구 때문에? 제이홉 때문에

Because of who? Because of J-Hope

누구 때문에? 랩몬 때문에

Because of who? Because of Rap Mon

다시 누구 때문에 슈가 때문에

Again, Because of who? Because of Suga

우리 셋이 모여서 새 시대를 외쳐

The three of us shout out for new generation.

제이홉 때문에

Because of J-Hope.

누구 때문에? 랩몬 때문에

Because of who? Because of Rap Mon

다시 누구 때문에 슈가 때문에

Again, Because of who? Because of Suga

이 beat 위에 다음 타자가 랩을 해

Over this beat, the next hitter will rap.

Suga ———->

내 도메인 마이크로 여럿 혼냈지

My domain Many got punished by my mic

언행은 족쇄 같어 내 죄명은 혀로 폭행

Speech and actions are like chains. My crime is assualt with my tongue

신앙심이 가득한 덕에 넌 태생부터 겁나 모태

Thanks to your fanaticism, you’re bad since birth
Motae –> slang for “since birth”. eg. Motae Solo – single since birth/never had girlfriend.
Mothae –> bad at doing something.

The word motae is commonly used in phrase “motae sinang모태신앙” –> “Born religious fanatics (commonly small sects of extremist born Christians).”

Korea has freedom and diversity of religion with reasonable separation of religion and state.  However, there is a negative connotations (even from other Christians) for the “born Christians” who take pride in having been Christians since before they were born  – often with religious fanaticism that was not based on choice and education, but just from having been born into a religious family.

This song compares religious fanaticism/blind pride with the type of pride that some underground artists have, just unconditionally for being underground whether they are good or not.

이 비트 위에서 엄살 부리면 넌 그냥 조퇴해/좆되

If you’re going to whine to this beat, just go home early
“jo-tae-hae” –> going home early.
Actually pronounced “Jot-dae” when they sing. (literally, “become a dick”, used similarly to “fucked up.”)
So, could mean, “If you’re going to whine to this beat, you’re just fucked up.”

힙합 꼰대들 목에 힘들어 간 것 좀 보세

Look at the old hip hop pops, stiff with arrogance.
uses slang “Ggondae” –> derogatory term for middle aged men who are oppressive/inflexible.

니가 지하에서 놀 때 BTS 지상에서 노네

When you play in the basement, I play above ground.
They probably mean “underground” but they specifically used words that’s for basements in buildings, which give a feeling of the “basement” people being poor… rather than “artsy” feeling of the word “underground”.

밤새 잠 퍼질러 잔 너에 비해 i’m workerholic shopperholic

Compared to you who sprawled sleeping all night, I’m workaholic, shopaholic

니 fan 보다 많은 pen 과소비 하며 all in 차면 goal in

I overspend on pens who are more numerous than your fans. All in, if I kick, goal in.

goal in i’m ballin 니 랩 들으면 토 쏠림

Goal in I’m ballin, when I listen to your rap, I’m puking

니 여친도 홀리는 내 목소린 좀 꼴림

My voice that bewitches even your girlfriend is seductive
The word “seductive” he used here is a bit of rude term for making someone horny. -_-.  I guess the closer translation would be, My voice that bewitches even your girlfriend is sexually arousing.

작업실 내 놀이터고 파트너는 펜 종이

My studio is my playground, my partners are pen and paper

호위가 권리인 줄 아는 너흰 속히 마이크를 내려 놓길

If you think having been favoured is now your rights, you should quickly put down your mic

from saying, “호의가 계속되면 권리인줄 안다.” –> “if you do nice things/favour people repeatedly, they will start to think it is their rights.”  Originally from movie “The Unjust

I guess that over time, the underground rappers were considered cooler/more artistic/less manufactured and respected for a long time –> long enough that they now think they’re superior/favoured, regardless of the quality of the actual music.

내가 해라면 너는 달 내가 뜰 때면 지니까

If I’m the sun, you’re moon. Because when I rise, you fall.

뜨다 – to rise/slang for becoming famous
지다 – to fall/to lose

–> can mean, “If I’m the sun, you’re the moon.  Because when I become famous, you’ll lose.”

힙합 진품명품 새끼들아 거품 위에서 내려와

Hip hop “Authentic Masterpiece” bastards, come down from your bubbles.

bubbles –> as used in “economic bubbles” and “housing bubbles”.  Inflated beyond value.

Update: “Authentic Masterpiece” is a TV show which has been aired since 1995 where people bring their family treasures to be appraised by celebrities and experts. Suga dissed those “bastards” who try to judge if he is a genuine(authentic) rapper or not. (thanks SSJ~)

야 이 개구쟁이들아 개구진 니 랩은 그냥 신세 타령

Hey you naughty kids, your naughty rap is just whining about your lives
“gae”=dog, used commonly to mean “shitty”.
“gae” is emphasized in the word “gaegujangi(naughty kids)”.
“Gaegujin (naughty)” sounds similar to “gae goorin,” which is slang for “shitty/stinky”.   Apparently “gaegujin” is Gyeongsang dialect for “gaegoorin” as well (Thanks SSJ in comments)
–>“Hey you shits, your shitty rap is just whining about your lives”

니가 기다려온 시간 쉬다

The time you waited, take a break

니가 가라 하와이,
집에 가렴

Come on
(Rap Monster: You go, to Hawaii)
Go home.

