BTS – Cypher Pt.3 : KILLER (Eng Translation + Ramblings)

I was not really planning to do Cyper Pt.3: Killer, since the lyrics are fairly straight forward…or so I thought before I started translating it.   This video has good accurate subs.

There is definitely not as much mistranslation/missed hidden meanings as Cypher Pt.2.    I thought it would be easy…but the slangs just don’t translate very well.  Sigh….  Will try to explain the slangs with ramblings….


(again, my notes are in brackets)

No matter what you do, I will kill for
No matter what I do, I’ll be real for
Look closely, this is the beast mode you wanted.
When men smoke and women have affairs, I smoke beat.  This is a beat smoke.
(literal translation goes:
“When men smoke, and women smoke wind, I smoke beat. This a beat smoke”, which is actually quite poetic.  “to smoke wind” means “to have an affair.”)
Who the man told you crazy who the fella told you crazy
I’m better than ya lazy
I live my life a lot harder than the punks who does hip-hop with their keyboards.
Rap = easy genre, too many generals
Ragtag people should get some manners
Why do these punks who cannot even spit a verse try to discuss rap
That’s why they all rap the same way here still
Can only say three or two syllables at a time, all critical patients
Motherfather aphasic patients
All frauds, back yourself and look in the mirror
If you’re going to bring it, try to be a little bit original,
suckas, the sincerity is zero
I go by the name of monster
welcome to the monster plaza
This a cypher im a rider imma
ride it like a biker
Oh Shhh… try to rewind the beat
You’re a sewer, and I’m savory.
(“ha-soo-goo” – sewer.
“goo-soo-ha” – savory)
The kids whose abilities are on strike
do so much protest behind my back
Man what you afraid of?
I’m confident on the beat
Most of your pockets and your abilities are poor
(Or, “You’re a pauper, your pockets and abilities are poor”
“guji” – pauper, “gujin” – most of)
I don’t need GIVENCHY, cuz im a star
I don’t need HUGO, already a boss
(I like these two lines.  I think they’re very witty.
If you mention brand names in a song in Korea, it is banned from all the TV and radio stations.  
Very witty, and quite gutsy.    I like it that they mention these things, because it makes it more relavant to the time they’re living in now.)
I’m not budda, but I’m a butcher
(buddah is pronounced “buchuh”, which sounds very similar to “butcher” in English.)
I’ll carve your skin, like a..
change your ipnone, you don’t need your airplane mode
My roaming fees are hundreds of dollars, and you know I can take it more.
Make money with rocks, sell rocks, you frauds.
(“rock seller” is a “fraud” in Korean.   literally, translates as:
“make money with rocks, sell rocks, you rock sellers”)
San Paulo to Stockholm, the places you’ll never sit
I sit.

There are a lot of haters
But no problem, I kill
To bury me, they dig on my career.
(to “dig” is a slang for “wasting time, doing useless work.”
I think it orginated in the military, where they would make someone dig a hole, fill it back up, then repeat, as a method of disciplinary action.   So this line indicates the haters are trying to “bury” them, but also “wasting their time”.  Could alternatively translate as:
“To bury me, they waste their time with my career.”)
But I don’t care
You can’t control my shit
(In Korean, to hush someone, they say “쉿”,pronounced, “shit”…meaning “shhhhh…”, which is what is used here)

I came back as a ninja that endured the distrust.

This forth full album view Cypher
When this track is on, the lights are completely out for the Haters
In this illegal scene, this song is legit, a trap
They’ll all fall every day, everyone Hang hang over bang
Exploding with Swag, going forward no matter where
They’re everywhere, all the hip douchbags hip douch
Proportional to your status, to diss me  I’m too busy
But I’m getting a bite on my bait, all the unnis call me ppippi.
(Huh???  I wasn’t quite sure about this part.  Possibilities are:
1.  Ppippi –> how they translated “Pippi Longstocking” which aired very long ago in Korea… however, this term stuck as mainstream term as that’s what they call the hairstyle that Pippi had (the two braids).   Pippi is a strong female character that most girls look up to.
2.  Ppippi –> pager.  beeper, imitating the sound of the beep.  This may be relevant since “Ppippi” is preceded by “call me”.
3.  Ppippi–>some kind of stand in term for “beep”/censored word?)
Who is swearing at me
Look at your own situation first
Say that I have nothing to be jealous of anyone else
Oh, I’m on top of beat beat wiggle wiggling jingle jingling
rolling rolling, beagle beagling.
(being a “beagle”, as a verb, is a slang, to be active and cheerful/happy like the dog beagle…)
and blazing blazing strength,
now,  now in the ring  is the god that rules, the name is ascending king.
This is just an appetizer, still a snack
My rap will soon be a Korean meal that fills you up
Right, in my country Korea, those who blab sloppy English rap
Look at those rap imitators, see who is on top of you, What.
(I used the word “imitators”…. but he uses the word “mansik” here.  This is a slang for men who hang out at clubs,  often all wearing the same trendy clothes with no originality, trying to get girls.)


