BTS – Outro: Ego (English Translation and Ramblings)

Track 19 of the Map of the Soul: 7 album.
Written by:
j-hope, Hiss Noise, Supreme Boi
This is the last song of the Map of the Soul series (outside of the digital ON version).? Really interesting that the song starts with the same intro as the “Intro:? 2 Cool 4 Skool” which starts of their debut album.


The CC on their MV are quite good these days! :D
Mine’s a bit more literal but there’s really not that much to add.

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BTS – DDAENG (English Translation and Ramblings)


Korean lyrics from BTS blog

Produced by SUGA, J.Pearl
(SUGA, J.Pearl, RM, j-hope)

Keyboard – J.Pearl
Synthesizer – J.Pearl
Additional Production – Supreme Boi
Recording Engineers:
– SUGA @ Genius Lab
– RM @ Mon Studio
– j-hope @ Hope World
Mix Engineer – Yang Ga @ Big Hit Studio
Mastering Engineer – Yang Ga @ Big Hit Studio

In addition to being a gift song for antis/haters, this song seems to be for the 어그로 (aggro?- from aggravation)… which is what they call internet trolls in Korea.    BTS used to have lots of haters who would diligently spread hate hashtags/spread false rumors to public and reporters, etc.  But they also have a lot of trolls who say things like, “BB200 is not important!  We’ll acknowledge BTS once they get no. 1 on Hot 100.”  Acknowledge BTS for what, I’m not sure… for success?  If they claim that BTS is not successful, that’s not just dissing BTS – they’re also dissing all the other Korean acts who didn’t succeed as much.

It does seem like being  어그로/troll is the trend rather than to be a hater/anti nowadays, since BigHit said they will start suing for defamation.  Of course, either way, they’re just wasting their own lives whether they’re trolls or haters.

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j-hope (BTS) – Airplane + Blue Side (English Translation + Ramblings)

Track 06 of the Mixtape.

The lyrical theme to Airplane (track 06) seems similar to Baseline (04) and HangSang (05) in some ways, but a bit softer…

This album works so nicely as a whole.  It also seems to be a BTS characteristic that while they have some hype and anger at the world, they always try to leave on a more positive and soothing note.


The lyrics on MV are pretty good.  I guess mine tends to be too literal sometimes, and rambling, but they did a really good job with general flow and meaning.


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j-hope (BTS) – Baseline + HangSang (English Translation + Ramblings)

I think tracks 04-06 are similar in theme, just like tracks 01-03 were similar.   Tracks 04-06 seem to be about where j-hope and BTS came from, leading to where they are now.

This post will have Baseline (track 04) lyrics which are short and simple, and part of HangSang (track 05).

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j-hope (BTS) – POP + Daydream (English Translation + Ramblings)

P.O.P (Piece of Peace) pt. 1 (track 02) + just some of Daydream (track 03) in this post.

I wasn’t planning to really translate these songs but his mixtape has a bit of… a flow of ideas, where it works better when you read the lyrics from beginning to end.   So I’ll do these quickly so the album as a whole can seem more cohesive when reading about other tracks.


As I said in post for Hope World (track 01), I think the tracks 01-03 are similar in their themes of putting hopeful and positive face on reality.


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j-hope (BTS) – Hope World (English Translation + Ramblings)

Is he going by small case j-hope instead of J-Hope?  That seems to be the way he is listed on the mixtape credits.  You can download the whole  mixtape with lyrics here or listen to it on itunes.

BigHit seems to have  hired good translators for the subtitles of the MV’s.  The subtitles for both the Daydream and Airplane are quite good.  The lyrics are not too complicated for these songs either, so the subs on the MV’s are pretty good for these songs.


Tracks 01-03 seem similar in themes.  These three tracks seem to illustrate his acceptance of his imperfect human side along with his efforts to strive for positivity.   There seems to be a lot of tie-in with the Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’ album as well.

Hope World mixtape was released on March 2, 2018 KST.   This was the first day of a new school year as the kids go up in grade in early spring in Korea.  I don’t know if that was intentional but a lot of K-Army thought it was supposed represent hope of new beginnings.


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BTS – Cypher 4 (English Translation and Ramblings)

BTS Cypher 4 (track 11 on Wings Album)

Korean lyrics from Naver Music.

lyrics:  Chris ‘Tricky’ Stewart, Medor J Pierre,  Rap Monster, J-Hope, Suga.
Song: Chris ‘Tricky’ Stewart, Medor J Pierre,  Rap Monster, J-Hope, Suga.

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BTS – MAMA (English Translation and Ramblings)

J-Hope’s song, MAMA (Wings Album track 8)

The songs from this album are fairly straight forward, but I guess I’ll translate just a few songs.  Starting with MAMA, which I thought I could add the most rambling….

Korean lyrics are from Naver Music.


Lyrics by:   Primary, Pdogg, J-Hope.
Song by:  Primary, Pdogg, J-Hope.


Time travel to year 2006
I went crazy for dance and made my mom’s belt tighten.
The days when I jumped into it daily, despite my dad’s opposition
The boat of dreams that she floated for me, unfazed by it all.
“To tighten one’s belt” is an expression used to “tighten one’s resolve to work for a greater ideal than appeasing hunger during time of limited finances.”  Essentially, if there is not enough money, instead of buying food, you tighten the belt to try to hide the hunger… and use that money for something that you think is more important than food – in this case, her son’s love for dance.
But I didn’t know that my mom’s great contribution
Was not the wide short-cut
But this path of dream, holding onto debt.
(Always) the problem was money, and finally mom
(Go away) far away to work. 

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J-Hope (BTS) – 1 VERSE (English Translation and Ramblings)


1 VERSE (2015)

Lyrics by Jhope

Mixed, Mastered by Pdogg @ Dogg Bounce

*Original Track : The Game & Skrillex – “El Chapo”

I always think of J-Hopes part as being easy until I actually start translating.  There are always a bunch of things that seem very straight forward as a Korean….but are sometimes really hard to explain in English.  ^^

As always, I’ll probably post this and come back to look at it in few days to have another look.  If I missed any meanings, please comment below.


J-Hope, me, my name
Start the oiling
Stop the hamster wheel that kept turning in a rut
Put fire on my worth
Gather round, all those who are alike
I’ll show my sword skills
Cut away all the rotten branches
In the end, it’s all dandruff that will flake off
All pigeons that jump when there’s a blow of wind, cannot seem to find their own way
Or, “All pigeons that jump to a hook (eg. hook song)”
I diss in cool fashion
Or, “diss me in cool fashion” as Korean sometimes do not clarify subject/object and have to figure out the meaning in context.
Currently flaunting,
Be a voyeur of my talent.
Or, “Be a voyeur of my dick.”  
Jajil-eul  -> my talent
Jaji-leul –> my dick.  pronounced the same, essentially.

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