RM + Zico – Fuck Cockroachez (2008)

Fuck Cockroachez 
Mixtape?  Just something they did for fun?  I don’t know.  Just came across it.  It’s very cute.

original song:  DMX – X Gonna Give It To Ya


This was done in 2008.

RM would have been..13-14.    Zico would have been 15-16.  Why does Zico sound so pre-pubescent?  ^^



RM’s underground name was apparently based off of gaming character he was using.   I don’t know if the whole “Runch Randa” was based on this, or just the “Runch” part.

“…..Randa” means “I am/It is…..”.
So, “Runch Randa” can mean “It’s Runch” or “I am Runch”.


Zico used to be called “Nakseo”, which means scribbles or doodles.


RM’s lyrics are very much RM.  Maybe a bit of teenaged depression/drama, but still quite poetic.

Zico’s lyrics were very hard to translate, because it’s really hard to tell where his sentences end.  They do this commonly in rap lyrics (J-Hope does this too), which makes it more flexible to do a lot of word play.  Also, run-on sentences can sound quite good in rap.   Not very considerate for translators though.  ^^


[Runch Randa(Rap Monster)]
Fresh morning,
Waking up defenseless, I throw the day again
Although reality is harsh as it hits me even in my sleep
I don’t even have a safety net
Fuckin’ life
Reality like fucking shit
My life is just scribbles with a part of it erased
The broken pieces that are endless no matter how I try to gather them up
These things corner me even more
The darkness that seems to want to kill me strangles my neck
Uh fuck that,
My fucking worthless choices that fail
The endless war
The kids who are pushing me around like they want to castrate me should shut up quickly
I won’t go easily
Like thunderstorm in snow, it only seems like I’m letting it go easily
After dissing like wack,
Suddenly to work on clearing my head to the reality that tightens around me
What the hell am I?
I try to innocently go my way but it’s not easy.


Because I’m living a useless life, today is again shitty
Making work of repeating this, amongst excited expressions
The daily life inserted passes with no effort or significance
But let’s at least not to lose my source of bread and butter
I hammer home, and walk, and the shitty way you talk,
Might as well jerk off and go to sleep, fuck
Today’s compass is fiery efforts in studying
Dedication, must we really with late night studies
Acting as slaves to notebook and pen
My bio-rhythm slowed to nothing, I can’t seem to fix it
My terrible lifestyle comes out even in my rap, causing trouble
Your middle-schooler souls that got beaten up are so pitiful
It’s never easy, after the gamble that never falls
Did you imagine what would come out?
If you knew, you were early to be bright
Go get fucked, Fuck you
If you still don’t know, Everybody Attention.

2 thoughts on “RM + Zico – Fuck Cockroachez (2008)

  1. 1. In Spanish is easy to explain what is runch randa
    Rápido soy or in English means I am fast or it is fast
    2. Zico was 16
    3. If the song was after September namjoon would’ve been 14

  2. Thank you for translating this!!!! Good lord you’re literally the first person to post a full translation of this song(?) and I’ve been searching for a year TTT Thank yooouuu

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