There are a lot of haters
But no problem, I kill
To bury me, they dig on my career.
But I don’t care
You can’t control my shit
I came back as a ninja that endured the distrust.


SUGA a.k.a Agust D, is my second name
(Agust D –> backwards says D t suga. That is, “D-Town Suga” or “Daegu Town Suga”..)
Walking the streets, they whisper my name
My beat is laid down from Daegu to Apgujung.
(Apgujung is a trendy/artsy district in Seoul, and of course…  Daegu is where Suga grew up)
All over the world, my music is breathing.
I’m a baby shaman that walks the blade called the beat, that’s me
(one of the old rituals in Korean shamanism is to walk on a blade…)
You know that what you see is half Kagemusha
(Kagemusha, is a Japanese political decoy.  This line meaning that what you see on TV is not the full picture)
Even if you act foolishly brave with your three inch tongue
That’s just rapping solicitation.
Hitting the lazy asses, pretending to work
is my heavy ruling rap’s power.
(He uses so many slangs/words that I would not know without looking up…
1.  뺑끼 (ppangkki) – slang for pretending to work, while being lazy…  originated from English word “feint”, apparantly, then was imported to Japan, then was moved to Korea, warped, then slang-ified.
2.  霸王 (패왕/paewang) rap –> a strong ruler/king.  
He uses a very wide combination of slang/difficult historical words/normal modern Korean, etc. all mixed together.  Strangely, they all create this interesting flow of sounds….)
Catching the arrogant rapper no-names and
trifling them is my flow job,  in the end
to go all in to fight me with those words
I’m only going to get stronger.  Mystery.
I’m a starfish that eats your jealousy to grow.
(-The “flow job” is supposed to make you think of “blow job”..most likely… considering what he says about his tongue later…
-The word “mystery (boolgasai)” sounds very similar to the word “starfish (boolgasari)”
-A starfish is a monster that appears in Korean folklore that eats metal to grow bigger…
-He uses internet slang “듣보잡” – translated as “no-names” here… which is acronym for “junk that i’ve never heard of or seen before.”)
As you know my voice makes people horny
I can send people to orgasm with rap from my flexible tongue action
(“to send someone to Hong Kong” –> is often translated as just that… but it means to essentially “make someone see the lights during orgasm”)
I’m always the top of the top in this food chain
My insanity won’t stop
No matter who fucks me over from behind
While you’re playing, we’re travelling the world
The bros who uselessly got older
To my standards, you’re still at the level of babies
(uses “haeng-nim” instead of “hyung-nim”.  I think it’s Kyungsangdo dialect)
Whether I’m wack or whether I’m fake
This or that, this is the new standard for music industry
This is a rap that hits the ears of the stiff old men
(uses Kyungsangdo dilalect here too.  “Ssaerineun” instead of “ttaerineun” for hitting.  It sounds actually quite cute. ^^)
A stormy slap to the ears, chop chop chop


There are a lot of haters
But no problem, I kill
To bury me, they dig on my career.
But I don’t care
You can’t control my shit
I came back as a ninja that endured the distrust.


27 thoughts on “BTS – Cypher Pt.3 : KILLER (Eng Translation + Ramblings)

  1. Ah idek if u will see this, m not a new army but I found myself going back to tannies songs and meanings and I love ur blog thank u so much
    At the risk of sounding very dumb please tell me what “I came back as a ninja who endured the distrust ” Means?

  2. Your translations make me cry, okay. I got into BTS because of their iconic lyrics. Their lyrics hit home and I love them so much. And it’s so frustrating, so frustrating to watch lyric videos on YouTube where all of them say different things and none of them make sense. I am so thankful to you to not only translating them effectively but also showing the different wordplay. God, their wordplay is the best. It makes you think that yeah, they are BTS for a reason.
    Thank you so much for translating this. Thank you so much. It’s been a great help. I know I can always rely on you on accuracy.
    I honestly wish you had translations for everything but I do realize that BTS’s discography is hugeeeee. All that you have translated and you have translated a lot is so great. God, thank you.

  3. I think people are overthinking the line that Suga says about his tongue skills making a man or woman come. In hip-hop, making a man come simply means getting a hater, another rapper or MC’s attention. You will come because my rap is calling you out. Then he also uses wordplay to talk about his tongue technology or skills being such a turn on to women fans that they will orgasm.

