j-hope (BTS) – Baseline + HangSang (English Translation + Ramblings)

I think tracks 04-06 are similar in theme, just like tracks 01-03 were similar.   Tracks 04-06 seem to be about where j-hope and BTS came from, leading to where they are now.

This post will have Baseline (track 04) lyrics which are short and simple, and part of HangSang (track 05).


Produced by j-hope, Supreme Boi
(j-hope, Supreme Boi)


My music’s Base Line
My gesture’s Base Line
My Life’s Base Line
My success’ Base Line
Base Line
From now on Base Time
You can feel the Base difference
When you see my Base Line


It’s in my world
The essence is always woke
Why do you input the hatred
I don’t need your hate code
They say, Base on
Scored without a base
Spit out to them
Hope World Base Line

Street dance
for 10 years
Rap that was well refined by physical rhythm
My current name tag
Top class
But still my passion burns in my Life Plan
literally, my blood boils, which in Korean means burning with passion, not being angry as it does in English.
Sincerely longing
Because there’s still my musical dreams remaining
Working hard
Daily daily
Being thankful for my job is my own Base


I use my spoon to spoon it all and eat
Because I’m all about preparation, I have no worries

Base Line, the source of my accomplishment
Hope World, I turn over the whole world

Because I tried harder than anyone, I debuted
Because I slept less and did more, for myself
Life like a movie, Main Base, Mainstay
All those who still don’t get it, Play Back

My music’s Base Line
My gesture’s Base Line
My success’ Base Line
Base Line
From now on Base Time
You can feel the Base difference

Watch the base Line



HANG SANG (05) Feat. Supreme Boi
Produced by Supreme Boi
(Supreme Boi, j-hope)

I’m not going to translate the whole song.. but a few interesting thing about this song.


Always With my dawg, right
Always With my thug, right
Always With my dawg, right
Smash on the street Smash on the street

항상 (hangsang) meaning “always” is pronounced very unusually in this song. It almost sounds like 학살 (haksal), meaning massacre.  It wouldn’t be wrong to say that j-hope is killing us with music anyway. ^^

I’ll just skip a bunch in the middle of the song translate the last little bit towards the end…because I’m lazy ^^

With my rule, with my bro
We walk side by side
We believed only in each other from the debut
and gather the rumors
Everyone was our enemy
And there were nobody on our side
But that team has now turned the tables
Now is opening up the world
Feel like Karaoke
Sing, shake, Check it
The whole world wants it
We’re the favorite, Make it
literally, ‘we’re number 18’, which is a term to describe favorite song in Korea (apparently originates from some Japanese play where the 18th one was the best)
Just like we had dreamed
Everything became a reality
Now it’s our turn
Just shoot all the Riches

Whether it’s justified is treated like garbage
Illogical bullshit
Shameless full of self-confidence
This part is hard to translate.   Literally:
Whether it’s justified is treated like dog food.  (As historically dogs were fed food scraps, this means garbage.  But this dog food/garbage feeds the dog in next line.)
Illogically barking woof woof (“dog talk” in Korean is used similar to “bullshit” in English)
Like a dog, full of self-confidence. (“Like a dog” usually means something like “fucking shitty” or “shameless like an animal”, etc. )
Ignorant courage, illogically stubborn insistence, delusions
Abusing the seniority
To them Pow Pow
We can look forward in good conscience
The records achieved and awards
Walk on them
With ma Label as stepping stone
With my Fan, Thanks
With ma Team

7 thoughts on “j-hope (BTS) – Baseline + HangSang (English Translation + Ramblings)

  1. Can we talk about the whole Supreme Boi thing and the the line with his crew mentioned? I’d like to know what your thoughts are on all that

    1. Do you mean the stuff about Rock Bottom and Iron? I probably don’t know much more than you…. I only found out that’s possibly Iron related thing way after the mixtape came out, while reading stuff online. I’ve never really followed Iron so I don’t know much about him.

