j-hope (BTS) – POP + Daydream (English Translation + Ramblings)

P.O.P (Piece of Peace) pt. 1 (track 02) + just some of Daydream (track 03) in this post.

I wasn’t planning to really translate these songs but his mixtape has a bit of… a flow of ideas, where it works better when you read the lyrics from beginning to end.   So I’ll do these quickly so the album as a whole can seem more cohesive when reading about other tracks.


As I said in post for Hope World (track 01), I think the tracks 01-03 are similar in their themes of putting hopeful and positive face on reality.




Produced by j-hope, Pdogg
(j-hope, Pdogg )


To know myself, Take 1
To find dream, Take 2
To put it into action, Take 3
We’re living lives that seem like the movies, sometimes NG
Everyone can make mistakes
And suffer
I may not know them
But I know that pain
No pain, no gain
For us, always
Confession and then sealed off
Like that, fade away
I want to transmit the courage
The measurement of happiness is you, and I walk this path
I want to fill you up with belief
Simply and easily, like a piece of cake that can make you feel full.


Piece of Peace
Just like that slice
Piece of Peace
The words seem to be more interesting in English.   He describes the task of filling you up with belief as being “easy.”  In English, “piece of cake” means easy, but there is no such phrase in Korea (although there is one about rice cake, but he specifically uses western cake word here, not the word for rice cake).  Hmmmmmm…

Also, “piece of cake” and “piece of peace” go better together in English than with one of the phrases in Korean.  I wonder if he did this intentionally.  I know RM does this type of wordplay sometimes.

Now I want some cake..and some peace would be good too.


If I
Strength for someone
Light for someone
I wish, I could be a
Piece of Peace


Those who are trying to find employment
The issue that can’t help be a hot potato
“Hot potato” in both English and Korean mean a controversial issue or situation that is awkward or unpleasant to deal with.  I’m assuming the Korean term originated from the English expression.
Togetherness becomes the main agent
Complain of the problem.
This part is kind of confusing.  They come in togetherness and complain about the problem as a main agent? 
In reality, dream about the peace
But the wars are inevitably ongoing
Ongoing one step backwards
When will there be two steps forward?
The work force that divides us as authentic or fake
The shadow that is hidden
shadow suggesting corruption, that is hidden
The wages that make the blood, sweat and tears seem pathetically worthless
The solutions like droughts that can make even the new sprouts wilt
Even if we shout out our songs, the world that seems to be deaf.
Some bean metaphors here.
There is a Korean phrase “like beans in a drought,” used to describe rare events.  Thus, there is a paucity of solutions like the beans in a drought. The solutions are also not nourishing to the new sprouts, which are commonly used metaphors for young people in Korea.  The new sprouts/young people are supposed to be full of potential for fruition, not wilting……
The fault is not yours
To try against challenges, to run
trying to bear fruition
If I could be a piece of that
I’d willingly give a piece of coin
for this country
he uses a really old term for money/coin here….

If I
Strength for someone
Light for someone
I wish, I could be a 
Piece of Peace

I’ll help out, because I was like them, one with  the passion
Dreams to be bright, Getting rid of nightmare
Peace will be right there
I’ll help out, because I was like them, one with  the energy
Dreams to be bright, Getting rid of nightmare
Peace will be right there

If I
Strength for someone
Light for someone
I wish, I could be a 
Piece of Peace



DAYDREAM (track 03)

Produced by Pdogg
(Pdogg, j-hope)


The translated captions on the MV are excellent for this song.   Please watch those.

The Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Harry Potter references make me happy.


This is NOT the  whole song.  Just a little bit of it that I really liked.


I’m gonna skip some at the beginning and end of this song.


We’ve been all caught like fish
in the net called desire, created by thirst
(for something lacking) in life
The common psychological avoidance
Even I can’t swim and escape.
Not, a rejection of reality, dissatisfaction, maladaptation
It’s not any of those
Love ma rule
Just once a picture of a different life for me
I just want to draw it, Dream canvas


Beyond those boundaries
Try to feel
Like the hole that Alice fell down
Like the path to Hogwarts
It must be a world of mirages
And it will be my world
Just like how I imagine it
But it won’t be forever

Wishing on a Sky
Wishing on a Scar
If there is a sun
I want to dream
When listening to the song without paying attention it sounds like “Wishing on a Star” but of course, the lyrics are a bit more sadder… “Wishing on a Scar.”
해, meaning “sun” also means “harm”….
If there is a harm, I want to dream and wish on a scar.
Wishing on a Sky
Wishing on a Scar
If there is moonlight
I don’t want to wake up

Daydream Daydream
Daydream Daydream
Daydream Daydream
Daydream Daydream

7 thoughts on “j-hope (BTS) – POP + Daydream (English Translation + Ramblings)

  1. Thank you so much for your translations! I remember RM used “Sun” in a similar manner in one his songs (from one of your translations) and I immediately thought of that when I read j-hope’s line.

  2. Thank you for your translation of this mixtape! It brought a lot of insight and incited a lot of pondering.

    I’m still confused on the “Wish on a scar” bit. So is he saying that if something harmed him, he’s wishing on the scar that was left by the harm? Like a physical scar?

    1. I don’t think the Korean lyrics are any more clear than the translated version, so I guess you can interpret it to what it means in the ways you like. The wordplay is there that makes the song a bit more dark and complex than on first glance (which seems to be the way the whole mixtape is….) but it’s still left fairly vague so it’s open to interpretation. ^^

  3. Hello, I’ve waiting for your translation of this Hixape for a long time. I’m so excited to read all your ramblings, thank you.

    I have a question. For this lyrics “If I could be a piece of that/I’d willingly give a piece of coin for this country”, when I translate this lyrics into my mother tongue, I can’t fully understand what he wanted to say in ‘I’ll give a Big coin for this country firstly without complains’/’Big coin’. My friend who knows Korean said that his mean is ‘if he becomes a piece of that, he will give DONATION for this country’, do you think this kind of explanation is true?

    1. Yes. The bottom line of the lyrics is that he’ll give money to the country without being asked to do so. It can be taken
      as a donation, or it can even be taken as willingly being happy to pay taxes. The phrase just implies he’d be willing to give money before being asked to do so…..

      The money term used is a type of coin that was used long ago that is no longer used. beggars used to go around saying, please give me “one poon (the coin)”. He’s saying he’d be willing to give the “one poon” even without being asked by the country.

  4. Oh my gosh, thank you. I wondered if “scar” was a typo on the mv, but that makes so much sense now. That’s sad but also really creative of him I think.

  5. I am so gateful for your blog! Serously, understanding the lyrics correctly was one of the reasons I’ve became an Army, and your blog helped that. Now I finally understand the meaning of “Wishing on a scar”, that many people think it’s “star”, and when they realize it’s scar, they think it’s odd. Now everything makes sense. Thank you so much.

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