BTS – Reflection (English translation and Ramblings)

I’m probably NOT going to do Suga’s song because it’s so straight forward.  The only complicated part is the point of view – where he’s having a conversation with the piano.  If anyone know a good lyrics video that clearly show this, please tell me and maybe I can just link it.

Rap Monster’s Reflection (Wings Album track 7)

Korean lyrics from Naver Music

Lyrics by:  Rap Monster, Slow Rabbit
Song by: Rap Monster, Slow Rabbit


In the “Wings” Preview Show (at 12:40)”, RM said that he goes to “Ttukseum” when things are hard for him or if he has a lot on his mind.  He says he wrote this song sitting at “Ttukseom.”  The background noise that he recorded on his phone there is in the song at the beginning.

From what I understand, “Ttukseom” is an island that is in Han River, which travels through Seoul.  It used to be a temporary island that only becomes an island when the river floods, but now is more of a permanent island as they cleared the waterways of the Han River.

There are parks and resorts on this island and it is on the Seoul subway line.

Link to Ttukseum pictures.

I know
Every life’s a movie
We got different stars and stories
We got different nights
and mornings
Our scenarios ain’t just boring

I think this movie is really fun
Every day I want to shoot it well
I want to pat myself on the back
Want to pat myself on the back

But you know, sometimes I really really hate myself
Actually, quite often I really hate myself
When I hate myself, I come to Ttukseom
I just stand here, with the familiar darkness
And the people who are laughing and the beer that makes me smile
The fear that gently comes and takes my hand
It’s okay since everyone is grouped into twos and threes
I guess it’s nice I have a friend too.
Meaning… it is the fear that takes his hand.  Fear is personified as a friend that keeps him company and  RM + fear make a group of two….


The world is another name for despair
My height is another diameter of the world.
OR, “My musical note is another scream of the world.”
Key = musical key/height.
“Jireum”=diameter/scream or shout.
In the line “My height is another diameter of the world,” I kind of also think of this line as expressing how everyone measures/perceives the world, reflecting on their own measurement/perception of self.
I’m my whole happiness or my worries
It repeats every day, the love and hate directed at myself
OR, could also translate as “It repeats every day, the love and hate directed at me
My friend looking at the Han River there
If we brush along as we pass, will we be fated?
Or maybe we met in previous life?
Perhaps we crossed paths many times?
In the dark people look
Happier than they did during day
They all know where they’re supposed to be
I’m the only one walking aimlessly
But it’s more comfortable to be here, mixed with others
The Ttukseom that has swallowed up the night 
Offers me a completely different world
I want to be free
I want to be free from the freedom
Because I’m happy now but unfortunate
I see myself
At Ttukseom

I wish I could love myself
I wish I could love myself
I wish I could love myself
I wish I could love myself

I wish I could love myself
I wish I could love myself
I wish I could love myself
I wish I could love myself

What is this, RM?  Song of oxymorons??

I’m assuming he feels free, hiding in the dark and being able to mix with the world… but also feels isolated at the same time.

Oh, RM.  Why can’t you be one-dimensional and make translations easier?

13 thoughts on “BTS – Reflection (English translation and Ramblings)

  1. One more thing, people come to ttukseom at all hours of the night. I was walking here last night at 1 am yesterday.

    You’ll see dozens of friends, couples and individuals. There is also a 24 hour 711 on the river so people get snacks and drinks. The park is pretty expansive. There are street lights but not everywhere. You can be hidden in the shadows or completely seen depending where you are at any given time. You can’t always see peoples faces even if you hear them talking or laughing until you are right next to them. I love how you can be completely alone here at night without really being alone.

  2. I agree. You can’t walk across the bridge at ttukseom so it would be very hard to jump at this point. There are two bridges on either side of it maybe 15 to 20 min walk each way where people can walk to gangnam. There are police stations next to those bridges for various reasons including those who try to jump.

  3. I live 2 min from Ttukseom Resort subways stop and the massive park it is named on Han River. Many people come to Ttukseom Resort to bike, walk, talk, think alone or hangout with others. It’s the former hunting grounds of korean kings, you will see images of royalty hunting on horses with arrows on one of the entrances. Later it became a place of trade and industrialisation as a crossing point to the south side of Seoul aka Gangnam. Over the last few decades it became a spot for people to enjoy life, first as a resort area but now a very large park.

    It may have been and temporary island at several hundred years ago based on how the water of the han river flowed but that is only a theory based on ancient maps and possible word play on the name. The name could also refinance the banner flag the king used when saying here to hunt. No one knows for sure.

