BTS – First Love (English Translation and Ramblings)

Track 06 in Wings Album.

Written by:  Miss Kay and Suga.


I hadn’t planned on translating this song when it came out since the lyrics are not that complicated, but I’ve been listening to it more and more over the years and I just love it a lot… so I felt like I needed to do it.


Things I found interesting about this song…

The lyrics make the piano feel like it has male gender.  Especially the part where the piano calls him “새꺄” which means something like, “punk”  or “bastard” or “son-of…. (without the bitch part)”.  This is a common affectionate teasing term used between male friends who are very close.  Traditionally, it would be considered rude if spoken between different genders.

I just thought it was interesting because so many songs traditionally use female personifications for inanimate things that a man loves.  But of course, Suga feels no such need to stick to such traditions!  :D


He also likes to end phrases in the most unexpected places in a line, just to make translation especially challenging.  The part where a line seems to end when listening to the song is not where a phrase ends…


This style does make interesting lyrics though because the lyrics are then made up of phrases of different lengths and complexities.



In the corner of my memory
The brown piano taking up space on one side
In the corner of my childhood home
The brown piano taking up space on one side

I remember that time
Much taller than my height
The brown piano, when it led me to it
I looked up to you and admired you
With small fingers, the times I caressed you
“I feel so nice, mom I feel so nice”
The keys over which my hands freely wandered
I didn’t know your significance back then
The times when I was happy to just look at you

I remember then, around primary school
My height grew taller than yours
I ignored you, whom I had admired so much
Your neglected state where dust piled up on your keys like white jade
I didn’t know even that time
Your significance
Because, no matter where I was you remained standing by that place
But hadn’t known that it would be the last
Don’t go away like this..

You say,
“Even if I leave, don’t worry.
I’m sure you’ll do well even on your own. 
I remember the first time I met you
You, who have now grown up so fast. 

Our relationship has come to a period but,
please don’t be sorry for me.
I’m sure you’ll see me again in some shape or form.
When that happens, please gladly welcome me again.”


I remember that time, that I had completely forgotten
The time I faced you again around age 14
Awkwardness was only brief and I touched you again
Despite the long time apart,
You accepted me without feeling of discordance
Without you, I’m nothing
The morning beyond the dawn that we face together
(both piano and Suga)
“Please don’t ever let go of my hands
For I’ll never let go of you again.”

I remember that time
You, who joined me in burning up the end of my teens
When I could not foresee a step into my future
Crying and laughing
Because I was with you, even those moments are now bittersweet memories
Holding tightly onto my broken shoulder, I said,
I really can’t do this anymore.
Every time I wanted to give up
You said by me,
“Bastard, you can really do it.”

Yes, yes.  I remember that time 
That time when I was exhausted and wandering lost, 
Fallen in deep abyss of despair
Even when I pushed you away and resented having met you
You stoically stood by my side, without my asking
So don’t ever let go of my hands
For there will never be a second time I’ll let you go.
My birth and the end of my life
You’re the one who will see me through it all


In the corner of my memory
The brown piano taking up space on one side
In the corner of my childhood home
The brown piano taking up space on one side

6 thoughts on “BTS – First Love (English Translation and Ramblings)

  1. Wow thank you so much this song is always so powerful and emotional no matter how I feel when I hear it, I always have the same reaction. I always check up on your blog to see if there’s any updates. I love them so much and how detailed they are.

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