BTS – Ji Jin Jung (English Sub and Ramblings)


The original V-Live, “BTS Live:  Eat Jin + chimchim + kook is here.


It’s not just the Rap Line.  Why do several minutes of the Vocal Line bickering and goofing off practically require Coles Notes?

I just thought it was funny how many random things they crammed into their talk.  And some of these random things are really old and completely unrelated to each other.   Why do these things pop into their heads?

This clip is fairly rough, but I hope it gets the information across and is still fun.  I had to learn a bunch of programs for this so I was running a bit short on patience..

I kept getting errors when I tried to encode higher resolutions.  Sorry about the LQ – I need to get a new computer sometime…



A bit of rambling about doing this clip.

I found out that the programs I used previously (almost 10 years ago??) are all non-compatible with my current computer.

I ended up using VSDC Video Editor.  It was fairly easy and intuitive, but video editing was as painful and time-consuming as I remembered.  No fancy editing attempted…just the bare minimum……..

Then I found out my Subtitle Workshop no longer works, so I used Aegisub. I had tried Aegisub 10 years ago but rejected it because it had too many options that let me do fancy stuff…that I didn’t need at the time…

I tried again…  and while it let me position subs easily, I think it took about 3 times long to sub.  It used to take me 1 hour to sub 10 min videos…and now… 3 hours gone..gone……..

Hardsubbing was attempted with Handbrake, found out they wouldn’t take .ass extension, and almost gave up there… sigh…..   In the end, used VLC Media Player to hard sub.

Wasn’t too bad… but learning to use 3-4 new programs to do one thing was possibly more effort than I thought I’d need when I started.  ^^

Mr. muish was making fun of my pains… He’s like, “surely if you pay for Premier then you probably only need that one program?”  Is that true?  Why didn’t he tell me until I was almost done? Would $20/mo fee have saved me a few hours?

5 thoughts on “BTS – Ji Jin Jung (English Sub and Ramblings)

  1. Hi Muish, I really appreciate your hard work and attention to detail throughout this blog translating lyrics and giving a Korean cultural perspective to those of us who lack that background! Without you, my understanding would be much more shallow. In this post especially, thank you for your persistence in finding a reliable method for subtitles. I’m curious if you would consider re-uploading the video in this post elsewhere (Naver is quite diligent about removing its content from Youtube, haha) or maybe giving a written explanation of what was inside. I remember watching this live and enjoying watching them have fun, but if I missed out on some jokes I’d love to understand them! But if it’s troublesome there’s no need to do so. I understand you have other things going on! Grateful all the same for all you do. :)

    1. My old laptop that I had this on has died a very final death, completely unrecoverable..
      I’ll consider re-posting it as maybe just written text with pictures if I can get around to it…someday… Or maybe I’ll actually a better subbing/editing program this time.

  2. OHH thank you so much for the detailed explanation and subs on this particular clip. i always wondered what Jimin was irritated about and now i understand. And knowing the backstories of what they’re talking about is the best insight into their minds ever. I love all your BTS ramblings. They’re so informative. I’ll be back for more!

  3. Bless you indeed! Thank you very much for the effort. Seeing them happy like this make everyone watching them happy too!

  4. You did such a great job explaining! I’d seen this clip but couldn’t understand what the hell they were talking about half the time. x’D Bless you!

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