BTS – Spring Day (English translation and Ramblings)

Spring Day – You Never Walk Alone, track 15.

Written by: Pdogg, Rap Monster, ADORA, Bang PD,  Arlissa Ruppert, Peter Ibsen, Suga

Korean Lyrics from Naver Music.

I’m not gonna talk about the obvious references in the MV in detail since I’m sure a lot of other people have done so.
Spring Day theory by Dreamteller
The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas by Ursula K. Le Guin
Sewol Tragedy
-Little Match Girl (vid, wiki)
Personnes by Christian Boltanski
safety pin against discrimination
yellow ribbons

Reading the lyrics, I noticed a lot of movie references including the obvious Snowpiercer (Rap Mon!!!!), so I thought it would be kind of fun to read/write about them.   They’re not super obvious so I could be just reading too much into the lyrics, but the films that are (possibly) referenced are really famous in I hope it’s not too great of a reach to say these were referenced….

I wasn’t gonna do this song because lyrics are fairly straight forward…so I blame this on Rap Mon and his movies.

There seems to be a lot of missing those who are gone, in the movies and this song – some due to death, others not.  I don’t think the song can be pinned down to one type of good-bye.  It also seems like everyone wrote their own section based on their own feelings or experiences, based on what Suga says in this article.  The song does seem to be unified in overarching comforting feeling of coming to terms with loss and missing that person with fond memories.

I haven’t actually watched these so these are based on summaries I’ve read.  Someday, I’ll have time and I’ll try to watch them.  ^^

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Short Translation Requests

I check this blog sometimes daily, and sometimes not for few weeks.  But if you don’t mind the unpredictable waiting, I figured I’d offer kind of informal translation service for short things. ^^

Please feel free to request in comments:

-translation of short excerpts  (eg.  less than 10 lines please)
-clarification of translations that may have multiple meanings
-cultural connotation around something

BTS lyrics related is fine, but if you have anything that you would like clarified (like some of my ramblings that are not lyrics related, or from an article or something), those are fine as well.

If there are requests that are super complicated/interesting, I’ll see if I can make it a full post.


BTS – Whalien 52 (English Translation and Ramblings)

Whalien 52 – Track 4 on HYYH Pt. 2

Korean lyrics from Naver Music.

Written by:  Pdogg, Brother Su, Bang PD, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Slow Rabbit

52 Hz Whale

Aaaand…randomly translating some older poetic songs.  ^^  Before the new ones come out…

Writing this song out makes me really feel what a sad song this is, with a hint of hope for a better future. (Makes me reminisce 2015)

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BTS – Dead Leaves (English translation and Ramblings)

 고엽/Dead Leaves/Autumn Leaves – Track 08, of HYYH Pt. 2

Korean lyrics are from Naver Music.

Written by:  Suga, Slow Rabbit, Jungkook, Bang PD, Rap Monster, J-Hope, Pdogg.

Just because I feel like moody songs today!

This song is sometimes translated as Autumn Leaves.  Even itunes have it listed as Autumn Leaves.   The commonly used term for autumn leaves is 낙엽 (nak-yeop), which makes you imagine colourful autumn leaves.

The actual title, 고엽 (ko-yeop), literally meaning dry dead leaves, is not a commonly used word.  It sounds very formal, and very gloomy, and reminiscent of few dry brown dead leaves  remaining at the end of autumn.

This is possibly Homage to Yves Montand’s Les Feuilles Mortes, which also translates to Dead Leaves and is also known as 고엽(ko-yeop) in Korea. This song is also at times translated as Autumn Leaves and is fairly well-known in Korea.

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RM (BTS) – God Rap (English Translation + Ramblings)

This was a request from 52Hz. ^^
Cleaned up a bit Jan 27, 2017.  When I’m less drunk and tired…^^;;

Track 07 from RM mixtape.  This is a hidden track, so it is not on their soundcloud and you need to download from their blog.

Here is a copy uploaded by someone on youtube (I usually don’t link non-official uploads, but in case someone wants to sample the song….)

Lyrics by Rap Monster
Original Track: J.Cole – God’s Gift.

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BTS – Satoori Rap (English Translation and Ramblings)

팔도강산/Paldogangsan/Satoori Rap – Track 9 on O!RUL8,2?

