Suga Tibits


Agust D –>D-T Suga backwards (D-T =Daegu Town , D-Town = is also name of crew he used to belong to, although based on his Grazia interview, it seems like he mostly means Daegu Town as nickname for his hometown).
Gloss –> I just read that this is because his name is “Yoongi”.  Hahaha!  Yoongi = gloss.  Yoongi-nada = To be glossy.  Why didn’t I notice this before?
Google translation of 윤기 gives you “burnish”.  Google search of “Burnish” gives “gloss” as one of the synonyms.    Makes total sense.


Claiming Independence in Society of Ageism  (almost an essay.. sorry…^^)
Pls note this was written before his mixtape was relased.  

As much as I translate a lot of RM lyrics, my favorite in BTS is Suga.    His lyrics are less convoluted, but they actually have very strong impact due to their direct nature.    He also seems to be such a mature and strong character.

He also makes me reflect somewhat on Korean culture, especially that of Ageism.   I think Ageism started with Confucianism, of respecting elders long time ago…but it’s changed over time to become quite of extreme.  I’m happy to say that this has been getting somewhat better over past 10-20 years.

This is my rambling about Suga, in a society that has such strong Ageism.

I think it’s well-known that Suga’s parents did not approve his career choice in music when he was a teenager.  I think he came to Seoul in his mid teens as trainee, and worked part-time jobs and stuff, without support of his parents.

Being financially independent in your mid teens, to chase your dreams, is hard enough in America.  But it’s even harder in Korea.

First, the minimal wage (about 5 dollars I believe), is not respected in part-time jobs (as often there is no written contract/proof).  Kids often only get paid ~ $3 dollars an hour.

Koreans, especially Korean adults, will have no qualms telling you that you’re an unrealistic idiot to chase your dreams.  Especially so, if you have strict parents.  It takes a lot of guts to go against this.   I don’t  think Westerners have any idea how hard it is to go against this sentiment, that you must obey/respect elders….  Westerners know that Ageism exist in Korea… but the extent is not always clear.



To illustrate, let’s talk about the movie “Breathless (2008)”.   To me, the most shocking thing about this movie was how Koreans responded to it, compared to international viewers.  (spoiler alert)

Breathless is an exceedingly violent movie, with critical acclaim for in-your-face, honest and clear portrayal of various types of violence in the society…. and also almost a social commentary of how violence begets violence, generation after generation.

It’s been a few years since I’ve watched this, but the movie includes:

-protagonist beating a man on street, as the man was beating his girlfriend.
-then protagonist beating the girl, for being stupid enough to be beaten by her boyfriend.
-protagonist (thug) beats up random people who owe loan shark money
-protagonist beats up random teenage girl after brief argument
-protagonist beating men and women who owe money, in front of their kids
-protagonist’s dad beating his mom when he was a child
-protagonist’s dad accidentally stabbing protagonist’s sister to death when he was a child
-protagonist beating his dad after dad is released from prison for murder.
-random girl from before, being beaten by her dad and her brother
-protagonist being beaten to death with a hammer

English movie reviews claim how this is so graphic but honest depiction of how violence begets violence.  They were so impressed how the movie did not pull any punches, and what a gutsy movie this is.  None of them noticed that one scene was censored…..

And guess which scene was censored?

-protagonist beating his dad after dad is released from prison for murder. (only implied, with the act happening behind a door with fogged glass, and very short scene)

Even this director, could not dare to put a scene where a man blatantly beats his dad.

Later, I watched an episode of Golden Fishery… and Yoo Se-Yoon describes this movie as a shocking movie where a son beats up his father.     Out of all the violent scenes listed above, this was the most shocking, apparently, despite it being a short scene that was censored.

When I realized this, it kind of gave me goosebumps.    Because, in Korean society, beating your father (even if he is a murderer) is more of a sin, than beating people in front of their children,  or beating your children, stabbing your child to death, or beating a man to death with a hammer. (not in legal sense, but in moral sense)

This kind of thinking leads to incidents where a kid talking back to an adult is more of a crime, than if the acult beat you up for it.

Can you really go against your elders in a society like this, to achieve independence?  Well.. it definitely takes guts, that’s for sure.



Back to Suga.

Nothing really seems to faze Suga.  He may get a bit upset or angry, but he seems to have very solid sense of self, and not really get intimidated by anything.

I was looking back at their V-app Halloween event (2015/10/29) as I write this….

