May 2016

Made directory of BTS stuff (attempt to stay organized… um… )

Dec 2015

Translating random BTS songs….  very infrequently…^^;;

They have awsome lyrics.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so impressed w lyrics.

October 2013

This site was initially set up in 2008, so that I could post info that people were frequently asking me (such as how to sub, etc)… so that I didn’t have to re-type the info over and over again.   Considering those were the days of WindowsXP and I have not subbed in almost 5 years, I don’t even know if those posts are still relevant.   I will leave them up still for nostalgia’s sake.  ^^

Past five years have been crazy.  I now have two mini-muishes.  Mr. muish is still wonderful and I spend most of my free time being mushy with him.  And there’s always the full-time day job to do…  Life is hectic.

I do miss K-Pop.  I probably won’t be able to do things like sub videos again as they’re too time-consuming.  I’ve been thinking of translating some songs or something.  Maybe just few random ones with interesting lyrics.

It’s strange, but I miss Spazzes almost more than I miss any specific K-Pop artist.  I wonder if she’s done with school and working yet.  Anybody know?  ^^;;;


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  1. Hi! Your translations are amazing, thank u for this! I wanted to ask, can I use them for my videos? I’ll give the credits🥺

  2. Hi there, I really enjoy your translations and explanations; they are much more insightful than Google Translate lol. I am working on a personal project to write an English version of Blood Sweat and Tears (not a translation, but lyrics in English that could be sung) and was wondering if I could ask you some questions. Please email me if you want to help. Thank you.

  3. Hello Muish :) I can’t thank you enough for subbing We Got Married.. Very nice of you.. Always reading your little comments there..
    During that year I’m just starting to like Korean Drama never had an interest with Korean Variety Show that time. Glad I watched back the old show.. It looks so much real and fun.. I got curious and search you on google.. I’m happy that you still have this website.. I wish you the best and stay safe wherever you are..:) Thank you again ^^

  4. CAN PLEASE YOU PLEASE WRITE A BTS GUIDE BOOK. Love all of your way explanations and genuine appreciation. WOULD BUY.

  5. hi! so sorry to bother you but did you used to have a post on BTS’ nationalism? Something regarding Rookie King opening with Korean national anthem ? I remember reading something like that but can’t seem to find it.

  6. Hello! My name is Lauren. I’m writing an essay for my senior seminar class about certain themes in BTS’ discography and was wondering if I could use some of your lyric translations (with attribution, of course). No worries if not!

    1. Her bias is Suga. Like mother like daughter I guess. I don’t think she even knows that Suga is my bias, and she’s not really going into all that much depth about lyrical details. She just says he has “such a little round cute face”

  7. To whom it may concern:
    I am Chiaki of Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan
    For my class project, I am creating my English website. My webpages will be published at our university website later, but I would like to have your permission to link my page to your site. (My pages will be published at the following site in August: http://www1.doshisha.ac.jp/~nishizuk/.) I will contact you again when my pages are scheduled to be published on the Internet.
    Your quick response and permission would be much appreciated.   .
    Sincerely yours,

  8. hii, would you mind translating seesaw by Yoongi?😇 ive read translations but i would a clear one as im considering of maaaybe getting a tattoo?💜 thaanks

  9. Hi! I just came across your blog while trying to find a helpful translation of Cypher 3. Thank you so so much for all your translations and interpretations. I’m a 30-something I-Army, and I want to understand the boys’ lyrics in as deep a way as possible. Just like every ARMY I’m trying to learn Korean… But in the meantime, I look to people like you to do the lord’s work 🙌 Your writing is so enlightening. Thank you!!!

  10. Hello sorry If I’m bugging I just wanted to hear your interpretation on the song puto or 134340 by bts the line “ at the heart of the star there is only an unpleasant layer of fog “ what do you think it means ?