“You go, to Hawaii” is a line in Korean Movie “Friends”.

This also seems to be reference to B-Free who is from Hawaii.

내가 어디까지 가나 봐라 썩은 뿌릴 싹 다 갈아 엎어

See how far I go, dig out the rotten roots

Is it just me, or does the Korean word for roots sound like “Free”?  “rotten Free”??

모두 한판 예상하지 못한 파란

win them all by ippon,  the big upset that nobody expected.
ippon = 一本, lit. “one full point” is the highest score a fighter can achieve in a Japanese martial arts. (thanks SSJ)

노력 없이 한탄만 해대며 막상

in the end, just complaining without effort

꼴에 음악 한답시고 놀 때 알바 자리나

Stop wasting time thinking you can do music – just look for a part-time job.
In the video, B-Free complains how he had to take crappy part-time job in order to do music he wants.

더 알아봐라 너의 짧고 가느다란 커리어로는 하나 마나 겠지만 꼭 살아남아

Your short and thin carreer is probably worthless but survive
There is a timeless debate in Korea.  Is it more satisfying to live a life that is “short and thick” or “long and thin?”  (eg.  exciting/dangerous but short life, vs. long and tame life)
The hater’s career here fails to be either and is “short and thin”–>how unfortunate…
I’m pretty sure this is either a phallic or poop metaphor.  Possibly both.^^

꾸준히 쭉 썩어 아마 니들 꼬리표는 아마/추어 같은 인생 너희 랩은 아나바다

Continue to rot, your label will be a life of amatures.
Your rap is ANABADA

OR.. “label will be life of mud fish.” – The 2 different meaning depends on where you put the space again…
ANABADA- is a acronym that means: save, share, trade and use again–> to prevent over-expenditures during IMF financial crisis in Korea

껴 쓰고 눠 쓴 flow를

the flow that you saved and shared

아쓰고 또 그걸 시 쓰는 너

you get it back and use it again

The bolded characters in the above 2 Korean lines writes  “ANABADA”

hey beat 쪽 팔린 줄 알어 너

hey beat, you should know your shame

pronounced, “Hey bitches you should know your shame”

24마디에 너는 자리 펴고 앓아 누워

at 24 measures, you lie down sick

니 덩치에 비해 랩은 가냘퍼

compared to your bulk, your rap is wimpy

니 부모처럼 널 볼 때마다 맘 아퍼

Just like your parents, it hurts my heart every time I see you

난 니 음악의 커리어 동맥에 마침표를 그어

I scrape the period onto the artery of your music career.


That took a lot longer than I thought.
It’s really late at night so I’m just gonna go to sleep without proofreading it much….
Maybe errors will be more obvious tomorrow after sleeping…..
some edits/simplifying done Dec 2015


some more edits done March 2016.   I come back and check what I wrote every so often, and I keep seeing more hidden meanings in this song.  It’s like an…endlessly peeling onion…..  layers upon layers…

More edits done July 2016…

and more edits July 2017… thanks Suga’s swag juice in comments ^^

18 thoughts on “BTS – Cypher PT.2 : Triptych (Eng translation + ramblings)

  1. I seriously fell in love with your blog!
    I’m Korean myself so I don’t have much problems understanding the cultural contexts of their lyrics but I’m just amazed by how accurate and detailed your break downs are (and it seems like Korean isn’t even your 1st language!)
    I’ve always wished international fans could understand their lyrics in the same way Korean fans do (but BTS’ lyrics are so clever even some Koreans wouldn’t catch all the meanings behind them at first glance.), but I found it so difficult to explain because my English is not good enough and I’m really bad at explaining things in general. So I’m glad that I found your blog and wish more people read your posts! (So for that matter, do you have a tumblr account? I think tumblr blogs are more accessible and more people would be able to find this hidden gem!)
    Just to add several things:
    1. “너넨 그냥 긴수염, 한 마디로 메기여 (You’re just long beard, essentially, catfish.)” – if you pronounce 메기여 a bit faster, it sounds like 멕여 which means to fuck someone up. So, it can also mean “You’re just long beard, essentially, I will fuck you up.”
    2. “시시각각 랩 민짜들의 목을 죄여오는 내 voice, PC방 마감 (Every hour strangling the rap minors neck, is my voice. PC cafe closes.)” – In Korea, minors are not allowed to be in a pc cafe after 10 pm. So it means Rapmon’s voice is like an alarming sound to them because they will not be able to “play games” once they hear Rapmon’s voice.
    3. “힙합 진품명품 새끼들아 거품 위에서 내려와 (Hip hop brand name bastards, come down from your bubbles.)” – 진품명품 (loosely translated into “Authentic Masterpiece”) is a TV show which has been aired since 1995 where people bring their family treasures to be appraised by celebrities and experts. So, “Hip hop brand name” is a complete mistranslation here. Suga dissed those “bastards” who try to judge if he is a genuine(authentic) rapper or not.
    4. “야 이 개구쟁이들아 개구진 니 랩은 그냥 신세 타령 (Hey you naughty kids, your naughty rap is just whining about your lives)” – 개구진 (gaegoojin) / 구진 (goojin) is Gyeongsang dialect for 개구린 (gaegoorin) / 구린 (goorin)
    5. “모두 한판 예상하지 못한 파란 (The change that nobody expected)” – 한판 is a judo term in Korean for “ippon” (한판승), so it means he “wins them all by an ippon”, which is “a big upset (파란) that nobody expected”.
    6. “꼴에 음악 한답시고 놀 때 알바자리나 더 알아봐라 (in the end, just complaining without effort. Stop wasting time thinking you can do music – just look for a part-time job)” – 꼴에 is a degrading expression that doubts someone’s capability. So, more accurate translation would be “In the end, you’re idling away claiming that you’re doing music although you don’t have much talent, so just look harder for a part-time job.”