To translate a bit of this event when they were taking about what made each member scared:

Suga:  Rather than ghosts, the most scariest thing in the world is..
RM:  Are you gonna say “people?”
Suga:  …my dad.
J-Hope: Ohh…
Suga:  He’s scarier than ghosts.
RM:  Can you show us how he’s scary?
Suga:  If I imitate my dad’s personality, they can’t air this……


Which makes me a little scared, actually, for what Suga must have gone through as a teenager.  No wonder nothing scares him now.

It seems like he’s getting along well with his parents now (based on what I heard about him at recent concert).  And this shows great emotional maturity as well.  I know so many people who dwell on how others had wronged them in the past, and unable to move past it.

It really shows strength to go your way, against people who have more authority…and not be shackled to injuries done to you in the past.  Both RapMon and Suga seems to have moved past these injuries, and become stronger adults for it.  But I must say I have to applaud Suga more, as I suspect he had to go through a lot more to get to where he is now.

It’s also nice to see that violence doesn’t beget violence in this case.  I wonder if Bang PD has been a good adult influence in his life too.  It’s good to see that Suga cares about the younger members and they seem to respect him a lot too.

Nevermind is probably my favorite BTS song.  It’s so… Suga. 


14 thoughts on “Suga Tibits

  1. I want Suga to write a book. He has a very interesting life story and has definitely been through a lot, I bet he’d give good life advice.

  2. I also noticed how Namjoon really struggled with being called an ‘idol’ whilst coming from the underground rapping scene, but yoongi didn’t have as intense an identity crisis. I feel like this is due to how level-headed yoongi is. As you said, nothing really fazes him. he’s always known who he is, therefore it didn’t matter what people were calling him. I also think that’s why his lyrics are so straight-forward. He doesn’t feel the need to impress anyone.

  3. I discovered BTS as i was going through a really tough time in my life. To make things short, i felt that the last album was written with me in mind haha~ I have a love-hate relationship with the songs. Sometimes they cheer me up but at times, they make me crash. Then there’s Yoongi who i relate to the most. I go ride on his roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes, i just remind myself to breathe when i listen to his songs. I’m happy that he’s finally flying. ‘Wanna fly, you’ve got to give up that shit that weighs you down.’ I am inspired by him. If he got through what he did, i could to. At the moment, i just got to ride the wave and hope that it eventually takes me to shore. Thank you.

  4. SUGA is my ultimate bias! and i like Jackson from got7 too! i think there are certain characteristics in them that is common between them and i am drawn to that! Suga defied his parents to follow his dream. Jackson also gave up going to havard even when he was offered scholarship! Also he traveled to far country to achieve his dream! I yearn for such head strong qualities and wish i had them in me…that’s why i probably drawn to them. i relate to “no more dream” and “reflection” for that reason. i “yearn to be a good daughter everytime i listen to “mama” , “never mind” and “tomorrow”. I yearn and relate to “first love”

  5. Thank you for your hard working in making these posts. I’m still new to this group, but taking the time out to learn about them a people really gives value to becoming such a great fan. Thank you also for giving us internationals a better understanding of Korean culture and what song lyrics mean in their proper context. Yoongi inspires me to reach higher, considering my circumstances. I hope that I can make myself proud one day – even though I know there will be a mix of emotions along the way (as described here).

    1. Yup. And I think they really only managed to do that even because the MV didn’t clearly say that it was his dad and was only implied….

      1. nvm y’all i hadn’t seen the original music video and hOLY SHIT i’ve been watching bts explanation videos all night thanks to this

  6. Thank you for this! I stumbled upon your blog once before, when I was looking for a better trans for cyper pt 2. I genuinly appreciate what you are doing and i want to thank you for your work. Ive read before about BTS’ lyrics and the deeper meaning behind them like N.O. , Baepsae or even Ma City which sounds like a fun song. (When hobi’s part is actually a historical, slightly political reference to Gwangju’s history). I like your rambling about the member’s too please never stop!:) Yoongi is my favorite too, both his rapping/lyrics and personality. I always looked up on him and I already knew his backstory but your example of that movie showed me how incredibly tough and determined Yoongi is. I can’t wait for his mixtape i’m curious what his main theme will be. Will he rap about his past and the idol-rapper opposite too? It’s clear that Yoongi and Namjoon were those who accepted the hardest being an idol.

  7. I really appreciate all of your posts about BTS, they always end up to be such an insight into Korean culture.

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