  11. Thank you so much for explaining many of the Korean expressions and images in BTS songs for international fans like me. Usually after reading the English translation of their lyrics, I was already surprised and touched, but after reading your blog, I appreciate the songs to an even higher level. Thanks to your explanation, Am I Wrong became my most favourite song out of the Wings album :p

  12. Though the comment section has already been flooded with appreciative replies I still feel the need of telling you how much I adore your translation and effort in organizing this website! :) I became an A.R.M.Y relatively late but have been trying to understand BTS’s songs as thoroughly as possible; of all the articles that addressed BTS’s lyrics (at least those that I have read, both in Chinese and English), yours definitely are the precious minority that most comprehensively and clearly conveys the message of BTS. Thank you so much and I will continue to support you! :D (I am from Taiwan, by the way)

  13. I absolutely love your translations and explanations of BTS’s songs. Thank you for putting in the hard work to share all this information with us, especially non-Korean speakers like myself. I’m inspired by you to learn Korean so that I may one day be able to do what you do! Thank you so much again, and be well!

  14. I like your input on your translation of the songs, we miss all those inside meanings, that’s why k-army can relate more to BTS’ songs

  15. I’ve just discovered “you”. You have great translations and I especially love the extra information you give which makes it easier to undertand for a Westerner. Kudos.

  16. I’ve been a silent reader for like a couple months now since I stumbled across your blog while looking for accurate translations for BTS’s songs! Thanks so much for the translations even though you’re so busy and it’s awesome knowing another Canadian out there appreciates their lyrics!

  17. Hello! I’ve been reading your site for a while
    now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter Texas!
    Just wanted to mention keep up the great job!

  18. Hi Muish ^^
    I’m smiling without myself knowing it as i read your post :) It’s so cute and sweet~ More than any wgm story :) I hope you and your family will always be healthy and happy ^^
    Hmm..I wonder if you’re still watching wgm or k-shows? there’s a new 4d couple on wgm this season and they resemble our JoongBo very much :D Actually i had droped wgm for a long time but i started watching it again because of this couple :)
    Oh and have you ever watched Dad, where are we going? (아빠! 어디가? ) That’s the cutest show ever!!! It’s about kids going out on weekends with their fathers. The kids are precious <3 If you have time, please try watching it ^^

  19. Hi There Muish,
    Thanks for the info Muish will stop subbing after episode 37, which is the lettuce couples farewell episode. I’m wondering who will sub the rest of WGM. ^^;

    Please&Thank You.
    Great Job!

  20. i just wanted to thank you for the subtitle work you do. it’s very much appreciated, especially the informative notes at the end of episodes. thank you again

  21. Hey there muish.. Happy 2012 ;D
    Thanks for subbing the JoongBo episodes!! really appreciate you subbing the other couples as well and also the captions.. i recently realized it aint easy to do what you did.. 2000!?!? lol was wondering if theres any way to contact you. Thanks and have a nice day ;D

  22. I have some videos that say “includes third party content” and others that say “blocked in some countries” (due to copyright).. Is it still possible for me to become a partner (considering I have all of the other requirements filled).

  23. Hi
    I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for subbing! I lve in the US and have recently gotten into Korean culture and everytime I need to know what they are saying your subbs are there to save the day!! so THANK YOU SO MUCH and keep up the good work – I specially appreciate all the subbing work you did for the Joongbo couple, it’s b/c of you that I was able to understand their awesomeness Thank again and I hope u will continue your wonderful work!
    Rosa L.

  24. Hello!
    My name is Angela Liu and I live in the US.

    My friends and I are HUGE fans of Super Junior, so we want to start a blog to spread the word because we feel like this is the best way for us to support the group. We recognize the risks in doing so, but we are still intent on trying this out. The blog, called “SJ Directory,” would be a database for English subbed Super Junior videos. However, since we can only translate from Chinese to English, we are looking for Korean subbing teams that can help us with Korean shows.

    After watching numerous shows, we noticed that you are one of the most well known Korean subbers and that your subbed videos are of top quality. Thus we are wondering if it would be possible for our blog to include your videos that feature Super Junior members (such as some YSMM clips and WGM with the KangJi couple). The videos will be uploaded as posts, and on each post with your video, we will give credit to you as well as provide links back to the WordPress website. You will also be listed as one of our affiliates on the “About SJ Directory” page. We can discuss other terms for accreditation if needed.

    Although the project has still not yet officially launched, we are serious and passionate about it, so with enough support, we are certain we can pull it off. Please take some time to consider our proposal.

    We will be strongly anticipating your response! Thank you and have a nice day!

