BTS – Like taking a literary course? ^^

This part is mostly links to various videos, including the Theory Videos, that I liked and thought were relevant.  The VIDEOS ARE NOT MINE.

Just a list (partially so I can find them easily), likely to update over time as I find ones I like….

Updated/Reorganized Feb 2017. (Mostly for my own use so I can get real life ppl around me to get to know BTS…^^)

Interestingly, Bang PD who is the founder of Big Hit, studied  Aesthetics at Seoul National University (SNU).    It is somewhat ironical that SNU is the most prestigious university in Korea.  Bang PD is probably as intelligent at Rap Monster, if not more….  and then he picks up Rap Mon and gives him opportunity to take a completely different path to his dreams.

Anyway.  The Study of Aesthetics is “the philosophy of art, …the study of beauty and taste. It is about interpreting works of art and art movements or theories.” (from wiki)

So… essentially, I think we can blame Bang PD for all the confusion everyone had to experience with the HYYH series.   He actually majored this in university.  ^^  If you see all the cultural and literary devices/references, etc in the HYYH series, and thinking “am I over-analyzing this?”…. most likely…. you’re probably not over-analyzing.  I wouldn’t be surprised if all this was very meticulously thought out…

I love his logo (from the credits of Run MV)
credit logo

LUMPENS is wonderful too.  Check out some of their other videos too. ^^

HYYH – The Most Beautiful Moments in Life – Series (2015- early 2016)
HYYH 1 + HYYH 2 + Young Forever

There are lots of interpretations of these and it’s a sign of a good piece of art to have multiple meanings.  I tend to gravitate towards Dreamteller’s theories that is more based on imagery, rather than a storyline of who died, etc.  I actually think most of the BTS members are personifications of various imagery as Dreamteller suggests.

One of the interesting thing about Run MV that I haven’t often seen subbed is this scene, where one of the drivers yell “bastard, move your car!”  The drivers are yelling at Jin blocking the way but they don’t really respond to the rest of the BTS members, suggesting that the rest of the BTS members are not real.

I Need U (original ver)
Prologue (they updated it and it’s missing the last scene?)
Prologue (Eng) including last scene
Run (Japanese Ver)
Young Forever
THEORY VIDS BY Dreamteller:
I Need U + Prologue + Run (Eng Sub)
Run (Japanese ver) (Eng Sub)
Epilogue:  Young Forever (Eng Sub)
Fire. (Eng Sub)
Run Theory by BTS themselves
by Steven Deng:
BTS Theory – Only Jin is Dead. 

리바이엘 did reaction vids with some theory which was really good.  ShootiNgSt4rSubs subbed some of it.
-I need U (Eng Sub)
-Prologue (Eng Sub)
-Run (Eng Sub)
-Young Forever (Eng Sub)

 –Nirvana Theory  – I need U + Prologue + Run
Jean-Michel Basuiat’s work shown in Fire.
Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here reference in Fire.
 OTHER MV of this series:
I Need U (short ver)
I Need U (Japanese ver)
Save Me

WINGS (late 2016 – early 2017)
Wings + Wings Supplemental Story – You Never Walk Alone

“…..Each one goes alone….They leave Omelas, they walk ahead into the darkness…  But they seem to know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas.” (from The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas)

First Love
Boy Meets Evil
WINGS – why meet the devil?리바이엘 did theory for all the short films/BST.  Only a couple are subbed:
Begin (Eng Sub)
Lie (Eng Sub)
Demian by Hermann Hesse

Blood Sweat and Tears

Blood Sweat and Tears (Japanese Ver)

Blood Sweat and Tears theory by Dreamteller articles:
Boy Meets Art
Reading BTS through Classics (in Korean)
Art History 101
Spring Day Spring Day Theory
Things You Didn’t Notice in Spring Day
The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas by Ursula K. Le Guin
Sewol Tragedy
-Little Match Girl (vid, wiki)
Personnes by Christian Boltanski
safety pin against discrimination
Snowpiercer (movie 2013)
yellow ribbons
Not Today Not Today Theory article that says BTS broke glass ceiling (Kor, April 22, 2016)
article where BTS addresses glass ceiling (Kor, Feb 18, 2017)
Martin Luther King quote

5 thoughts on “BTS – Like taking a literary course? ^^

  1. Hey Muish, what are your thoughts on all these connections now that we have Jin’s notes and the Highlight reel? :)

    1. I’ve only looked at few theory vids so far and I’m gonna need time to digest and find the vids/theories I like the most. ^^ I tend to like the ones that see the various teasers/vids/songs as being loosely connected, more based on imagery/representations of ideas rather than a specific story line. But that’s just my preference, and sometimes, I do get swayed by other theory vids too. I’m still collecting links for ones I like to update this post. ^^

  2. though Bang PD is SNU alumn, but isn’t he a musician too? who also an alumn from Yoo Jaeha competition like another famous musicians, like Yoo Hee Yeol
    I hope sometimes they’ll talk abt the creative process behind HYYH series; or if they wont, talk about how another adults in company, Bang PD, the in house producers, work with them behind the scenes would be interesting to me
    Thank you for good articles~

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