RM (BTS) – Forever Rain (English Translation + Ramblings)

Track 07 in RM playlist mono

Music Video
The CC on the Music video are quite good. 

(07) Forever Rain 

Produced by RM, Hiss noise, ADORA
(RM, Hiss noise, ADORA)


I wish it would rain all day
Because I’m hoping someone would cry in my stead
implying “I’m hoping rain would cry in my stead”.  Since he wishes it would rain all day, kind of implies he wants to cry all day
Wish it would rain all day
Because then people don’t stare at me

Since the umbrella hides the sad face
Since people are, each on their own, busy in the rain
I’m gonna breathe a little slower
Since my life and my rap are usually too fast


Now, everything is in its own place
In the sky, my shadow is reflected
I’m standing, stepping on the darkness
Putting head down, (standing) on my heels
the word “stepping on” used here is like standing on an object.  Like a stepping stone or a stool.  It sounds like darkness is a physical object supporting him and raising him up as he stands on top of it.


Slow rap, slow jam, slow rain, everything slow
Slow rap, slow jam, slow rain, everything slow

Forever rain
(repeated x 6)

Forever rain (Forever rain)
(repeated x 4)


When it rains I feel a bit like I have a friend
Keeps knocking on my windows, asking how I am
The “friend” could be the rain drumming on the windows.
RM also does mention “friend” often in his songs (thank you, “T” in comments).  His friend is usually the “fear” or the “ugly and pathetic” part of himself that lives inside him in his songs “Reflection” and “Tear.”  So the friend may be metaphor for the negative sides of himself that comes to the surface when weather is gloomy, reminding him that they’re still inside him.  He seems to have chosen to befriend these aspects of himself.
And I answer, I’m still a hostage to life
Possibly reference to this tweet
       “All the ARMYs fiercely living (literally fighting) their life, please have strength.  Since we’re hostage to life, we have to choose to be ambitious.  Everybody’s a fighter. Fighting”
I’m not living just because I can’t die, but I’m chained to something
Possibly reference/contrast to Suga’s “So Far Away” where he says “I’m living because I can’t die.”
If only I could knock on somewhere like you
If I could kiss the world deeply
The word “진하게/deeply” is a word that can be used to mean “darker/deeper color.” So the line makes you imagine the rain that kisses the world and makes the world turn darker in color as it gets wet.
Will someone be willing to welcome me?
맞다 means to be hit (by rain, by winds) as well as to welcome.  Usually being hit by rain is not necessarily a positive thing.  So the line kind of implies:
Will someone be willing to let me rain on them/willing to suffer me just like they’re willing to suffer being rained on?
Will they perhaps accept my tired body?


Please don’t ask me anything
Just keep raining forever
When you’re coming down, I’m not lonely
If at least you could stay by me
I want to live in this ashy world
Knowing that there is no such thing as forever

Slow rap, slow jam, slow rain, everything slow
When it rains, it pours
When it rains, it pours
It pours

Forever rain
(repeated x 6)

Forever rain (forever rain)

Please keep raining


One thought on “RM (BTS) – Forever Rain (English Translation + Ramblings)

  1. Thank you so much for translating! I think the “friend” he mentions is probably the same “friend” from Reflection and Outro: Tear, right? I just love the cohesion in Joon’s lyrics.

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