BTS – Ji Jin Jung (English Sub and Ramblings)


The original V-Live, “BTS Live:  Eat Jin + chimchim + kook is here.


It’s not just the Rap Line.  Why do several minutes of the Vocal Line bickering and goofing off practically require Coles Notes?

I just thought it was funny how many random things they crammed into their talk.  And some of these random things are really old and completely unrelated to each other.   Why do these things pop into their heads?

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BTS – Spring Day (English translation and Ramblings)

Spring Day – You Never Walk Alone, track 15.

Written by: Pdogg, Rap Monster, ADORA, Bang PD,  Arlissa Ruppert, Peter Ibsen, Suga

Korean Lyrics from Naver Music.


UPDATE:  May 2018.
I’ve added a blurb about the Little Match Girl at the bottom… so anyone interested, please see bottom of this post. 


I’m not gonna talk about the obvious references in the MV in detail since I’m sure a lot of other people have done so.
Spring Day theory by Dreamteller
The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas by Ursula K. Le Guin
Sewol Tragedy
-Little Match Girl (vid, wiki)
Personnes by Christian Boltanski
safety pin against discrimination
yellow ribbons

Reading the lyrics, I noticed a lot of movie references including the obvious Snowpiercer (Rap Mon!!!!), so I thought it would be kind of fun to read/write about them.   They’re not super obvious so I could be just reading too much into the lyrics, but the films that are (possibly) referenced are really famous in I hope it’s not too great of a reach to say these were referenced….

I wasn’t gonna do this song because lyrics are fairly straight forward…so I blame this on Rap Mon and his movies.

There seems to be a lot of missing those who are gone, in the movies and this song – some due to death, others not.  I don’t think the song can be pinned down to one type of good-bye.  It also seems like everyone wrote their own section based on their own feelings or experiences, based on what Suga says in this article.  The song does seem to be unified in overarching comforting feeling of coming to terms with loss and missing that person with fond memories.

I haven’t actually watched these so these are based on summaries I’ve read.  Someday, I’ll have time and I’ll try to watch them.  ^^

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Short Translation Requests

I check this blog sometimes daily, and sometimes not for few weeks.  But if you don’t mind the unpredictable waiting, I figured I’d offer kind of informal translation service for short things. ^^

Please feel free to request in comments:

-translation of short excerpts  (eg.  less than 10 lines please)
-clarification of translations that may have multiple meanings
-cultural connotation around something

BTS lyrics related is fine, but if you have anything that you would like clarified (like some of my ramblings that are not lyrics related, or from an article or something), those are fine as well.

If there are requests that are super complicated/interesting, I’ll see if I can make it a full post.


RM + Zico – Fuck Cockroachez (2008)

Fuck Cockroachez 
Mixtape?  Just something they did for fun?  I don’t know.  Just came across it.  It’s very cute.

original song:  DMX – X Gonna Give It To Ya


This was done in 2008.

RM would have been..13-14.    Zico would have been 15-16.  Why does Zico sound so pre-pubescent?  ^^


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BTS – Reflection (English translation and Ramblings)

I’m probably NOT going to do Suga’s song because it’s so straight forward.  The only complicated part is the point of view – where he’s having a conversation with the piano.  If anyone know a good lyrics video that clearly show this, please tell me and maybe I can just link it.

Rap Monster’s Reflection (Wings Album track 7)

Korean lyrics from Naver Music

Lyrics by:  Rap Monster, Slow Rabbit
Song by: Rap Monster, Slow Rabbit


In the “Wings” Preview Show (at 12:40)”, RM said that he goes to “Ttukseum” when things are hard for him or if he has a lot on his mind.  He says he wrote this song sitting at “Ttukseom.”  The background noise that he recorded on his phone there is in the song at the beginning.

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BTS – MAMA (English Translation and Ramblings)

J-Hope’s song, MAMA (Wings Album track 8)

The songs from this album are fairly straight forward, but I guess I’ll translate just a few songs.  Starting with MAMA, which I thought I could add the most rambling….

Korean lyrics are from Naver Music.


Lyrics by:   Primary, Pdogg, J-Hope.
Song by:  Primary, Pdogg, J-Hope.


Time travel to year 2006
I went crazy for dance and made my mom’s belt tighten.
The days when I jumped into it daily, despite my dad’s opposition
The boat of dreams that she floated for me, unfazed by it all.
“To tighten one’s belt” is an expression used to “tighten one’s resolve to work for a greater ideal than appeasing hunger during time of limited finances.”  Essentially, if there is not enough money, instead of buying food, you tighten the belt to try to hide the hunger… and use that money for something that you think is more important than food – in this case, her son’s love for dance.
But I didn’t know that my mom’s great contribution
Was not the wide short-cut
But this path of dream, holding onto debt.
(Always) the problem was money, and finally mom
(Go away) far away to work. 

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Hitting the Wall – anime/drama trope

I was going to write on Gender Issues, but it became too long….  so I’ll write a little bit about “Hitting the Wall” instead.  AKA:  벽치기, 벽쿵, etc…

Most of info and pictures are from Namu Wiki.  (They have a whole section on this.  Scroll halfway down for the one relating to boy/girl – as opposed to boy/wall relations).


I’m sure you’re fairly familiar with this meme/trope/cliche if you’ve been a fan of Asian dramas or Anime.  It’s quite old.

But when they re-enacted it in Boy In Luv, people seemed quite shocked…so I’m posting this, to show the origins of this trope.

From Boy In Luv: (or “moya-moya song” as my kindergarten daughter calls it)


From Pinocchio (K-Drama from 2014)

wall pinocchio

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RM, mentions on SPIN, and other ramblings.


Edited Feb 2017.  

This post was originally done in June 2016, when I was really angry after reading what Spin had written, when they chose RM as one of “The 50 best Hip-Hop Albums of 2015”, while making some accusations of him that was unwarranted.

However, I really do NOT want this to be a debate blog of controversial issues…. mostly because I am very lazy….and I want this blog to be a low stress thing.

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Suga Tibits


Agust D –>D-T Suga backwards (D-T =Daegu Town , D-Town = is also name of crew he used to belong to, although based on his Grazia interview, it seems like he mostly means Daegu Town as nickname for his hometown).
Gloss –> I just read that this is because his name is “Yoongi”.  Hahaha!  Yoongi = gloss.  Yoongi-nada = To be glossy.  Why didn’t I notice this before?
Google translation of 윤기 gives you “burnish”.  Google search of “Burnish” gives “gloss” as one of the synonyms.    Makes total sense.


Claiming Independence in Society of Ageism  (almost an essay.. sorry…^^)
Pls note this was written before his mixtape was relased.  

As much as I translate a lot of RM lyrics, my favorite in BTS is Suga.    His lyrics are less convoluted, but they actually have very strong impact due to their direct nature.    He also seems to be such a mature and strong character.

He also makes me reflect somewhat on Korean culture, especially that of Ageism.   I think Ageism started with Confucianism, of respecting elders long time ago…but it’s changed over time to become quite of extreme.  I’m happy to say that this has been getting somewhat better over past 10-20 years.

This is my rambling about Suga, in a society that has such strong Ageism.

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