    ~Angela Liu
    e-mail: shironekoxiii@gmail.com

  25. Wow! you are still alive, I mean active! You are prolly one of the few translators/subbers I recognise! Thank you for your hardwork. You know we love ya! I’d prolly follow you like an ulzzang if you had pics and blog posts!

  26. hey…..
    subbing is a tremendous gain for the world because it continues to broaden communication and understanding.
    i am working now … voluntarily… subbing a documentary that is important.
    first time. creepy learning curve including dvd authoring.
    but, i send my thanks and support.

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  28. Hi! First of all thanks a zillion for all ur hardwork and sacrifice… I got the episodes of We Got Married from my niece a long time ago but only now started to watch it about 2 weeks ago (the first 33 episodes). It was so entertaining and engaging that for an hour or two every day I can forget my problem for awhile. The problem is that, my niece only have those 33 episodes when I’m dying to watch the rest of the 5 episodes of the Lettuce couple…. I know I can get the sub from you, but what about the video, do you know where I can download ep34-38?

    1. erm go to http://www.mysoju.com and search for we got married u can find a couple of episodes except for 44~48 and 52~55. Really sad that i have to do with the chinese subs…cos my chinese not so good…i dun think there will be anymore eng subbers cos WGM is really old…but tung tung will sub the lunar yr special….yea…GL!

  29. Thanks for the great tips Muish, I subbed my first video with no prior experience just from reading your tutorials. They were very easy to comprehend and learn from.

    Many props and thanks to you sir! :D


  30. I’ve been watching We Got Married, and I noticed that in the last few episodes I’ve seen, you’ve mentioned that they’re getting longer D:

    Just wanna say I appreciate that you took the time to sub it =^_____^=

  31. Hi, i have heard that you had subbed of some ShinHwa’s shows.
    Do u remeber a show name: “041225 MBC Nolrewah Christmas Special”?
    Well, i am a fan of DBSK. :”> In this show, there are our 5 Gods. So would you mind send me the download link of that show in english subbed? I just want sub it into Vietnamese. It’s very old show (since 2004)!
    Thanks! :)

  32. hi muish! I’m not looking for subs or anything…I was just thinking about heechul and I thought of you because I remember you used to post his videos. Just wanted to say hi and hope you’re doing well! take care :)

  33. hi muish ! thanks for all the subbing in WGM ..
    but i found its really really difficult to find episode 44-48 :( youtube deleted all the video and left taeyeon hyungdon and kangin part . i really want to watch those episodes included maBi and hwaObi farewell . does anyone have the link to watch those episodes ???
    thanks before :D

  34. hi muish.. xD
    just want to say thanks for the uploads,
    and ask if you can pass me your email, to contact you.
    anyway thanks again .. ^.^

  35. Hi Muish,

    I love your subbing :)
    Sorry that you always have to work so hard, but I give you props for doing all that.

    You’re awesome!!! :D

  36. hi!!!

    first of all thank you very much for your hard work,

    so, I would like to ask your permission to use the softsubs in English and translate them into Spanish. Would and could give me your permission and of course you would give the respective credits, I really love this program and I wish it were in Spanish to share with other fans, well that’s all I hope you can give me your permission, my email is esca_van@hotmail.com

  37. Hello Muish!

    First of all I wanna thank you for your hard work! Thanks to you I had а great opportunity to watch this show! I love it!
    I just want to aks you one question, but I don’t think that I can do it there. That’s why may be you can tell me your e-mail? Or may be you message on main? Really hope that you’ll reply to me.

    Best wishes,

  38. Thx that you still continue subbing WGM. I learn a lot of Korean culture on your sub (especially, you explained what the actor and actress said in the last minute of filming).

  39. hey was wondering if i realli have to dl the WGM eps… cos on mysoju i could watch but here i have to dl sry i’m not realli gd wit these dl things so pls tell me wat to do to watch dat ep w/o having to dl the file… pls reply asap to my e mail… tnx…. ^^

  40. thanks for subbing WGM, i really enjoyed it! (:
    anw are you free to sub any SUJU shows like miracle or anything else? :D

  41. Hi,
    Thank you very much for your work.
    I come to ask your permission to use the softsubs in english, I translated into Spanish.
    I participate in a fansub which translates to Spanish, I would give credits to you of course.