Korean lyrics from Naver music

Written by:  Pdogg, Rap Monster, SUGA, J-hope


Satoori – meaning regional dialect, of course.

I have extended family from Gyeongsang Province, so I found it a bit easier to translate those.  J-Hope’s part with Jeolla satoori… wow…  he has very strong satoori and I found it quite difficult.  Fortunately, Naver has an online dictionary That includes a lot of satoori expressions so that has helped.  Still… I can’t guarantee that I was able to get it all.

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Agust D (BTS) – Agust D (English Translation and Ramblings)

Agust D – Suga’s mixtape 2016, track 02.

I wasn’t really gonna do this since the Korean lyrics are fairly straight forward.  But I think the Eng subs on the MV actually confused more people (although 90% of it was still not too bad).

I assumed that people like Lynn Eksonyeondan would make a good lyrics video, but her font was kinda hard to read… and I have time now… so here’s my take on translating this song.  I must admit the large part of motivation is that I personally really love this song and listening to it on repeat while I do this just makes me happy.  ^^

Some adaptations were done.  But I guess I tend to be still a lot more literal with my translation than the official one (so may not flow as smoothly..)

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RM + Zico – Fuck Cockroachez (2008)

Fuck Cockroachez 
Mixtape?  Just something they did for fun?  I don’t know.  Just came across it.  It’s very cute.

original song:  DMX – X Gonna Give It To Ya


This was done in 2008.

RM would have been..13-14.    Zico would have been 15-16.  Why does Zico sound so pre-pubescent?  ^^


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RM (BTS) – Do You (English Translation + Ramblings)

Do You (track 02 in RM Mixtape)
Lyrics by Rap Monster
Original Track : Major Lazer – Aerosol Can

The lyrics are fairly straight forward, so I figured I would talk a little about HYYH/Youth and the book RM mentions here, called “It’s Youth Because It Hurts.”


The HYYH series is about 청춘 (chungchoon), which roughly translates to youth. However, I would say that the meaning of this word is a little different from the English word youth.

I think the word youth usually refers to late teens, and gives me the feeling of last years of childhood – the last chance to party and be carefree before becoming an adult and having adult responsibilities and consequences.

However, chungchoon refers late teens to about 30 years of age, with focus on early twenties.  This is the age to take the first steps as an adult.  This is the age you make your mistakes, suffer the consequences on your own, and struggle in the adult world.   It is the age where you still dream of ideals, and where failures and struggles are not meaningless as it shapes your character.   I guess it’s when your loves/failures/successes are more vivid, and make this time more beautiful as well as more painful.

Chungchoon literally means “the green spring” and often is also called “the spring time of your life” or “the most beautiful moment of in life – HYYH.”

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BTS – Am I Wrong (English Translation and Ramblings)

I kinda had vague ideas of politics involved in this song.  I’ve been reading the topics in more detail and decided to do this one too. ^^

The translation itself is not difficult, but I guess there is a lot of background info.

Credits for various sources used at the bottom of the post.


Am I Wrong – Track 12 on Wings Album

Korean Lyrics from Naver Music.

Lyrics by: Kevin Moore
Song by:  Kevin Moore

As far as I know, when they use a pre-existing foreign song, they don’t get royalties for Korean lyrics even if they had to newly write the lyrics (which is probably why the lyrics credit only Kevin Moore on Naver Music)


Koreans in general are very cynical and jaded about politics in general.  However, I hope the readers don’t take some kind of 1-dimensional view of corruption.   Let’s hope that the public remains educated and rational in its critique of the government and society.

Pls read other explanations as well.  Always good to read various interpretations and have an open mind, so that you can make your own beliefs. ^^

Read this too.  (Thank you, Xbomtori, in comments).  New government scandal as of October 2016.   I’ve always taken pride that as corrupt as Korean politics can be, at least it was very secular.  There was greed but it made sense.  The recent scandal makes me sad (although I bet the driving force for many involved is still greed).   

This song was produced before the government scandal came out, so it would not have been referring to that specific incident.   However, it is fitting in general regarding the society we now live in.  The world’s goin’ crazy.  Indeed.


The world’s goin’ crazy
And you?  How bout ya?
You think it is okay?
I really don’t think it is.

Even with ears, there’s no listening
Even with eyes, there’s no seeing
A fish lives in everyone’s hearts.

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