BTS – List of LYRIC VIDEO Recommendations

I noticed that lyrics video channels often have differences in quality of translation, even within the same channel.  So I thought it would be fun to compile a list of lyrics videos.

These videos are obviously NOT MINE.   This is just a list of the ones I thought were good or at least decent.   There may be details that aren’t too accurate, but let’s aim for reasonably good…  I’ll try to update this list over time.

If there are any links that are broken, please tell me in comments.   :)  If you have good recommendations I can add, please tell me too.

************NEWER ALBUMS ARE AT THE TOP****************
-This is a work in progress.
-Once I make a decent dent in this list of their official albums, I’ll see if I can get around to the mixtapes, etc.


Why are there so many vids with exactly the same lyrics?  I watched 20 lyric vids for some songs but they all had the same translations.   This list is taking much longer than I expected.
I’m really sad that the best cypher lyrics vids I found few years ago are no longer up.  Will have to find other ones….




LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’ (2018)

01 – Intro:  Singularity (the MV captions are good)
02 – Fake Love (the MV captions are good), Rocking vibe remix
03 – The Truth Untold , (alternate version)
04 – 134340
05 – Paradise
06 – Love Maze
07 – Magic Shop ,  (alternate version)
08 – Airplane Pt. 2
09 – Anpanman
10 – So What
11 – Outro:  Tear , fan MV(turn on CC), (alternate version)

LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her’   (2017)

01 – Intro:  Serendipity (the MV captions are good)
02 – DNA (the MV captions are good)
03 – Best of Me
04 – Dimple
05 – Pied Piper
06 – Skit:   Billboard Music Awards Speech
07 – MIC Drop (turn on CC), alternate version (turn on CC, I like it a bit better..??), Steve Aoki Remix (the MV captions are good)
08 – Go Go, perf (turn on CC)
09 – Outro:  Her (why is 3D audio ver. the only one I can find that’s good?  anyone have suggestions?)

Hidden Tracks:

10 – Skit:  Hesitation and Fear
11 – Sea (more difficult to read but more accurate in some spots), (the common translation version)  Most of these seem to have been based on Korean lyrics that are slightly off…. I know they never released formal Korean lyrics but there are parts that make me scratch my head a bit.  (only minor though..)


wings     WINGS SERIES


Additional Tracks:

Spring Day
Not Today
Outro:  Wings (full version)
A supplementary Story:  You Never Walk Alone

WINGS   (2016)

01 – Intro:  Boy Meets Evil
02 – Blood Sweat and Tears
03 – Begin
04 – Lie
05 – Stigma
06 – First Love
07 – Reflection
08 – MAMA
09 – Awake
10 – Lost
11 – BTS Cypher 4
12 – Am I Wrong
13 – 21st Century Girl
14 – 2! 3!
15 – Interlude:  Wings



hyyh     HYYH SERIES


additional tracks:

Fire (Burning up)
Save Me
Epilogue: Young Forever

House of Cards (Full Length Edition)
Love is Not Over (Full Length Edition)
Butterfly (Prologue Mix)



01 – Intro:  Never Mind
02 – Run
03 – Butterfly
04 – Whalien 52
05 – Ma City
06 – Silver Spoon (Baepsae)
07 – Skit: One Night in a Strange City
08 – Autumn Leaves (Dead Leaves)
09 – Outro:  House of Cards (full version under:  Young Forever)


01 – Intro:  The Most Beautiful Moment in Life
02 – I Need U
03 – Hold Me Tight
04 – Skit: Expectation!
05 – Dope
06 – Boyz with Fun
07 – Converse High
08 – Moving On
09 – Outro: Love is Not over (full version under: Young Forever)




01 – Intro:  What Am I to You
02 – Danger
03 – War of Hormone
04 – Hip Hop Phile
05 – Let Me Know
06 – Rain
07 – BTS Cypher, Pt. 3:  Killer (feat. Supreme Boi)  (oooh!!!)
08 – Interlude: What Are You Doing Now
09 – Could You Turn off Your Cell PHone
10 – Embarrassed (Blanket Kick)
11 – 24/7=Heaven
12 – Look Here
13 – Second Grade
14 – Outro:  Do You Think It Makes Sense?




