RM (BTS) – Tokyo + Seoul (English Translation + Ramblings)


Album Produced by RM
Co-produced by Pdogg, Hiss noise
ALL songs Composed & Lyrics by RM
ALL songs Rap & Vocal Arrangement – RM
ALL songs Recording Engineer – RM @ RKive
Mastering Engineer – Randy Merrill @ Sterling Sound, New York, USA

I’m sure he’s trying to torture me by not including the formal lyrics, even in Korean.  I read a bunch of different versions of Korean lyrics on Korean blogs/forums, but  still not sure I have it correct.  Will just try my best…

The whole album feels like one continuous long song with different phases, rather than a collection of songs.  This makes me feel like I need to translate the songs in the order that the album is created, rather than to pick out just a few I like here and there.

I will try to work on it slowly..

The studio @RKive (obviously wordplay on “archive”) reminds me of RM’s poem in the last episode of BTS Run (season 2).  His “기억을 ㄱ 한다/remember the ‘ㄱ’/memories” and his studio is the archive where he stores these memories in the form of songs.

I’m assuming the word “mono” could mean “solo work” as well as “monochromatic.”  The whole album feels very grey like a rainy day.  The grey world at times seem like a negative thing in this album, but considering how RM has been known to enjoy walking around in the rain, he seems to have a love-hate relationship with the grey world.


Track 01. Tokyo almost seems to flow into Track 02. Seoul, so I’ll put both in this post.

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