    Began to see a few chapters of WGM, and loved the program. Thank you very much for your efforts.

    I wait for your permission, you can contact me at: sandara_kawaii@hotmail.com

    Thank you.

  42. thank you for all the subbed vids!
    i owe u much!
    i’m sure will treat u for a lunch if we meet one day!!!
    have a nice day,muish ssi!!!









  44. Hey, just recently got into WGM, I’m a Ssangchu couple fan too… but who isn’t :p

    Just wanted to thank you so so much for the great subbing job you did. You’ve done an amazing job!!! Gomawo!! *90 degrees bow*

    Note: I especially love you notes. It clarifies so many things and teaches as well.


  45. thank you so much for subbing it! :D
    aww, i can totally understand your stopping of subs after joongbo left! :(
    they were the couple which made me continue watching the show even after the orginal couples were slowly taken over by the new couples.
    orginal couples rocked! :)
    just wanted to say THANK YOU for the english subs all along,
    i’ve done subbing before but it was never as complicated as the amount of tiny comments and emoticon-pop-up-words as WGM,
    so seriously MAJOR APPLAUSE for the conitnus subs through so many episodes! :D :D :D :))
    you’re the best!!!

  46. im always thankful for subbing WGM
    keep up the good work!!
    there are lots of people supporting you!!!:)

  47. thank for subbing we got married , i really appreciated , please don’t stop cause you the only one who can help me and other who don’t understand korean understand this thing !!!

  48. i stoped watch this show when u stop sub. I know u spent alot of time for subbing. So thankk thank u so much!! yeah saranghe <3

  49. hello there.
    i’m from singapore.

    thanks alot for subbing WGM. i really enjoyed it.
    at episode 37, hwangbo wrote a song ‘ i hope your love is always happy goodbye ‘ on the sand and asked hyunjoong to listen.
    may i know what song is that and the english translation as well if it is possible.

    but anyways.
    goodwork there and thanks for everything you’ve done for the WGM addicts.
    thanks again.

  50. hie M

    i agree with WGMaddict, if it wasnt for your subs, i dont think i would have started to like k-variety.
    If at all possible, could you take up subbing again. the Tungtung fansubs are currently working on ep 42 and 43, but they’ve said thats that for them unless they get help. so if at all possible maybe u could work with them towards that effort.

    i understand though if its not possible.
    in any case, THANKS for all the hardwork you put into this already.

  51. Hi Muish, will you please take over subbing WGM??? It’ll be Great, cos the other subbers are only subbing them fully. we’ve been waiting for WGM 42 for weeks… T,T
    Thank you very much for your previous efforts, cos your subs are pretty much why i’ve grown to like Korean variety shows.

  52. Hi muish, i love your subs.. can i ask you where i can download the episodes of we got married? tnx.. i just got hooked with it, especially joongbo couple. tnx for all the hardwork!

  53. Hi Muish…
    Thanks for all your hard work subbing so many videos. Hope you will continuously subbing those video. I had a lot of pleasure time viewing those videos with your sub in it. Kumao!! By any chance, did you already subbing YSMM 26012009 episode and 02022009 episode? If already, where I can get it since I can’t find it on your DOWNLOAD SUBS link.

  54. Hey Muish!

    Just stopping by to thank you for all your hard work and effort on the WGM subs =D
    When I read that you did everything by yourself I was like…OMG YOUR CRAZY xD
    I respect you very very very much and wish you all the best with your future endeavors…


  55. hello muish! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUBBING ALL THE SHOWS U DID! I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! especially we got married episodes! im going crazy looking for them!
    i know its takes a lot of time to sub and i really really really thank you for it!!! and i hope you continue to sub :) hwaiting! and thank you very very much again for the subs and ALL YOUR HARDWORK!!

  56. hi muish,i want to thank you a lot for subbing wgm but also for having explained so many things abour subbing in general!it’s such a pain finding trustful information around!thank you again

  57. muish..first i wanna thanks for sub YSMM 26012009!!!
    but pliss pliss again
    can u sub YSMM 02022009 hyunjoong appear again!!!
    and hwangbo on OliveShow 02022009 bcause hwangbo will answer all rumor tht asked to her, about her relationship mustly bein asked too..

    its got interesting they both will asked about wht their true feelin maybe they will spread signal hidden about their relationship hahaah..thx so much before..

