BTS – Best Of Me (English Translation and Ramblings)


Track 03 on Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’ album.

Written by: Andrew Taggart, Pdogg, Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope, “hitman” bang, Ray Michael Djan Jr, Ashton Foster, ADORA, Sam Klempner


They left the song vague enough to be interpreted as a love song but I think the common consensus is that this is a song to the ARMYs.


I really love the HER album because it feels different every time I listen to it.  Personally, I feel like it’s a very complex album and I get sad when people think it has less depth than the TEAR album.

It’s an album that’s masquerading as a simple and happy album of love and devotion.  And then when you delve deeper, a lot of the songs feel quite a bit darker with hidden pain.  But then you listen to it even more, and it feels really not that dark because it’s not like BTS is crying over the pain.  They seem to accept the bits of pain and darkness, in a matter of fact way, and embrace the love and positivity.

But you know what happens when someone who gets hurt smiles at you like it’s okay?  It makes you really want to hug them in a tight hug.  HER album evokes these types of emotions..


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BTS – First Love (English Translation and Ramblings)

Track 06 in Wings Album.

Written by:  Miss Kay and Suga.


I hadn’t planned on translating this song when it came out since the lyrics are not that complicated, but I’ve been listening to it more and more over the years and I just love it a lot… so I felt like I needed to do it.

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RM (BTS) – Everything Goes (English Translation + Ramblings)

Track 06 of RM playlist mono.


Poetic expressions + no official lyrics included… is not a good combination for lyrics translators.  RM, how could you?

I have to say one of the hardest things in translating this song was counting how many times he says “It will pass.”

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RM (BTS) – Badbye (English Translation + Ramblings)

Track 04 of RM’s Playlist Mono.

I am so slow and so sorry.

None of these tracks come with official lyrics, so they’re done by ear.  So the accuracy is probably more off than usual.

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BTS – Dionysus (English Translation and Ramblings)

Track 07 of the Map of the Soul: Persona album.

Written by:  Pdogg, J-Hope , Supereme Boi, RM, Suga, Roman Campolo


Dionysus is god of the grape-harvest, winemaking and wine, of fertility, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, and theatre in ancient Greek religion and myth, according to Wiki.

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BTS – Intro: Persona (English Translation and Ramblings)

Track 01 on Map of the Soul:  Persona Album.

Written by: Hiss noise, RM, Pdogg 작곡 Hiss noise, RM, Pdogg

I feel like there’s gonna be a lot more meaning and interpretation based on the Carl Jung book, but I’m not knowledgeable in that aspect.  So I will leave those out.  I figured there must be lots of other people who are doing them.


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BTS – Boy With Luv (English Translation and Ramblings)

Track 2 on the Map of the Soul: Persona album.

Written by: Pdogg, RM, Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel ‘Lindgren’ Schulz, Bang PD, Suga, Emily Weisband, J-Hope, Halsey

Boy With Luv/작은 것들을 위한 시, where the Korean title means “A poem for small things.”



Before I start, I’d like to ramble on a bit about the title of this song and the lyrics of the chorus.

The Korean title refers to “small things” and based on the lyrics of this song, as well as the next song “Mikrokosmos” I get the idea that we are the “small things” in this world.  BTS references themselves as small, as well as ARMYs and people who live their own daily lives with our own little universes.  As well, they reference “your (ARMY’s???)” habits, interests, etc as small things as well.   So a “Poem for Small Things” could be a poem for each ARMY, or even a poem to themselves.

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RM (BTS) – Moonchild (English Translation + Ramblings)

Track 03 of RM’s Mono Playlist:  Moonchild.
Music Video

Produced by RM, Hiss noise


I’m not quite sure of the English part of the lyrics.  Might have to listen to the song a few more times and correct over time.   Most of the Korean lyrics are in the latter half of the song.  Continue reading “RM (BTS) – Moonchild (English Translation + Ramblings)”