Agust D (BTS) -140503 at Dawn (English Translation and Ramblings)

06. 140503 새벽에 (140503 at dawn)

Should probably read the track 05 about his highschool years, before reading this.  He would have been 21 years old for this song, I think… if it’s May 3, 2014…

When he’s saying “19-year-old,” I’m assuming that’s the age when he started as a trainee?  If he came to Seoul in November 2010, he would have been 19 by Korean age on Jan 1, 2011.


Produced by Agust D
(Agust D, Slow Rabbit)

Recording Engineer – Agust D @ Genius Lab
Mix Engineer – 김보성 @ Big Hit Studio
Mastering Engineer – Alex DeYoung @ DeYoung Masters

Original Beat : BTS “Rain”


Cut away from the world, after leaving home, 
From the view point of my 19-year-old self that’s come to hate wasting energy on emotions,
The score for my life as a trainee is almost 100%
With the resulting social phobia, the score for personal life is 0%

I always keep two masks ready
I show the defensive side, hiding my true self
I hide myself completely, as if I’ve become a criminal
I could not take one step out of the dorm that seemed like a prison


They all become distant
The friends, family and whoever is around me
Unable to stop by me, they pass by me
The arrow misses the target called interpersonal relationship.


Pretending not to be lonely, pretending not to be suffering
Needlessly pretending to be alright, 
In vain, diligently acting strong
Don’t come inside this wall that I built in front of me
I’m an island in this vast sea, don’t leave me. 


4 thoughts on “Agust D (BTS) -140503 at Dawn (English Translation and Ramblings)

  1. Question: Why was he moaning at the beginning of this song? I literally had to pause to take a breath. My ears were blessed.

    1. It’s probs cause the title of the song is “At Dawn”, so the sounds he made at the beginning were probably him from just having woken up and stretching/trying to wake himself up to get back to work (i.e the sounds of him clicking on a mouse & typing on a computer)

  2. i kind of feel sad because i understand what he’s going through and i hate knowing that he felt that way at some point in his life and that he might still be feeling like that. i hope somebody hugs him :/

  3. I can imagine for people who look up these lyrics or for those who understand Korean, this song carries meaning and strength for those who might be going through similar. I can wish nothing but respect and great success (or whatever they desire) for the members of BTS and in this particular case, Min Yoongi.

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