  4. Hello) I am not good in English however I will try to express my opinion about this song. I guess this song represents RM’s inner struggles and endless wandering. I think he is confused wth his life choice. Namjoon (RM) was one the best pupils of South Korea, he was good at languages, social sciences etc. And I am sure teachers and his family expected him to go to prestigious university and to find stable job, make great career at business etc. However after school graduation he pursued the path of idol rapper. Yes, he is successful now, but everybody knows idol life is not so long anyway. He is chasing his dream but maybe deep inside he is still questioning his choice especially when there are so many struggles and haters. Fans love him now but he is not sure it will last long. I heard he began to study at online university but still it is not so prestigious (he could enter Seoul university after school for sure). So maybe he is really anxious inside about his future and future of Bangtan especially at this competitive industry, also when there is still possibility of war between both Koreas etc., and his job is really unstable. And I guess sometimes he envies those people who have another profession (doctors, lawyers, economists, business managers, teachers), because they absolutely know what are they supposed to do in the future. In conclusion, I believe RM always questions his life, always wanders. He even said his favourite song in Wings album is “Lost” (the lyrics “lost my way”, ” I didn’t know there are so many path I can’t take. Maybe I am becoming adult” etc.) I worry for him but believe he can find right answer or take his choice and be happy.

    1. Well said.
      There is always uncertainty in walking a path that is not the common expected one. While I worry a bit about his stresses and struggles, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. His struggles made him the strong and thoughtful person he is, and he is fortunate to have support around him.
      Life in Korea is so competitive, I hear even doctors and lawyers frequently go bankrupt. The worries and insecurities are there no matter what path you take so I’m glad at least he is doing what he loves.

  5. This song left me in pieces. He says that he loves himself in Cypher 4, but here he says that he hates himself… I can’t judge him because I’m also very self-concious and I know that it’s not easy to feel okay with yourself, but since he always ends his lyrics in a positive note, reading the lyrics for this song makes me feel uneasy… I mean, this song is relatable, but I feel like it doesn’t help me much in accepting myself(?
    I don’t quite understand if he’s being conformist or if he is uncomfortable with the “freedom” that the society wants us to accepts, please help;-;
    (I think I’m going to be emo for a month because of this song ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ ) )

    1. This song worried me alot and I couldn’t stop praying for Namjoon after hearing it.. I totally related to struggling with self hatred though. I found an expression of my own thoughts in so many of his songs on his mixtape, but like you he usually left me encouraged and with a little more courage and hope to dream, engage and try. I think this song was written at a darker time. As someone who has struggled with periods of depression, I feel for him and was glad he was honest. The really beautiful thing that came out of this song was during the Americas Wings tour. The Brazilian fans started a chant after he would sing ” I wish I could love myself” they chanted “we love you” each time and in the video posted by a fan his voice became thick with emotion.. the next night half way though he changed the lyrics to “yes I do love myself” . I cried watching both videos. Later in a video during a US concert they also did the chant and he changed the lyrics to “I wish we could love ourselves. He also wrote most of the lyrics for Spring Day and that speaks of and end of winter and no season lasting forever and then in Change , his collab with Wale, he raps at the end “I think I see grass growing in winter’s eye” and both of these could possibly signal a lessoning of any depression or dark time he was struggling with.

    2. This may be a late response, but I believe that this song actually helps me. I realize that you view this song as a downer, something that may drag you down from the progress that you have made towards loving yourself. As a person who has been mentally struggling [nothing too serious, I promise :’)], this song strangely offers me a sense of comfort that I feel I can’t find anywhere else. Knowing that someone who is successful still feels the same pains that I do makes me feel less alone. I revisited this song because I remembered the lyrics and the kind of personality Namjoon has (which is similar to my own). I believe Namjoon is feeling better, but there’s no doubt that everyone feels the demons of negative thinking throughout their life, regardless of their positions or how many people adore them. The song helped me feel like my struggles aren’t petty, that someone out there feels the same way, or similar, to the way I do right now. It’s not very easy to find someone in the same position as me, so it’s very refreshing to listen to a song that makes me feel understood. I’m not posting this comment to offend or argue with you, just to offer some insight on the opposite view and show that for some, the song is actually very valuable <3

    1. I don’t think it’s about people who are suicidal.

      Han River is a popular suicide spot, but usually jumping off one of the high bridges, where people would not be able to stop you (and jumping directly into the deep part of the river).
      I don’t think people commit suicide from Ttukseom (wading in from the shallow area, surrounded by a crowded park is probably not the optimal place to commit suicide).

      1. I agree. You can’t walk across the bridge at ttukseom so it would be very hard to jump at this point. There are two bridges on either side of it maybe 15 to 20 min walk each way where people can walk to gangnam. There are police stations next to those bridges for various reasons including those who try to jump.

  6. Actually, I as a Yoongi bias, really looked forward your ramblings with ‘First Love’ T.T Because you always show something really interesting related to the song. Although I also translate every Yoongi’s song from English to my own language but I still want to know more about them. But thank you so much for this, I also love other BTS’s song too. May I ask which song is your favorite in ‘WINGS’?

    1. I love Suga’s songs but there’s really not much I can add. ^^
      I think a lot of people reads Peachisoda’s blog for lyrics translations. She is very good and quite accurate with her translations so if you’re looking for translations, I would read hers.
      My favorite song in WINGS is 2!3! The lyrics made my cry a bit. This song’s not hard either, but I was appalled by some lyrics videos that were really off (I think too many people rush to put up videos to get views). Lynn Eksonyeondan’s lyrics vids are good for this song.

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