    Also, RM’s poetic use of men smoke, women have affairs, I smoke beat, it’s a beat smoke. I always loved that line because instead of making the man as the one to have an affair which is often overused in hip-hop, he allows the woman to have the affair then compares the wordplay to his affair with the beat as he spits his verse. Just genius!

  4. Just wanted to say thank you for your efforts with this – I stumbled on your website whilst trying to find the meanings of his songs. The detail you go into and the explanation of the subtleties and nuances of the Korean language is fascinating – I can understand now why Korean fans call him a genius, there’s clearly a lot of thought that has gone into his music.

  5. Hi, I love your translations! I’m super late to discover your amazing website but I’m promoting you when people ask me where to find reliable trans!! :D It makes me understand so much about Korean culture and language

    I have a question regarding the phrase “smoke wind” and how it translates as having an affair
    I tried to justify this to others about the wordplay but they take it as something mysoginist and I’m sick of it
    Could you please gave me an interpretation of it? :) Thank you

    1. It’s “smoke” + “smoke wind” matched with “man” and “woman”. It sounds really poetic in Korean. I think it could have been just as easily “women smoke” and “men smoke wind”… Neither smoking and having affair are good things, so this wouldn’t be much better, I guess. I’m sure some people would be like, “how come only men get to have free sex! that’s mysogyny!”

      The whole point of that part is that “others (men and women)” do things like “smoke/have affairs” but RM beat smoke. So I think it’s really moot point, which gender was paired with which misdeed. They all fall under “others” doing “other acts” that RM is not doing. It seemed to me that there were 2 acts that rhymed, and 2 genders, so they were combined in random fashion.

      Could things have been worded differently so it’s more politically correct and not offend anyone?

      If RM was a 19 year old in 2017, maybe he could have been. But he was a 19 year old in 2014 when the song came out. The idea of what is mysogyny was was different in 2014 as it is now in Korea. In a way, I almost feel like things were actually less discriminating back then (people actually distinguished serious discrimination from people just nit-picking for attention). The self-proclaimed feminists in Korea often call all kinds of things “mysogyny” and blow everything out of proportions…but underneath a lot of these claims are actually discrimination and hate against other men.. and sometimes even against other women (eg. would call girls sluts when they’re just being friendly, etc).

      And Korea is a country that changes rapidly. Sometimes too rapid, and since 2014, the idea of mysogyny has gone from: there is not enough awareness of mysogyny–> there is more information of mysogyny –> there is too much accusation of mysogyny for every little thing that it drowing out the actual serious mysogyny –> the people nit-picking about mysogyny are at times almost as bad as Ilbe members and are often more persecutory/discriminating than who they’re critisizing. The actual feminists are upset that these people call themselves feminists.

      So that is where the pendulum has swung so far.

      You cannot judge a work done under different/older social context by current social context…. Society has changed and RM changed the lyrics of the song on his recent performance on Wings. The world changes, and the boys mature…and their songs will reflect this over time.

  6. Thank you!!! I’ve been looking for the meaning of ”
    I’m a baby shaman that walks the blade called the beat, that’s me
    You know that what you see is half Kagemusha”
    For so long!! and got a whole lot more!

    1. Hi, I love your translations! I’m super late to discover your amazing website but I’m promoting you when people ask me where to find reliable trans!! :D It makes me understand so much about Korean culture and language

      I have a question regarding the phrase “smoke wind” and how it translates as having an affair
      I tried to justify this to others about the wordplay but they take it as something mysoginist and I’m sick of it
      Could you please gave me an interpretation of it? :) Thank you

    1. It means that the haters that he’s talking about will not need “airplane mode” because they’ll never be successful enough to perform overseas, so they won’t have to be on a plane. This, while BTS travels all over the world since they’re successful.

  7. I looked up in google translate “gusuha” means flood? I think it would make more sense if it’s that way

  8. Hi! I was wondering if you know why j-hope used the word “unnis”? I thought that that word was only meant to be used if you’re a woman?

    1. I’m not quite sure how to explain it, but in certain situations people tend to do that. It’s not common though. And it’s more of a reflection of who the girls are, rather than who is calling them. The kind of women who are kind of casual/familiar, but also demanding respect. Kind of like in Jessi’s “Ssenunni (strong unni)”.

