How to hardsub/encode

To try to make it look like the above picture….^^  Can get away with smaller fonts if it’s HQ…but want a bit larger fonts if it’s LQ…

Most commonly used program seems to be Virtual Dub. 

The subtitles are put on as a filter…  For example…

  • Textsub.vdf (I think this comes with Virtual Dub as default.  Or it may have been part of the Vobsub package I downloaded… Apparantly it’s really old and not as good as some of the newer ones, although it seemed to have been good enough for my use so far..)

1.  Download the program….   

2.  Open Virtual Dub.   File->Open Video File.

3.  Set compression.   I like XVid compression.   It seems to work well…  Divx is not too bad either.   If you don’t compress, you may end up with a 10 minute clip that’s 10 gigabytes…so definitely do recommend compression.    To do this, Video->Compression->scroll down to Xvid.

4.  Filter for subtitles:   Video->Filters->Add->scroll downl to textsub.  It’ll give you a small new window where you can choose your softsub file…and the click ok.  

(Edit:  If you have the newer versions of virtual dub, you may not have textsub as part of the package.  You can download textsub.vdf from: into your plugin folder within your virtual dub folder.   Then follow the above instructions.  It’ll show up as TextSub 2.23 in the list.)

5.  Aspect ratio:  

If your video is wrong aspect ratio (ie.  widescreen when it shouldn’t be), go back to Video->Filters->Add->resize->put in the right aspect ratio. 

Generally, widescreen has aspect ratio of 16:9  (eg.  640 x 352 pixels). 

TV screens are usually 4:3 (320 x 240 or 480 x 360 or 640 x 480 or 720 x 540 pixels)

6.   An easier way to change the aspect ratio without squishing subtitles…^^;;;;   Do step 5 (resizing the video) before step 4 (putting on the subs).  ^^;;;;;;  Still experiemnting with this program…

6.  If you’re changing the aspect ratio, your subtitles may get squished as well so that the letters are too narrow or too broad.   You can change the softsub before you do all the above so that it doesn’t happen…

You can do it easily with Aegisubs.    

For example, if your raw is widescreen but you want to encode as 4:3 ratio with normal looking subs….

 If you use Aegisubs, open the video file….Add subtitles…and then, Video->Override Aspect ratio->4:3.  This will make the subs look squished but your vid will be the right aspect ratio.   Then go to:  Subtitles->Resample Resolution->click on “From Video“… and this will fix the subs so that they’re not squished looking. 


Another way to do it is just to open it in wordpad and change a few things manually…


This is if you don’t have to change aspect ratio…

Style: Default,Serifa BT,22,&H00333300,&H00FFFFCC,&H00FFFFCC,&H00FFFFCC,-1,0,0,0,100,100,0,0.00,1,3,0,2,20,20,20,1


This is once it’s been changed.  Everything is a little wider. 

Style: Default,Serifa BT,27,&H00333300,&H00FFFFCC,&H00FFFFCC,&H00FFFFCC,-1,0,0,0,136.363636,100,0,0,1,3.666667,0,2,33,33,24,1