BTS – Cypher 4 (English Translation and Ramblings)

BTS Cypher 4 (track 11 on Wings Album)

Korean lyrics from Naver Music.

lyrics:  Chris ‘Tricky’ Stewart, Medor J Pierre,  Rap Monster, J-Hope, Suga.
Song: Chris ‘Tricky’ Stewart, Medor J Pierre,  Rap Monster, J-Hope, Suga.


Rap Monster

“name, name!” Sorry bae
“Pronunciation, pronunciation!”  Sorry bae
“Diction, diction, diction!” Sorry bae
“Oh, face not an idol..” Sorry bae
Because I’m breathing,  I’m sorry bae
Because I’m too healthy, I’m sorry bae
I’m on broadcast,  I’m sorry bae
Errthing errthing errthing..
Sorry bae
The line, “I’m on broadcast” is “Bang-songhamnida”, which could be a parody of internet slang, “….-songhamnida”.
“Joae-songhamnia” means “I’m sorry.”
“Moon(door)-songhamnia” is used to express something like this (apologies for hanging door wrong).
“Bang-songhamnida” can be a parody of this phrase, to sarcastically say , “I’m sorry to be Bangtan.”  Which is homonyms with the phrase “I’m on broadcast.”

The sound I’m making, bae
is bullshit to some, bae
literally, “sound of dog barking”, meaning “bullshit”
You should change the way you diss, bae
I’m about to be bored, boring bae 
This line is sung in a bit of Kyungsangdo dialect.  Either it’s the other members rubbing off on him, or it’s because it makes the last syllable in Korean sound similar to the word “dog”
I don’t feel hate for you anymore.
I don’t feel hate for you anymore, sorry bae
I’m  just be a drum, so just hit me hard and be done
Yea, let’s try the “samulnori”, bae
Samulnori is a traditional Korean music/dance, using 4 types of small portable percussion instruments.
I’m monster, the tail is too long bae
No matter what, you shoot at me bae
In that case, the zoo is more comfortable, bae
You want something to diss too, bae
Even if you hate me, YOU KNOW ME
Even if you hate me, YOU KNOW ME
I like hate comments better than no comments
I don’t know you


I love I love I love myself
I love I love I love myself
I know I know I know myself
Ya playa haters you should love yourself


I wanna get sleep time
The endless spotlight I get
Ahh you wanna be my life?
You who hunger should just become my cannon fodder
Gently experience
Arrested to the stage that is covered in my style
All innocent (Okay)
I’m not quite sure where the lines/sentences start and end with the above few lines.
but I can’t be satisfied here
I go up there, higher higher higher
Yes, the methods are different
Even if I ruminate, it’s the way to go
Each stitch sewed one at a time
If you can’t do it, just tie it off
All these sewing metaphors (in Cypher 2 too in RM section). I wonder if any of them know how to sew.^^  EDIT:  Now there is proof that at least Suga can sew.
Now it’s not possible for me anymore
to pronounce, “I quit”
I love my rule, my bros and the work we do
Players of league of their own
Reference to movie “A League of their own.”
I’ll be the director on top
Let things be the way it will be
Continuing 1VERSE, I’ll draw a bigger picture
You keep shouting from where you are
“Dream come true”
Fame and wealth isn’t that, you
In the end, on the bottom of my feet, “chu~”
Go on and click.  I’m a cat, mouse.
The antis are using the mouse, clicking and he’s a cat…
Pick and “X chuh” like KAWS
“X chuh” –>  X is often used to censor parts of words.  Depending on what you put at X, it can mean “shut up” or “beat up”.  Not sure what KAWS is.  The only thing I could find were these… which wouldn’t surprise me if BTS liked these and their figure collections.
EDIT:  I guess they do mean the KAWS figure.  KAWS twitter is called “Fuck Yea KAWS” and I just found out that BTS follows this twitter.
Next year, I move into ma house
and I high-five with my bricks
Watch with eyes wide open, my ambition
Put your ear here and listen, the first and last thing to be said.


I love I love I love myself
I love I love I love myself
I know I know I know myself
Ya playa haters you should love yourself


Back back to the basic
microphone check
Call me Baepsae or strong character
“strong character” is a gaming slang
Yeah, in rap game I’m the generous one
Respawning the rap men that became slackers is my first plan
Hashtag sucka betta run,
in Insta gang gang

Insta = short for Instagram
That’s their life. 
And my life is, you know, every day
Payday, paycheck, on my wrist ROLEX
Click clack to the bang bang
Click clack to the pow
I’m so high, where do you think you’re reaching?
Even if you have a running start, I’m too high up for your to touch
Fairly big difference
You’ll never see
I’ll remove the delusional love for you shits
and play them all, and over the dead face, so fly..
Click clak to the bang, you and you.

Explanation for:  I’ll remove the delusional love for you shits.
Literally, “Your shitty car’s bean pod peels, I will remove it all”.  Make sense?  Of course not.  ^^
Shitty car:
From saying, “When the shitty car goes away, the Benz will come.”  This is a saying  that girls tell themselves when they have been dumped by a man who is ugly+poor+bad personality+dumb+other bad qualities.  It’s bad enough being dumped, but even worse when being dumped by someone who is shitty.  Oh, the wound to the pride.  How dare he?!!   The shitty car is a metaphor for a man who drives a shitty car and has all these bad characteristics.
The bean pod peels are translucent peels on soy beans.  Koreans say that when you fall in love initially, your eyes are covered with these peels and you cannot see clearly.  They say it takes about 3 months for these peels to fall off and then you start to see the flaws as well, at which point a lot of people fall OUT of love.

I’m always thankful that I never had anything handed to me easily
Why is it my fault that your life is mediocre
Please keep living like that, just making it
I’m sorry but I’m going to earn more.   Keep watching.
And please be healthy.


I love I love I love myself
I love I love I love myself
I know I know I know myself
Ya playa haters you should love yourself

I love I love I love myself
I love I love I love myself
I know I know I know myself
Ya playa haters you should love yourself

Ok.  I’ve done too much today for my poor old brain.   Will have to read it over another day when my brain is functioning better….


6 thoughts on “BTS – Cypher 4 (English Translation and Ramblings)

  1. thank you for your translations! I was just wondering if you had any additional thoughts on J-Hope’s line “high five with my bricks” – the translation sounds as if it needs a bit of umm ramblings… :) I tried looking up everywhere and see if anyone thought of this line the same way I did.

  2. I wanted to let you know that KAWS is a brand of Dolls/Figures that is famous for putting X’s instead of Eyes on the faces.

  3. Kaws is the name of the Show Champion mascot. A stuffed shark which apparently gets a lot of kisses from the girl groups etc. The lyric also sounds like ‘XO like Kaws’, meaning hugs and kisses like him. BTS were talking about the plushie in a Show Champion backstage episode. I think the same one in which Rap Monster explained the difference between a kiss and a peck. 😁 I could be wrong though.

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