  58. @ muish

    sorry for bothering this much, i managed to find a solution to my problem
    i couldn’t open the original video with aegisub and virtualdub cuz the codec was h264 or something like that, so i converted it using alltoavi software , then i was able to open it using aegisub and virtualdub
    then i did the formatting and and retimed the srt file so it would match the avi file i have
    thanks again for your help and for the subs
    hopefully i’ll release this episode with arabic subs soon ^^

  59. @ muish

    thanks for bothering this much, i managed to find a solution to my problem
    i couldn’t open the original video with aegisub and virtualdub cuz the codec was h264 or something like that, so i converted it using alltoavi software , then i was able to open it using aegisub and virtualdub
    then i did the formatting and and retimed the srt file so it would match the avi file i have
    thanks again for your help and for the subs
    hopefully i’ll release this episode with arabic subs soon ^^

  60. Hi Muish!!!
    Thanks a lot for your subs. I love how you translate and always add useful notes about korean culture and other stuff. :)
    I watched your subs for the cuts of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ special and I liked how you changed color according to formal and informal speech. It was very interesting.
    Ah! I was wondering if you would share the softsubs for the YSMM episode with Hyun Joon as guest even if it’s not the subs of the hole show.

  61. @Pamee, Muish stopped subbing after ep 38 after the Lettuce Couple left, now i think only Tung Tung is subbing it, But u can also watch it on Youtube.com/MarriedSubs i think they have it too

  62. Oh….I took to ur site by Youtube

    I love WGM very much and I can unterstand what they say from ur sub

    Thanks very much

    Hope u will continue sub WGM

    I love ur sub very much!!!!!

  63. halo muish
    thx for all ur softsub relate to JOONGBO
    im appreciated it so much ^^

    ohya i want u make softsub for YSMM S2 260109 where hyuonjoong appear on it plis plis..
    link for the episode u can find it at ss501 soompi!!

    thx !! i cant wait ^^

  64. @malaak addendum

    or… if you can tell me exactly when the first and last subbed lines start on your vid, i can retime it for you.

  65. @ muish

    thanks for the permission
    about the raw video, unfortunately i can’t use clubbox
    and at soompi, there is only LQ availible
    i tried looking on the net, i only found it on k-aigoo.soopie, i downloaded it but the file doesn’t seem correct , i can’t open it neither with aegisub nor virtualdub :(
    do you know where i can get another different copy of this episode?
    thanks in advance

  66. How are you Muish? lol, i should come here more often, are u subbing anything now? or just gona stop for a while?
    i know its hard to subb, i really appreciate it, and i miss you on utube!! hope to see ur reply soon!

  67. @ malaak.

    I got my SSP off filebada which is a paid Korean site… but I’m assuming the usual clubboxes would probably have them too. Or, if you go to soompi in the SSP section, they’ll usually have posts of raw vids. I think…^^ Not sure..

    Since the formatting is pretty simple for this one, if you are out of sync..you should be able to open it in subtitle workshop and move all the subs by whatever seconds to sync it to your vid (I think you can also just sync few key lines..or sync the first and last line and the program will space the subs for you to match).

    You’ll lose all the formatting if you do so..but since this didn’t require all that much formatting (just dialogue and [captions]), that’s probably easy to re-format if you wanted to…

    Feel free to use it to sub into Arabic. ^^


  68. hello Muish

    thanks for Sang Sang plus with BBF cast
    i downloaded the softsubs and the raw from k-aigoo.soopie but they are not synchronized
    whee can i get the raw file you used?

    and i’d love to translate this episode of SSP into arabic, can i use your softsubs?? of course you get the credit for eng translation and timing ^^

  69. hi,, muish,,
    glad that you’re cack with your subs,,,
    anyway thanks for subbing Sang sang plus
    I’d definitely love your subbing,,
    keep your good work

  70. @veena.

    That’s really weird. -_- I’ve never been to the multipy site before. Whoever made that account is NOT me. -_- I don’t know any of the people in the picture…and I definitely would never post my photos on internet. -_-


  71. hi muish, are you aware of this post using a multiply account (http://muishie.multiply.com/):

    muishie wrote on Jul 4, ’08
    Just dropping by to check out this site. My friend asked me to check the Korean comment posted above by “tvxqcassiopeia” so don’t spam me. Well, her words are formal. The thought of her message is somewhat angry.