      Reading about Iron just now on Namu Wiki, it seems like he’s not super famous, but semi-well known. It seems like he has all the common annoying controversies of all those people who think it’s cool to do drugs/be prejudiced in various ways, in order to be more “hip-hop” or something, as commonly seen in rappers on the “Show Me the Money” show. There’s really not much about BTS on the section on Iron on Namu Wiki – only that he was one of the trainees possibly for becoming BTS but left because he didn’t want to be an idol.

      I don’t know. He doesn’t seem like the kind of a person I’d stan, but I don’t think I would have the right to judge BTS for hanging out with people (like Supreme Boi) who may possibly hang out with Iron. I’m sure BTS often have to deal with other more unpleasant characters in the industry… but at this point, I have faith that they’re strong and mature enough to go their own ways. I don’t think it would be enough to….say…something like…taint BTS by association. BTS probably has to associate with all kinds of unpleasant people anyway in real life.

      As for K-Army…. the rare instances I’ve seen other “almost BTS” trainees mentioned, such as Iron… they’re usually just like, “we’re so happy BTS ended up with the current 7 members.” They usually just leave it at that.

      1. Yeah, when I found out how much of the producing on j-hope’s mixtape was done by supreme boi it did make me think about Yoongi’s previous mixtape and the fact that he did not work with him for his mixtape at all. It’s just interesting why the rockbottom line appeared in a j-hopes song, because I would assume that some sort of filtering goes into that and it’s odd that this line made the cut. I hope that BTS are in no way similar in views with the rock bottom, but I think that it is more likely that they are not sharing the same views just based off of Yoongi’s Rolling Stone statement and namjoons statements in the past. I think it’s good that armys are talking about these things because it shows that the fandom is full of nice people who are pretty self-aware.

        1. I think the difference with Yoongi is that he has so much experience with producing music that he can do everything himself. With J-Hope, I’m not surprised he needed help of other producers to create a whole album of original music, since he’s still learning.

          I guess Supreme Boi also does music on his own outside of just doing production? If he wanted to just mention his other own works in a few words in the song, I can’t see J-Hope saying, “No!! You can’t mention your other works!” and denying him.

          I don’t know. I haven’t really kept up with people outside of BTS themselves. The list of things I wanted to translate are getting longer and longer and I’m getting more and more lazy, so I figured I should focus my energy on that instead…

          EDIT: I do have to say that Army is pretty good at supporting those that they feel have reasonably decent values. Sure, not everyone is going to be perfect and that’s fine. But ARMY are definitely not blindly supporting people just because they may have some association with BTS… I don’t think ARMY need to be overprotective of BTS and who they hang out with, because I think BTS already has fairly firm values ingrained in them and I don’t think they’re fragile. However, I think ARMY are not easily swayed either and they have their own values as well.

          1. Yeah, I think you’re right regarding the producing, it’s just always a bit alarming when supreme boi gets so much of the spotlight (like he performed with them, featured on one of the ciphers).
            I think it’s always good to have more self-awareness when it comes to these things, and you’re right, they are pretty good at it.

  2. In this verse

    “Whether it’s justified is treated like garbage
    Illogical bullshit
    Shameless full of self-confidence
    Illogically barking woof woof
    Like a dog, full of self-confidence.
    Ignorant courage, illogically stubborn insistence, delusions
    Abusing the seniority”

    I saw some tweets had said that this verse is hoseok repeating antis words, referring to BTS as dogs/nugus “you speak (bark) w/o thinking, your acts (are dog food) aren’t justifiable, all you do is cause trouble”, is it right explanation? Or it is just the words that Hoseok refers to antis/haters?

    1. No. I think the lines refer to how the antis act. That the antis make rumours (as in previous part), and whether that is justified doesn’t seem important to them, and what they say is illogical and they’re so confident with their bullshit.

      I tried reading the Korean lyrics again and I’m pretty sure it’s referring to how the antis act. ^^

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