    1. Korean is my first language, although I haven’t lived in Korea since I was about 10. I’m in my 30’s now, married to a non-Korean, so I’m sure there are lots of holes in my knowledge of Korean ^^. I keep updating this post over time. Thanks for the additional information!!
      I have to say that sometimes, I keep things mildly simplified, just so the translation doesn’t turn into a super long sentence. But then again, sometimes I wonder why I bother as a long rambling ends up following…
      “모두 한판 예상하지 못한 파란” –> this one is super interesting. I remember I had such trouble translating the word “파란”. I vaguely knew what it meant, but I was like… revolution? changes of status quo? uhhh?? “A big upset” is a good translation. I tried to look it up and kept getting terms related to “blue.” ^^

  2. This is seriously amazing – I was just thinking, even though Suga is my bias, it is undeniable that Rap Mon’s raps are on another level lyrically, the way he plays with words is insane!

  3. why did i just discover this??? you’re amazing. i fell in love for bangtan because of their lyrics but after reading such in depth analysis of their lyrics i’m loving them even more. i keep on promoting this blog , i hope more people come visit here because your work is really amazing, i could drown myself reading your rumblings everyday.

  4. why did just discover this- i fell for bts because of their lyrics- after reading your rumblings i’m falling for them even more, thank you you’re such an angel. i keep promoting this blog- you’re amazing

  5. Oh God, this is gems! All of your lyrics translation definitely are gold!
    Thank you so much, I really enjoy their music, now it makes me appreciate the even more. Thank you!

  6. I like it when someone who knows korean translate it. Because she/he knows the slang and the real meaning of the sentences. And of course knows the condition there

    Thanks for your translate and your opinion(?) It makes me knower the songs

  7. I don’t know if this is helpful but there’s a part in the song P.D.D. (Rap Monster, Warren G) where Rap Monster says “keyboard warriors do you wanna ride with me”

    1. Ah! thanks. I’ll have to check that out. I listened to that song long ago and not very carefully. I also remembered their other song “We On” had stuff about keyboard warriors. I’ll have to update these once I get organized. ^^

  8. wow this is amazing. So much got lost in the trans bc we are not korean. I really appreciate what you did here, thank you! I can understand the lyrics better now. Based on the anime references I think the “if you are a dicer I have all the dice” part can be a reference to the manga Dice. I’ve read it on webtoon. When the dicers (players) collected many dices they can upgrate themselves (their looks, strength, speed etc.) so I’m guessing he is saying that he is the best :D Plus the ppl who become dicers at the start of the story are those who are losers in the school. (they are lacking good looks, grades, body strength etc.) So yeah this is a diss too:D

    1. This is an excellent catch! I remember Namjoon saying somewhere in a Japanese interview that he really liked reading Dice at the time. I’m willing to bet that he was referencing that webtoon. :-)

    1. Definition of “Triptych” on google search means “a set of three associated artistic, literary, or musical works intended to be appreciated together.”. On a very superficial interpretation, I’m assuming that the three musical works in this case are J-Hope, RM and Suga. ^^

  9. oh my god, oh my god, thank you so much for doing this, all these translations for non-korean fans, you’re the only person who does this that i can find. and thank you thank you so much. understanding all the hidden meanings behind everything makes me so happy, thank you! im amazed at how carefully their lyrics are constructed and i always want to know all the underlying stuff, i also really like how you break down each line, you’re amazing. i hope you continue to translate their songs, because they really utilize tons of korean slang/ sayings/cultural references which as international fans, we’d never understand any of the puns or clever phrasing, and just, thank you, im rambling hehe

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