    Headcounts must be kept private to secure the full names of your members. Remember, internet is not that safe to give out personal information.

    You should also consider negative comments from people in order to know what else should be done by your group. So it’s not professionalism if you think they are antis of if you keep on whinging.

    SM Entertainment is really something you need to consider leading you. I think I can help you on the permission thing.”

  72. Muish,
    I am really grateful for the work that you put into translating “We Got Married” for…us cyber viewers. A friend of mine turned me on to it this past summer before she left to Korea to become an English teacher. It’s so cool that you’re doing this. I’d send you calla lillies, but as today’s technology permits, I can only send you greetings.

    Thanks, and God Bless,

    Mushu from Texas

  73. thanks very very much for subbing!!

    This is my favorite show of 2008 & I would not have been able to enjoy it without your hard work!

    God bless you! & Happy 2009!!

  74. Hi Muish,

    I have been a long time fan of WGM and just want to thank you for all the subs you have done. Thank you so so much… it has been such a big part of my life these few months to watch WGM. Thank your for being the provider of my soul food…

    To come to terms with the Lettuce Couple farewell and the upcoming Ant/Witch couple farewell, I had wrote an essay of epic proportion – 5000 words and still editing… about how I feel about this program which has pwned my soul… Alshin is my fav, but I generally love all the couples, with exception to Marbi couple(just can’t seems to warm up to them) and I totally love Kangji couple now… I love KangIn a lot!

    I just wanted to credit it back to you as if not for you and Marriedsubs I will not be able to see and understand this program. Thank you once again.

  75. Muish,

    Be honest to you that I never knew you are the one whom release the English version until today. I just done on Ep38 and feel wow how come it’s so sad about it then I suddenly realized that without you there is no way for me to enjoy and feel with the show.

    So, thank you so much and want to take opportunity to wish you have a Merry Christmas and Have a happy new year.

    Also, if you don’t mind please help me to convey my speech to Hwang Buin, I do really want her know about it.

    ” Hwang Buin” please don’t be get too much sad and sure I do know what you have felt and how come of your tears. I almost the same age as yours and I was in deep feeling like that too last 7 years when I and my boyfriend have to be aparts from each other for realistic about a thousands miles away.

    I don’t think it’s only a show for you and I beleive you have left your heart there for Hyunjoong, that is so beautiful and I can tell you he knew it well but it’s just parts of show so, not much thing can do for you at the time of Hiking.

    Anyway, be happy and strong if he is your destiny then he will come back to you but if it’s not please dont’ be sad and move forward and be yourself whom laugh outlound as a happy woman so far.

    I spent for 7 years to wait for the man I do love without letting him know. Until at the end he came back but unfortunately he is not the right for me and I had felt sad of it but never regret for it. So, love is great and cool. Just knew whom you love and whom love you and if we are lucky then we will met the right destiny.

    Please don’t giving up with if you think he is the right one. I can be your fan from my country and cheers for you to have him at the end.

    Be cool and live large.

    BTW: Million thanks to you again – Muish.

  76. hello

    i just finished watching WGM ep38, and i want to thank you again for subbing the show, i realy enjoy watching it every week , and every wednesday i stay awake till midnight just to get your subs lol
    i know it’s really hard to keep subbing this regularly, so thanks for time and effort
    i hope some one else will pick up the project
    see ya in future show (may be) ^_^

  77. hey thanx for subbing WGM on ep 38. you wrote that you could’ve brought a car with the time spent subbing lol ..

    random question>.< what car do you have and what kind of car u own now?

  78. Thank you very much for providing subtitles for “We Got Married”. I hope you could now take it easy and just spend more time for yourself.

  79. Muish, I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for making all of the other kpop fans feel happiness. Thank you for your hard work in subbing the episodes for the Joongbo couple. I immensely enjoyed it. I almost depended on it. I cried, laughed, and made so many precious memories because of it. It will be a part of my life forever. Thank you for making it happen. It takes a very kind person to share the love. True love. Not just talking. You really did it without anything back such as fame, popularity or even friends. You just wanted to share the joy…. which is so.. commendable of you. I hope the end of Joongbo era will not be the end of news from you. I wish to see you around. Blog posts and whatnot.. I hope you’ll keep your voice heard.