SKOOL LUV AFFAIR, Including Special Edition    (2014)

01 – Intro:  Skool Luv Affair
02 – Boy in Luv
03 – Skit: Soulmate
04 – Where You From
05 – Just One Day
06 – Tomorrow
07 – BTS Cypher, Pt. 2:  Triptych
08 – Spine Breaker
09 – Jump
10 – Outro: Propose

additional track on Special Edition:
-Miss Right
-Like (Slow Jam Remix)


O! RUL8, 2?   (2013)

01 – Intro:  O!RUL8, 2?
02 – N.O
03 – We On
04 – Skit:  R U Hppy Now?
05 – If I Ruled the World
06 – Coffee
07 – BTS Cypher, Pt. 1
08 – Attack on Bangtan
09 – Paldogangsan (Satoori rap)
10 – Outro: Luv in Skool

2 COOL 4 SKOOL  (2013)

01 – Intro:  2 Cook 4 Skook (feat. DJ Friz)
02 – We Are Bulletproof, Pt. 2
03 – Skit:  Circle Room Talk
04 – No More Dream
05 – Interlude
06 – Like
07 – Outro: Circle Room Cypher

Hidden Tracks
08 – Skit:  On the Start Line
09 – Path



19 thoughts on “BTS – List of LYRIC VIDEO Recommendations

  1. hello i was wondering if you liked the translation of the lyric videos of the channel BBTS9717. I always watch their videos cause they’re so pretty and the translation seems pretty accurate, pls add the, to your list if you find them good! thank you <3

  2. Hi muish! I know you’re compiling a list of videos, but I was wondering if you’d be okay with me using your lyrics to make more accurate video translations and post them on youtube? I would definitely credit you in the video and in the description.

    If not, then that is definitely okay!

    Thank you for all your translations!

    1. Yes. That’s fine. :) Please feel free to check my grammar/make things a bit more smooth sounding. I know I tend to be at times too literal and not very flowy with my translations.

  3. Could you recommend one for Euphoria, maybe? I know it doesn’t really fit on an album yet but I’m very curious about the lyrics.

  4. Thank you for all your hard work at translating Muish!!!! Your contributions are always enlightening in the most amazing way, and I just wish more fans would be able to comprehend just how powerful the lyrics can be :(
    I was also wondering if you also know any other various translators/interpreters out there for other groups as well. (E.g. like for a lot of Epik High songs, I have yet to discover many good translations other than the one Tablo uploads himself)

    1. I have to say that I’ve been really bad at listening to songs other than BTS songs recently…so unfortunately, I don’t know about the translations for other singers… Sorry… and I’m afraid I’m already slow with even BTS stuff so I probably can’t find any for you right now…

  5. I commented on this post when you put it up, but it doesn’t show. When I tried repeating the post, it told me I was posting a duplicate. Did I say something wrong in it? If so, I apologize! I just wanted to thank you, sincerely, for what you do for us. :)

    1. i can see your first comment but not the second one on the post..but i see both under my list of comments. i’m confused.. ^^;; thank you for the comment though. it’s probably wordpress being weird.

      1. You see this one, but not the one about how I can’t see it? —> 아~ Has anyone told you how amazing you are? Because you’re super great. 당신은 진짜 멋진이에요~! 정말 감사합니다. (Oops! Please, delete the other comment, in case I can’t do it? Sorry for cluttering up your comments!)

  6. You are a LITERAL SAINT AND ANGEL, I’ve gotten so frustrated with lyric videos being all over the place that I’d started making text documents with my own (or your) translations in them. T_T But that’s hard to send other people who don’t speak korean at all! Thank you sooooo much for this.

  7. Thank you again, Muish, for going through all the trouble so you can share this with us. It really means a lot! We can’t thank you enough. Sending lots of love! ^____^

  8. Lyric videos mostly have the exact same translations because they all use the same source to get the translations, whether it’s bighit’s translations on their music videos or a site like They put the source in the description box if they use one. Very few times have I come across accounts who translate the songs themselves. There was one who use google translate to do the translations lmao and another who translated yoongi’s lyrics for The Last by themselves. But thank you for making this list! I appreciate your hard work and efforts, and I always prefer when people translate themselves because there are little notes about the lyrics that helps me to better understand the word or slang which also helps me with learning more korean and more about korean culture.

  9. Oh my gosh Muish, you are amazing! I watch lyric videos to get the general flow of the lyrics/story and match the lines up with their meanings, but it’s frustrating not knowing if something’s been mistranslated. It’d be great having a Muish-approved list, so THANK YOU for working on this list and all your ramblings. I love reading them <3

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