J-Hope (BTS) – 1 VERSE (English Translation and Ramblings)


1 VERSE (2015)

Lyrics by Jhope

Mixed, Mastered by Pdogg @ Dogg Bounce

*Original Track : The Game & Skrillex – “El Chapo”

I always think of J-Hopes part as being easy until I actually start translating.  There are always a bunch of things that seem very straight forward as a Korean….but are sometimes really hard to explain in English.  ^^

As always, I’ll probably post this and come back to look at it in few days to have another look.  If I missed any meanings, please comment below.


J-Hope, me, my name
Start the oiling
Stop the hamster wheel that kept turning in a rut
Put fire on my worth
Gather round, all those who are alike
I’ll show my sword skills
Cut away all the rotten branches
In the end, it’s all dandruff that will flake off
All pigeons that jump when there’s a blow of wind, cannot seem to find their own way
Or, “All pigeons that jump to a hook (eg. hook song)”
I diss in cool fashion
Or, “diss me in cool fashion” as Korean sometimes do not clarify subject/object and have to figure out the meaning in context.
Currently flaunting,
Be a voyeur of my talent.
Or, “Be a voyeur of my dick.”  
Jajil-eul  -> my talent
Jaji-leul –> my dick.  pronounced the same, essentially.

For two and half years, I watch without response to this fiery industry
Now it’s time for my inner power to respond, to speak without restraint
Mockery, paparazzi, all together, 
I aim at everyone’s  ears
I’ll put my anguish in it,  everyone self-evaluate listening to this.
This line is a bit difficult to translate. The idea of “han” – is like anguish/pent up sadness/drive to do better after being belittled, etc.  I don’t think there is an equivalent term in English.
I don’t put on a mask, this is my motto
I live my life, doing what I need to do, shit
Not all the same, but befitting to my nature
Building up my career
To only lick the surface, I turn into everyone’s watermelon
To break that, I put off and put off
And now the effort with sweat and tears is coming to fruition.
The above 3 lines (fruit metaphors):
“licking the surface of watermelon” is a Korean saying, meaning to only learn something very superficially (and never get to the actual edible/important part).
There is also a kids game of hitting/breaking watermelon.
The lines mean that if people only know him superficially, he will become target of abuse (like a watermelon in the game).  To break this problem, he is showing the fruits of his labor.
Everyone feel antsy.  If you ruminate, you’ll end up dropping (hook ga)
Dirty Rhyme, Flow, held inside until it explodes
Even if you call it a VERSE, it’s like a HOOK (hook gam)
Make it unforgettable, make people gather around
Make all my fans be aroused
Make all the haters puke (make them puke)
Gayo – is a pop song
ga – to go;  gayo – formal way to say ‘to go’; gam – like/feeling of/past tense for ga/etc.
Hook Gayo -> kitch song. with an addictive hook.
Hook gayo -> also means, to suddenly drop/fall (fall in love or drop off the surface of earth)
Eg.  If you do those drugs, you might “hook gayo.”-> sometimes means, to drop dead, but usually means to suddenly fail completely.
Eg. 2.  If you meet him, you might “hook gayo”–> suddenly fall in love.
Even if you call it a VERSE, it’s like a HOOK
This line suggesting that as a verse, it’s addictive like a Hook Verse
OR:  the verse will make haters drop in failure
OR:  the verse will make people fall in love with it.
Also references to the song “Hook Gayo”, which is a diss track by RM/Iron/Supreme Boi in 2010.  “Hook Gayo” was as a response Brave Brothers‘ diss song to Bang PD called “돌아돌아/Round&Round
The “Hook Gayo” has nice lyrics…will try to translate this sometime.
Poetic Justice, now I reap what I sow
Positive criticism will make me humble
But if I get cursed, I’ll eat those curses and shit them out
Because being cursed is expressed as “eating curses” in Korean.
My ambition and pride, DON’T  STOP
I put on whatever price I want
Whatever I feel like, I’m just that
The above 2 lines, he used interesting word choices,  with a lot of alliteration…
There’s no competition anyway
You’re below where my fate is
Everyone is bothersome sputum,
As appropriate for my age, TWOTWO (ptui ptui), to ground
two two, because he’s 22 years old? Ptui ptui (sound of spitting) is pronounced “two two” in Korea…
I gently step on the path as made by my fans
The old fashioned words he used here to gently step on the path, is reference to classical Korean poetry “Azaleas” by Kim Sowol.
I’ll feel the effort of my brothers.  The fame and success.
I’m ON.

Shut up and listen to this VERSE
this flow and feel are like a salute
(WOAH) salute (WOAH) salute(WOAH)

Everyone, enjoy to this VERSE
The feel of this place is like tropical
(HOT) tropical (HOT) tropical (HOT)

8 thoughts on “J-Hope (BTS) – 1 VERSE (English Translation and Ramblings)

  1. I really love and appreciate this blog so much! But Muish-nim, could you consider adding the Hangul for their songs in the post? I loved it when u did it for the Cypher 2 post. I guess I’m at the stage where I am interested in reading the Korean lyrics side by side to pick up on the rhymes etc. It’s alright if you can’t add them for some reason, I just wanted to suggest it!😁
    Strong Power Thank You💜

  2. Bang PD had an interview on TV about the idol music industry. I don’t quite remember but they talked about the difference between kpop and other genres of korean music. I’m sure it will come up if you search for it on youtube.
    The little I understood from the translation of the round&round song seems like it might be talking about this.

  3. I’m months late but I used naver translate for “han” and it came up with “(deep) resentment” as the equivalent. I’m not entirely sure but based off of your description, I think that may be the word you’re looking for.

  4. I believe a possible word for the anguish/pent up sadness/ drive to do better after being belittled part could be spite. I’m not too sure though. I just thought of the common saying “to do out of spite” when reading your trouble of finding an English equivalent for that part.

    1. “Han” has a lot of meanings all mixed together. “Spite” is definitely a part of it, but it’s also a deep sadness and anguish. You know, the kind of anguish and sadness, where you’re so injured that you can’t even cry because the injury has become a part of you, almost like a scar? The kind of scar that makes you stronger to live through, but leaves you changed….

  5. I think i should learn Korean. Cos i feel there are a lot of things can’t be translated.

    In any case thank you very much for your great work. We appreciate it.

  6. I have heard that it waa difficult to translate Jhope’s lyrics because he uses a lot of wordplay. Thank you for the trans! I never heard about this diss track, I looked it up on yt, and there is a translation in the comment section. But can you tell me what was the diss track towards bang bd about? What has he done to brave brother?

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