RM (BTS) – God Rap (English Translation + Ramblings)

This was a request from 52Hz. ^^
Cleaned up a bit Jan 27, 2017.  When I’m less drunk and tired…^^;;

Track 07 from RM mixtape.  This is a hidden track, so it is not on their soundcloud and you need to download from their blog.

Here is a copy uploaded by someone on youtube (I usually don’t link non-official uploads, but in case someone wants to sample the song….)

Lyrics by Rap Monster
Original Track: J.Cole – God’s Gift.

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RM + Zico – Fuck Cockroachez (2008)

Fuck Cockroachez 
Mixtape?  Just something they did for fun?  I don’t know.  Just came across it.  It’s very cute.

original song:  DMX – X Gonna Give It To Ya


This was done in 2008.

RM would have been..13-14.    Zico would have been 15-16.  Why does Zico sound so pre-pubescent?  ^^


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RM (BTS) – Do You (English Translation + Ramblings)

Do You (track 02 in RM Mixtape)
Lyrics by Rap Monster
Original Track : Major Lazer – Aerosol Can

The lyrics are fairly straight forward, so I figured I would talk a little about HYYH/Youth and the book RM mentions here, called “It’s Youth Because It Hurts.”


The HYYH series is about 청춘 (chungchoon), which roughly translates to youth. However, I would say that the meaning of this word is a little different from the English word youth.

I think the word youth usually refers to late teens, and gives me the feeling of last years of childhood – the last chance to party and be carefree before becoming an adult and having adult responsibilities and consequences.

However, chungchoon refers late teens to about 30 years of age, with focus on early twenties.  This is the age to take the first steps as an adult.  This is the age you make your mistakes, suffer the consequences on your own, and struggle in the adult world.   It is the age where you still dream of ideals, and where failures and struggles are not meaningless as it shapes your character.   I guess it’s when your loves/failures/successes are more vivid, and make this time more beautiful as well as more painful.

Chungchoon literally means “the green spring” and often is also called “the spring time of your life” or “the most beautiful moment of in life – HYYH.”

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BTS – Cypher 4 (English Translation and Ramblings)

BTS Cypher 4 (track 11 on Wings Album)

Korean lyrics from Naver Music.

lyrics:  Chris ‘Tricky’ Stewart, Medor J Pierre,  Rap Monster, J-Hope, Suga.
Song: Chris ‘Tricky’ Stewart, Medor J Pierre,  Rap Monster, J-Hope, Suga.

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BTS – Reflection (English translation and Ramblings)

I’m probably NOT going to do Suga’s song because it’s so straight forward.  The only complicated part is the point of view – where he’s having a conversation with the piano.  If anyone know a good lyrics video that clearly show this, please tell me and maybe I can just link it.

Rap Monster’s Reflection (Wings Album track 7)

Korean lyrics from Naver Music

Lyrics by:  Rap Monster, Slow Rabbit
Song by: Rap Monster, Slow Rabbit


In the “Wings” Preview Show (at 12:40)”, RM said that he goes to “Ttukseum” when things are hard for him or if he has a lot on his mind.  He says he wrote this song sitting at “Ttukseom.”  The background noise that he recorded on his phone there is in the song at the beginning.

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BTS – Spine Breaker (English Translation + Ramblings)


So I thought I’d do Spine Breaker/등골브레이커(track 8 from Skool Luv Affair) .  This song needs more appreciation!!

Lyrics from Naver Music

First, let’s start with Suga’s review of “Spine Breaker” on his Skool Luv Affair Album Review.

To translate:
The 8th track…  “Spine Breaker”..  

I had a lot of thoughts writing these lyrics..  Truthfully, this is a social issue these days… and an issue that effects teenagers.  I wondered, “wasn’t I like that as well when I was a teenager?”   

But still, I didn’t wear jackets worth hundreds of dollars back then.   I think I wrote this, remembering what I was thinking when I saw my friends back then.   Personally, I didn’t wear expensive clothes in high school…so.. I took the opinion of, “I don’t really understand why…”

And Rap Mon took the view of, “Why can’t you understand?  I’m spending my own money.”

There’s no one answer to this.  It’s based on personal preference and taste…  You could wear something expensive… and there could be people like me as well…  There’s no right answer.. but you can listen to it and make your own decision. 


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RM (BTS) – MONSTER (English Translation + Ramblings)

MONSTER (track 04 of RM Mixtape)

Lyrics by Rap Monster

Original Track : J. Cole – Grown Simba


This is my personal favourite from the RM Mixtape, partially due to his voice and lyrics but also the original song by J. Cole is quite nice too.    I listen to it when I’m stressed (which is often. )

Again, this is him saying he will enjoy his music, regardless of how haters diss him.   Especially the haters that diss him because he doesn’t fit into the narrow definition of Hip-Hop that the haters have. He uses a mix of both male/female swear words here in a nice mix.  (bastards/bitches).  Let’s not have anyone mistaking this to be talking about a girl, just because he says “bitch.” ^^



(My notes are in brackets.  Some adaptation that explains the meaning, rather than literal translation was done.)


21 years old, my mom’s son all grown up
(20 years international age, at the time this Mixtape came out)
181 cm and 68 kg, limbs like a model.
( 5′ 11.5″ and 150 lbs for those who don’t use metric system.  This gives BMI of 21, which is a very healthy weight.  ^^)
Better brain then the dopey hyungs, and open heart
You’ll try to use various reasons to undermine me
But I’ll cry out now, I’m a Grown Simba
(reference to the J.Cole song, of course)
I live every day crazy busy, the calendar is always December.
You’ll know soon too – the symbol that’s worthy of the name
I’m still Rap Monster.  You quickly diss me.
Yes, from intro to outro
sweep up all your ears
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RM, mentions on SPIN, and other ramblings.


Edited Feb 2017.  

This post was originally done in June 2016, when I was really angry after reading what Spin had written, when they chose RM as one of “The 50 best Hip-Hop Albums of 2015”, while making some accusations of him that was unwarranted.

However, I really do NOT want this to be a debate blog of controversial issues…. mostly because I am very lazy….and I want this blog to be a low stress thing.

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BTS -f(x) = sexy math lyrics

Sexy Math Lyrics…. and lyrics involving “hae”.


Update:  Jan 2017.

More of the “hae” word play in RM’s always (2017), Produced by RM, arranged by Pdogg.
Just the first part…

One day, after opening my eyes in the morning
I wished I were dead
I wished someone would kill me
In this loud silence
I live to understand (ee-hae/2 hae) the world 
But why has the world never understood me
No, it’s just lacking the half
It tries to harm (hae) me.

His note after the song:

I worked on it early last year and did simple recordings and left this song.
When my heart felt heavy, I didn’t want to just let the emotions run its course, so I recorded it
Thankfully, my heart feels much better now!
But I felt it would be a bit of a waste to discard it just because those emotions have passed, so I’m sharing this.
I was going to edit and clean it up, but then decided not to, in order to leave the original feelings as it is
because sometimes when you’re feeling sad, sad songs can be the biggest comfort.

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