    2. “Eonni/unnie” is a term to call your older sister or a girl older than you when you are a female but sometimes it’s okay for males to say it for girls that are their age or older

  9. I have a question about the line, “I can send people to orgasm with rap from my flexible tongue action”– a lot of sites have translated that to mean, “Whether man or woman, I can make you cum/send you to hong kong with my tongue,” and a lot of people see that as yoongi subtly implying he’s bisexual? I’m just wondering if the original korean means something like that, or if its just a general statement about how good his rapping is. Thanks in advance!

    1. I think it’s just a general statement of how good his rapping is – ie. it will hype up both men and women. Mostly because the rest of the song is really just a diss song…. and looking at the whole song, randomly coming out as being bisexual would be…random.

      Both RM and Suga tend to be randomly gender non-specific about imagery. Also, random Korean swearwords/metaphors have origins in male/female genitals/sexual acts, etc, but often do not sound sexual anymore when used on their own as they have become more mainstream. I guess it’s like that in English too.. like, even the word “fuck” means to have sex, but people use it just casually, without really meaning sex.

      I guess the thing that does stand out with BTS, is that they tend to do a lot of wordplay with everything, including the parts that include these terms.

      The random extended word play often makes the song sound more sexual as a whole. If he just used the “sending people to orgasm with rap”, it probably wouldn’t sound all that sexual. I’d probably go, “yeah, it’s orgasmically good,” and that would be that, and I wouldn’t even think much of it. However, the fact he prefaces that with the slang for making people horny, keeps talking about his tongue, and “flow job” (rhyming w blow job) makes his whole section sound more sexual. I get the feeling it’s result of them always doing wordplay rather than that they’re trying to express sexuality.

      I do think that he probably knows that in a subtle way, some people could view it as being interpreted in that bisexual tone. My feeling is that this is not really meant to express bisexuality or anything like that… but that he probably wouldn’t mind if a portion of the fandom thinks that was implied. He seems to like random sexual imagery, being vague, having multiple meanings/interpretations to his lines, etc. I don’t think he’ll shy away if some people thought bisexuality was subtly suggested here.

      1. because of the way you translated the “내 뒤에서 나를 엿맥이든” bit to mean ‘fucks me over from behind’ i was wondering if there was any way 엿맥이 (is 이 part of the word? idk sorrY) had any sexual connotations like “fucks me (over) from (my?) behind” (lol even writing that makes me laugh a little wow who am i) ??
        i looked up the word but i couldn’t find any translations for it so i’m guessing it’s .. slang? (or i’m just really bad at research… equally applicable.)
        i’m just curious as to wether maybe that again could be him perpetuating the sexual references (and maybe a nod to the ‘whether a man or a woman.. part.. idk)

        i agree with all the comments in this thread, honestly. i think yoongi really likes the ‘multiple meanings’ thing, and i think namjoon does too. yoongi tends to like saying things that could be seen as slightly… ‘controversial’ not necessarily on a big scale, (apart from agust d maybe) but even in little interactions with the rest of bangtan, or their production team.

        however i also think he’s one to make references where references may not naturally fit (but that’s just a general habit for cyphers and rap in general, i guess) so i don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to assume he could be talking about bisexuality, or at least including it in his metaphor for double meanings and honesty’s(?) sake. (he strikes me as someone who doesn’t like to lie as well.)

        although i think the most plausible truth would be yoongi talking about his talent being able to ‘even have an effect on (straight) guys’ i think that that’s obviously, OBVIOUSLY, going to be interpreted as bisexuality, and yoongi definitely knows/knew that. which is just kind of awesome, really. he doesn’t give a shit, even in the societal position he’s in, and that’s the best thing. what a cool dude.

        1. 엿 먹이다 = to fuck someone over.
          I looked up the origins of this phrase. ^^
          엿 (yut) commonly is name of a type of sticky korean candy. It can be liquidy and sticky or solid and stick-like.
          It used to be an old slang for female genitalia, but also over time started to be used as slang for male genitalia (?? because of the shape of candy? I don’t know)
          So… it was just a coincidence that this phrase that means to generally fuck someone over/stab someone from behind in Korean…also had sexual connotations in origins of this slang.

          images of YUT:

          Detailed description of what fuck means… on namu wiki

          Origins of phrase 엿 먹이다

    2. Yoongi is actually saying in this line that he and his rap is such a turn on that even straight guys get horny lmao but I know for a fact that he is bisexual, it was mentioned in 2015

  10. I really like your translation ^^

    But, for J-Hope’s part, I think the words “Ppippi” actually means “beep beep” as in a phone ringing. So he says, “all the unnis call me, beep beep”
    I think of this because when I look for Taehyung’s rapping cypher’s videos (like a mad he is^^) he gestures a phone call when he rap that part. I forgot what video is that…

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