RM (BTS) – Moonchild (English Translation + Ramblings)

Track 03 of RM’s Mono Playlist:  Moonchild.
Music Video

Produced by RM, Hiss noise


I’m not quite sure of the English part of the lyrics.  Might have to listen to the song a few more times and correct over time.   Most of the Korean lyrics are in the latter half of the song. 


We’re born in the moonlight
Ain’t no fantasy
Can’t breathe in the sunlight 
Gotta hide your heart

We born to be sad sad sad sad
Suffer to be glad glad glad glad

C’mon y’all moonchild, moonchild, 
That’s how it’s supposed to be 
Yeah all these pain, all these sorrow
That’s our destiny, see?

You and my life is like this
We gotta dance in the rain
Dance in the pain,
Even though we crash down
We gon dance in the plane

We need the night scenery more than anyone
No matter whoever is there,
Only I can console myself
It’s okay to shed the tears
But don’t you tear

Moonchild, you shine
When you rise it’s your time
C’mon y’all

Moonchild, don’t cry
When moon rise it’s your time
C’mon y’all

Moonchild, you shine
When moon rise it’s your time
C’mon y’all


Although I leave, I can’t seem to leave even once
Saying that you want to die, but just as much you still diligently lived. 
This part sounds like he’s talking to himself, where “you” is himself that he is talking to.
Saying that you wanna let go, you put on another ball and chain
literally, you put another sinker (that you use in fishing)
“Let’s not think” is yet another thought, you know
The truth is that our fate is just like this, you know
Smiling in endless pain, you know
The moment that you talk about freedom, there is no freedom, 
You know, do you know?
This part reminds me of his song Reflection in Wings album, where he says “I want to be free from the freedom”


In the time of the moon, I look at that night sky with the eyes of soul
I’m going to show you, your window, your time
창 is a “window”, which is the more obvious meaning here since eyes are windows to the soul.  However, this word 창 also means “spear” – so it can mean:
I’m going to show you, your spears, your time
If the eyes are windows to the soul, but also windows are spears, then it also means that the eyes are like spears (eg. sharp things causing injuries)
Do you know, that street lamp also has a lot of thorns.
Street lamp could be metaphor for the moon, which has a lot of sharp thorns/spears of light.  So there is hurt associated with the moon and the street lamp.
Watch closely at that flickering light
Don’t you think that the night view is so cruel?
That grandeur created by collection of someone’s thorns.
The thorns seem to be metaphor for sharp rays/peoples eyes/hurt.   But just like moonlight creates a grandeur, sometimes the beautiful things are created by a collection of hurt/injuries.
Surely, there will be someone who will be comforted by your thorns
We’re each other’s night view, each other’s moon
We’re each other’s night view, each other’s moon
We’re each other’s night view, each other’s moon
We’re each other’s night view, each other’s moon
The lyrics are very poetic, but as such, quite vague and can encompass a lot of different meaning
EDIT: Please see “~( ̄▽ ̄)~” comment below about other interpretation.  RM is vague and complicated, so trying to think of this song in many ways…

Moonchild, don’t cry
When moon rise it’s your time
C’mon y’all

Moonchild, you shine
When moon rise it’s your time
C’mon y’all

7 thoughts on “RM (BTS) – Moonchild (English Translation + Ramblings)

  1. Hi there! I was wondering why all of a sudden my students who are BTS fans were talking about “moonchild.” To me, a GACKT fan, “Moonchild” is a movie. A cheesy movie starring GACKT & HYDE. Of course my kiddos have no idea who those people are. ^o^; Anyway, thanks for the translation!

  2. It’s #ArmyTranslatorAppreciationDay on Twitter and I wanted to drop in here and show you my appreciation for all of your translations. I’m glad I found your blog early on when I first joined this fandom. Thank you for your hardwork Mrs.Muish. ❣️

  3. Thank you for the translation. I think, given the complexity of the wordplay, a lot of listeners find themselves out of their depth – it’s difficult material to get a firm grip on without a lot of experience in both languages. You remain one of the best.

    For that last verse, there’s essentially two readings (that I got, at least):

    Set 1:
    I’ll show you your window, your time
    I’ll show you (with your thorns) your time
    The street lamp with so many thorns
    (the thorns are to stop birds from perching, but don’t always work – when they’re set too far apart, you’ll still see sad starlings huddled on their ‘branches’)
    The grandeur created by that collection
    Someday someone will be comforted by your thorns
    (Remember: the you, whether it’s someone else, is also himself. So RM is saying that, for all his defenses and imperfections, someone will someday (now?) find comfort in them, like a bird perched on a thorny streetlamp)

    Set 2 (way more abstract):
    I’ll show you (I/my/your/their) spears, (I/my/their/our) time
    (I’ll show me/you, who gazes on me, [this] gaze/moment)
    Do you know that [lamp] has spears too
    (Where the lamp is a moon is a spotlight – infinite gazes like many little thorns)
    Watch closely at that flickering light
    Don’t you think that night view is so cruel
    (Being the center of attention, an object of others’ gaze)
    That grandeur created by their [attention]
    Surely, there will be someone comforted by watching
    (So: even if it’s cruel to be ‘pierced by a thousand arrows/stares/judgements’, the act of seeing/being seen may also be a comfort to RM/the listener/whoever the object of this sentence is dammit RM please be less abstract)

    That last bit really reminds me of some of the Love Myself lyrics, specifically:
    저 수많은 별을 맞기 위해 난 떨어졌던가
    저 수천 개 찬란한 화살의 과녁은 나 하나
    (ie being both targeted, objectified, and glorified, and finding a strange kind of comfort in that)

  4. This song gives me a sad vibe. Like the whole lyrics is about himself. Being a celebrity isn’t easy, it makes him feel like ‘he doesn’t have a real life, and he wants to be free.’ And maybe they can be easily recognized and disturbed, they only show up when the night falls, that’s why he calls himself ‘moonchild’. They have money, fame, they help other people feel calm with their songs and lyrics, but they don’t have freedom, like hanging out with friends, or having a girlfriend… or the other basic things of a happy normal life. However, it’s just my point of view ^^

  5. Moonchild is deep and also vague. It’s like he wrote it for someone specifically but want to keepnit that way.

    About the moon and thorns,
    “We’re each other’s night view, each other’s moon”
    Could that mean they give each other spears or strong gazes? They’re each other’s critics?

    I understood ‘han’ as beauty in sorrow when listening to mono. Beauty and hope in the music and comfort in his voice. But somehow, sorrow came from lyrics. The words hurt.

  6. it’s strange because when listening to the song I get a positive, hopeful vibe, like with the chorus and the “it’s okay to shed the tears, but don’t tear yourself” (more tear, tear play). But reading it feels more sad. The part about pain and sorrow being our “destiny” feels odd, almost like “that’s our destiny anyway so give up”. I wonder if he just meant those things are inescapable in life?? but you (whoever “you” is) will eventually have times you can rise and be your brightest. There’s also speculation this song was for Taehyung since he said “moonchild” in 4 o’ clock. And maybe the idea of hiding your heart in the sunlight is like them not being able to be themselves in public?? They go out super late an night in the moonlight where they can shine?? Then he says “You and my life is like this” so that would make sense to me if it was partially meant for member(s). Kind of rambly but those are my thoughts.

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