RM (BTS) – God Rap (English Translation + Ramblings)

This was a request from 52Hz. ^^
Cleaned up a bit Jan 27, 2017.  When I’m less drunk and tired…^^;;

Track 07 from RM mixtape.  This is a hidden track, so it is not on their soundcloud and you need to download from their blog.

Here is a copy uploaded by someone on youtube (I usually don’t link non-official uploads, but in case someone wants to sample the song….)

Lyrics by Rap Monster
Original Track: J.Cole – God’s Gift.


The lyrics themselves are not very complicated so I had glossed over it when I first listened to it.  Thank you 52Hz for requesting this and making me have another look.

The song only has a small amount of RM styled convoluted word play, but the song and the imagery in this song are very interesting.   RM (and all of the BTS members) are NOT religious (based on their namu wiki profiles).  But they do appreciate religion (and religious diversity) as well as cultural, artistic and literary significance of religion.

Despite the initial impression, this is not a religious song at all.  It is  a song where religious references are used as metaphor for music.  The imagery is not exact, but you can see that he drew correlations in:

music/hip-hop –> religion and salvation
himself (as a centre of his own world of music) –> god
misguided belief about music –> cult religion
need to believe in himself/prove himself –> faith in religion
conflicts he dealt with as a singer –> trials and tribulations
finding himself as a singer –> religious enlightenment.

I’m a science major, and last time I took English was in highschool.  So I have no idea if the interpretations I did make sense… but these were the impressions I got.  ^^  Take them with a grain of salt.

There seems to be a lot of contrasting words (religious juxtaposed with swearing, etc.).    He seems to do the contrast thing a lot in his lyrics in general, including his Reflection.



I tell it to the sky, mo’fucka no lie,
I tell it to myself, mo’fucka no lie,
I tell it to the sky, mo’fucka no lie,

Thank God that I can live
Thank God that I can breathe
Thank God that I can spit
Thank God that I can dream

I can see this beautiful but horrendously ugly world
I can snore, even when someone is dying somewhere.
I only care about me.
Yes, whether I’m always happy or sad
If asked who I would want to be born in next life, I choose me.
I can tell ya, 
If I can’t prove myself
After I drop dead, feel free to spit on my grave.
Fuck you this is my own god rappin’
I don’t have to become “die legend” cuz I’m my legend.
-This is homage to Drunken Tiger’s “Die legend.”(couldn’t find this on itunes)
-“Die” is “the” in German –> word play to mean “I don’t have to become the legend, cuz I’m my legend.”
-word play to mean “I don’t have to die a legend, cuz I’m (already) my legend”
Do you know that there is no shadow to a fire?
To be fire, or to be light, that is my question.
I’ll become a flame, and during the day become darkness
-fire:  bool
-light:  bit
-flame/tangible source of light:  bool-bit.    Because this word is a combination of fire and light, this is a word play.  This also goes with his kind of confident attitude in this song, of being god/everything (being both fire and light, he takes it all!).
Also, sources of light are often used as metaphor for guidance in religion.   He can be the guidance in the music/hip hop industry (parallels drawn between music and religion).
As I close my eyes briefly when it’s bright, and I open them when everyone else is sleeping
Even for the fact that I feel pain, I thank you.
If there were a god, I tell you.

Yo, this is god rap
There is no such thing as religion, ’cause my god is myself
No matter what tribulations face me, I put my hands together
And I say to myself again, Amen.

(repeated 3 times)

Once I was just a rapper wannabe like you
I easily belittled whoever I wanted, and I worshiped easily like a cult religion follower.
I must have wanted to feel good with my reality
When I was nothing but an amateur rapper
Claiming I’m different, that my tastes do not run cheap
I rejected almost everyone.  
I thought that was what it meant to be cool.
Back then and now, the need for faith in me is same.
At that time, I was blind, but now I’ve seen myself.
My salvation, my enemy that will push me 
The precipice that seems endless
These are all myself.
Foolish believers, you can become a god as well
This line uses the philosophy of Buddhism where they say anyone who reaches enlightenment can become Buddha (god).
Hold your head up high and smile the smile of a Buddha
The steps of Jesus, the prayers of Allah
The love of Maria, it’s all inside you.
This is unconditional salvation and unconditional faith

I’m my god, my world, my every symbol.

Yo, this is god rap
There is no such thing as religion, ’cause my god is myself
No matter what tribulations face me, I put my hands together
And I say to myself again, Amen.

(repeated 3 times)

I honestly did not think there was so much to ramble on about this song.  ^^  This was fun.

I’ll have to have another careful look of his other songs too.  ^^






6 thoughts on “RM (BTS) – God Rap (English Translation + Ramblings)

  1. Are you a mom who likes BTS too? I hope that I am not the only one. And I am not some creepy cougar fangirl, but after my daughter would not stop listening to them and talking about them and watching their funny videos, I myself learned that they are talented, hardworking, funny and have an interesting culture. Plus, their songs are catchy! Still, most people think I’m crazy!

    1. Hi! You caught me in the middle of updating my site! ^^ Usually I’m terrible at replying to comments.

      Yes. I’m a mom who likes BTS too. ^^ I think there’s too much depth to BTS to just be a creepy cougar fangirl (not that there’s anything wrong with being a cougar!). I always end up spending too much time up analyzing/respecting their music/lyrics/ambition/work ethics/good humour, etc.

      BTS seems to be gathering a lot of wide demographic of fans, even in Korea… so I wouldn’t feel too self-conscious about stanning them!

    2. Hi Carrie, you are not alone and you are not crazy. I’m late to the game but I feel the same way you do. RM’s lyrics are amazing and I’m so happy Muish is here to help us appreciate the depth of BTS music.We already know his rapping is insane and the music behind his voice in God Rap is very catchy.

      If this is crazy, enjoy it.

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