BTS – Dope/Fire/Save Me (English Translation + Ramblings)

I’m not going to translate the whole song for these, ’cause they’re mostly straight forward.

Just few little bits that might make you appreciate the lyrics a little more.  I figured I should do these, before the HYYH times end and they start their next promotions.


EDIT 10 hours later:  Gahh!!  They started the next promotions?!!


lyrics from Naver Music.


I reject rejection
I’m naturally too much
Everyone follow me

I reject rejection
They’re all under my power
Everyone follow me

In their MV, they translated one of the lines as “Everyone copies me.”  This is not really correct…
It’s actually more like, “Everyone, do copy/follow me.”
You can think of it like “Simon says” game.  Or, like a dance teacher that demonstrates a move, and says “Everyone, try this.”

The line I’ve translated as, They’re all under my power
The literal translation would be “They’re all my slaves.”  This phrase is commonly used in context of being bewitched/being in love… meaning, they’re slave to BTS’s charms.
The lyrics have nothing to do with actual slavery.   Korea never had slavery like the ones in the US.   Just clarifying in case people ever read literal translation somewhere…

RM’s rap part

Sampo (3-po) generation, Ohpo (5-po) generation.
The new generation that gave up on 3 (relationships, marriage, and kids) and even a younger generation that gave up on 5 (relationships, marriage, kids, house and social life), due to difficult and unfair job markets.
Since I like beef jerky, I’m Yookpo (6-po) generation.
Beef Jerkey = Yookpo.
6-Po = Yookpo.
The media and the adults tell us we have no will-power, and sell us as a whole as if we’re stocks.
매도하다 usually means to sell in stock trading. 
Stocks are apt metaphor, because you generally sell stocks when you think they have no potential for future growth.  This line illustrating that society/media believes young generation have little potential and gives up on them without giving them a chance to prove themselves.
매도하다 also means to severely criticize (at times without reason, almost like framing someone):
The media and the adults tell us we have no will-power and severely criticize as a whole (implies they just group the whole generation as uniformly being useless)
Why kill us before we can try?  They’re enemy enemy enemy 
Why bow down in defeat already? Take this energy energy energy
Don’t ever give up. You know you not lonely
Our dawn is more beautiful than the day.
Movie:  Mes Nuits Sont Plus Belles Que Vos Jours.  English title is “My Night Is More Beautiful Than Your Day”
There was also a really old song, “Our night is more beautiful than your day.”
There is also a webtoon “My Night is More Beautiful than Your Day.
Over the years, various versions of this phrase was popularized.  Eg.  An Otaku’s dawn is more beautiful than your day.
So can I get a little bit of hope yeah
Wake the sleeping youth, go.






Lyrics from Naver Music.


Translation from BTS_twt, after Fire came out:

“Just live your life the way you want.  It’s yours anyway.  
Don’t need to try so hard.  It’s okay to lose.”  
My favorite lyrics from our songs.
What I want to tell ourselves, having had to always compete since the school days.
It’s ours anyway.  
Everyone fighting.  -SUGA-


Sigh.  I was unsuccessful in figuring out what beer can Suga was holding… while walking drunkenly in front of a police car!  It took me a really long time to notice that police car.  And it’s a different one compared to the police car in Run MV.  I wonder where Big Hit/Lumpens get all these police cars…

I think I google image searched beer cans for an  hour….


starting w RM’s part..

Hey, burn it up
Like you’re going to burn everything up
Hey, turn it up
until the dawn passes
We can just live, because we’re young
Who are you to label me?  
Stop labeling me with social status labels
literally, “What ‘spoon’ are you, to say that?  Why do you label me,
‘this spoon, that spoon’?  I’m a human”
Please see my Baepsae post for details regarding spoons.
(So what~)

Just live your life the way you want.  It’s yours anyway.  
Don’t need to try so hard.  It’s okay to lose.
Errbody say La la la la la (La la la la la)
Say La la la la la (La la la la la)
Put your hands up, make some noise.  Burn it up.
It’s burning up.

Burn it all, Bow wow wow
Burn it all, Bow wow wow

(Fire) all those who are afraid, come this way
(Fire) all those who are suffering, come this way
(Fire) holding up your fist, All night long
(Fire) with marching steps
(Fire) run, go crazy.

Burn it all, Bow wow wow
Burn it all, Bow wow wow

Burn it all, Bow wow wow
Burn it all, Bow wow wow

I’ll forgive you.

The “I’ll forgive you” actually makes sense when reading the lyrics.

The song is almost like giving themselves and the listeners, permission to live the life they want.

Live the life you want.  It’s okay not to try so hard all the time.  Burn up the fiery youth.

No need to feel guilty about it.. ’cause Yoongi will forgive you.  ^^




Lyrics from Naver Music.

RM’s part.

Thank you, for letting me be myself.
For letting me fly
For giving me wings
For straightening me out when I was wrinkled
For breaking me out of the box
For waking me up from living only in a dream.
The day became clear when I think of you
So I fed the sadness to the dogs.
(Thank you.   For becoming “us”)

nalgae juhsuh – giving wings
nal gaejuhsuh – straightening/folding neatly
nal kkaejuhsuh – breaking me
nal kkaewuhjuhsuh – waking me
nal gaeuhsuh – day became clear

These words.. all sound very similar…


There are too many literary  devices in the HYYH series.  In the MV’s, in lyrics of songs..

And there is also an overall progression to some extent when you look at the albums over time. Butterfly as a symbol of metamorphosis is really spot on, as there is metamorphosis.

Dope is the cocky, “I’m gonna reject rejection” and expression objection at the society.  Baepsae is kinda like that too.  A lot of HYYH 1 and 2 are the struggles of maturing and finding their place relative to the world.

The Young Forever is really the epilogue.   They face the reality in Epilogue:  Young Forever.  They claim they’ll live their own life, in Fire.  And they’re thankful they’re able to be who they are in Save Me.

It feels like they’ve become more comfortable with who they are at the end of this jorney.

11 thoughts on “BTS – Dope/Fire/Save Me (English Translation + Ramblings)

  1. Muish you are brilliant thank you for these explanations & translations! Like many others have said, it’s so incredibly helpful to us international fans!!
    Gosh I just knew there was more to “Fire” but definitely didn’t feel like I got the whole picture from the english subs on the mv!

  2. I appreciate every little detail you make sure to post that is not a straightforward trans. I’ve been wondering about “3rd/5th gen” line in Dope for months now…then casper radio also talked about how even they couldn’t explain it (in korean words) but how that line was a clever one. I’m glad I finally know…thank you!

  3. thank you for letting us know all this, i’m slowly going through all of your posts, and after each post i feel like i appreciate BTS more and more

  4. Thank you for all the hard work translating. As an international fan it makes me appreciate the music of BTS even more. I always got the impression that they were conveying something meaningful, even when I didn’t really understand the references; but to get a better idea of the context is invaluable. Thank you!!

  5. Thanks for this!^^

    I love how Bangtan always have some meaningful lyfics.

    Btw Yoongi was drinking Pilsen in Fire which is a czech beer :D

    1. Thanks. That hour searching for beer cans…. I’m glad you kept me from spending more time doing that. ^^ I knew it was not time well spent, but I just couldn’t stop
      Thank you, by the way, for always leaving me comments. ^^

      1. wow if you didn’t point out about the beer can i wouldn’t bother to press pause and look at it LOL. now i get all sorts of ideas about reading too deep into it, but since czech is also called bohemia, maybe it’s a lowkey reference to leading a bohemian lifestyle, like doing one’s thing in life.
        i’m super late at discovering your blog, but thank you so much for these translations.

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