  80. Muish: THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!!! for all the subs of WGM you did. I loved JoongBo but can’t speak or understand a lot of Korean and because of you, I was able to follow their “marriage.” Thank you again :)

  81. Much appreciated for your hard work. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t never experienced WGM the way a foreigner should. Hope to see your subs in the future. Much love and happiness.

  82. @ Dori.

    Thanks for the virtual booze and love~ ^^

    Was good drinking with you. Hopefully you won’t think I’m too weird from just my drunken state…


  83. I need help subbing an episode of 진실게임. I will pay of course. Email me if interested and I’ll let you know the details.

    1. Hello, muish!
      I have been enjoying your translations & interpretations for a long time.
      As you might have noticed, popular BTS’ lyrics videos have been using very inaccurate translations for clicks. That has been a toothache for this fandom a long time.
      Thankfully, I just got to know that ‘ARMYverse’ is looking for lyrics translators to work on together to spread accurate translation & interpretation of BTS lyrics.
      If you don’t mind, would you love to work with them?

      Another channel that came from ‘ARMYverse’, ‘planetARMY’, check out both of them! They are doing very good job!

      1. Hi! O_O How did you end up writing your comment here in random middle of old comment section? I found your comment in my new comment box, and was confused why I couldn’t find it on the blog.
        In terms of translations, this blog is as much as I can put out. I’m old with a job and 2 kids and my energy is dropping every year. I don’t think I wan work with other people where I have go coordinate anything.
        However, if people wanna use whatever translations I already have, they can just leave me a comment here. I’m not super confident about my grammar and how well things flow, so I usually request that they proofread it and edit it to fit their needs.

        1. Thank you so much for your reply!
          I delivered your response to ‘ARMYverse’ team. Hopefully we will get our lyrics channel with rich content!
          About my comment, it was the first page that comes up, when I open the blog. Sorry for causing trouble! 🙏

          And thank you so much for translating BTS’ lyrics & explaining its interesting parts that we international fans would not know! It means to us a lot! 😭💕

  84. am really amazed by your awesome subs, you release them really quickly even though you do the subbing and timing by yourself
    i admire your work
    thanks you for sharing this
    i just watched ep 34, great subs but i was waiting for more muish notes at the end, i always love reading them^^

    see ya next week upon the next release

    saw that you’ll be going out for the week end, enjoy your time ;)

  85. hi muish,

    i’m looking for a freelance subber who can help me sub 1-2 videos that i want to be subbed.

    i will pay you accordingly a decent sum.

    (i’m a frequent user of getafreelancer.com so i’m used to paying freelancers a decent amout of money for their work)

    reason for resorting to pay a freelance subber is that i’m a fan of a particular group but no one seems to be subbing their videos and i really wish to know what they talk about in the video etc.

    if you have time to do this and willing to earn some easy money, do drop me an email at svisual {at} gmail {dot} com.

  86. Hi Muish!
    I am so happy your back to subbing again! I understand how hard it can be going at it alone. But i’m happy to see that you have help now! I really appreciate all you and Coolsmurf do. Thank you.

    *For those who complain…you try subbing a show first and then come and talk about it. You people have no right to make complaints to a subber.*

    Sorry Muish! but hearing/reading people complain about this just makes me so upset. No matter how many times you tell them or show them, they still come back and talk s**t. You and others like Coolsmurf, work so hard to bring us subbed shows. All of you don’t have to but you do and for FREE! FREE!
    None of you guys DEMAND anything from us, whether it be money, gifts, groveling at your feet, or otherwise. All of you just seem to want to be acknowledged and appreciated for what you do.
    And Muish, if you ever do need something, I think a lot of us would get together and try to get it for you. We love you that much.
    I’ve really missed reading your post at soompi and here.
    Thank you Muish 4ever always. MUUUAAAAAH!!!! love ya.

  87. Thanks for continuing subbing WGM
    i stopped watching the show when you stopped subbing it, but now am on it again
    i know how hard the fansubbing is especially when you are at it by yourself
    Aja Ja fighting !!

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