Agust D (BTS) – 724148 (English Translation and Ramblings)

I was hoping to do track 05 (this one), 06 and 07 today… which seems to be a series of his life stories.  These should probably be read in this order (which seem to follow chronological order).

I don’t know if I should even translate these, ’cause they’re fairly straight forward.  I haven’t even translated other RM songs that are more straight forward yet.   Hopefully, I’ll get to all of them…eventually??  Maybe??

At least, the tracks 05, 06 and 07 are fairly direct, so hopefully translation will not take too long.  Hopefully, it sounds coherent.  Why do they always omit punctuations in Korean lyrics?  My brain hurts after a day of work.

Suga (Agust D Mixtape) – track 05. 치리사일사팔 (724148)

The song is about his high school days.  Based on what I read, the title is from Bus #724 that he rode regularly while going to school in Daegu.  Bus #148 is the bus he used to go to school in Seoul.

Cocky teenaged Suga, facing the harsh world~!

Produced by Agust D
Keyboard – Agust D
Synthesizer – Agust D
Recording Engineer – Agust D @ Genius Lab
Mix Engineer – Yang Ga @ Big Hit Studio
Mastering Engineer – Alex DeYoung @ DeYoung Masters

Not too many years after cockily running around, saying I’m gonna do music
The thought hits me that even if I get successful with music in Daegu,
at most, I’ll end up owning some music cram school
You live only once – might as well become first at something at least once.

Number one, that I could never be from studying
I thought I could achieve it with music.
Around me, most people said,  “This bastard’s bull-shitting disease is flaring up again, and again”
Fuck off, bastard.  Watch me carefully.   You guys lost again.

Anyway, I thought if I wanna do music with more style, I need to first leave Daegu, uh
Energetic steps of a highschooler with shaved head, fade out in front of an audition poster
Some Korean schools have hair-code in high school.  The most strict schools would allow shaved head to a crew cut for boys, and girls with bob or shorter for girls. Other schools have no hair-code.   It depends on the school.
Suga once said (I think it was on a radio? I can’t find the link…) that his bald head + loose grey uniform = made him look like a monk…

“They say it’s rap competition held by Bang Shi Hyuk.
Bang Shi Hyuk is that Baek Ji-Young..that.. Ah ah
Isn’t that the one who wrote Like being shot by a bullet, hyung-nim?”
That’s how I ended up going to the competition with the crew hyungs

First, they said to pass the initial tryout, to get to the finals.
OK, that’s just the basics to me.
I totally changed over the beat they gave me to use for rap
and started new arrangement of it.

Look here, who else would do something like this?
If you were me, would you have done it like this?

What kind of company would, hmm?  
say that they don’t want a genius like this?

For the company, yo, it was luck coming their way
This vague belief was the origins of my success.
It’s all past so I can tell you now.. but the day after the initial tryout,
I got a phone call  – the area code was 02
02 is Seoul area code.

November 7th, 2010, I move up to Seoul
he would have been.. 17?
“Gangnam’s not what it’s hyped up to be.”
Gangnam – one of the most expensive districts in Seoul, as from Gangnam Style
Trying to win a mental battle as a country bumpkin from Daegu
“trying to win a mental battle/기선 재압”probably reference to this phrased used in Hitman Bang Hit It Audition
That night I bought myself dinner, acting cool.
“What the fuck!” The price on the bill made me dizzy.
Living expense budget available was only $300 a month, shit
I knew better than anyone that this was nowhere enough
So I started working part-time at dawn, uh.
Because of this, I always got to school at different times, uh
At school, all the kids are from rich families
They spend many times my monthly budget on alcohol
And then say fucking what?  What?  The hypocrisy to say that they have no money
Shut the fuck up, bastard.  You shut your fucking mouth.

Do I hunger for success?  No, I just hunger for money
It’s been a long time since I’ve forgotten the word “stylish”
Practice at night and part-time job at dawn
Then drag my tired body to school and fall asleep there
to become 20 years old.  My graduation scene is quite shitty.
There is no “failing and having to repeat a grade” in Korea (up to grade 12).  As long as you attended the minimal number of days, they let you graduate highschool, regardless of your grades.
The bastards that were gambling at night?  They drive expensive import cars they got as graduation gift.  I’m a bit envious.
Envious.  Fuck.  The world is unfair and I knew that from the beginning.
Some people are living, a dozen of us to a 550 square feet two bedroom place,
(or 49.5 m squared, for those metric-centred)
While others are driving import cars with style as soon as they graduate

OK OK OK, just watch
Leave your opinion, “will you even get to debut?”
Watch me in one more year, bastard, what I’ll be doing
You’ll probably call me then, after seeing me on TV.

5 thoughts on “Agust D (BTS) – 724148 (English Translation and Ramblings)

  1. I remembered reading suga’s profile on the star and it is written that he graduated from apgujeong high school. Now it kinda make sense that some of his schoolmates are rich.

  2. Thank you so much for this post! I have finally figured out the meaning of this title. At first I was like…are these random dates, but like I seriously had no clue and this question had been bothering me/festering in the back of my mind for a while.
    Thank you for all the context you give. I am so thankful for you! Ahh I love this song~~

  3. One of my favorite songs from the Mixtape
    This part tho “They spend many times my monthly budget on alcohol
    And then say fucking what? What? The hypocrisy to say that they have no money
    Shut the fuck up, bastard. You shut your fucking mouth.”. I’ve seen this happen around me too.

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