2. Basic softsubbing (using .srt format)

Assuming you’re as completely lost as I was when I started….  Forgive me if this is too basic.  Also, I’ve learned to do this by trial and error..so some of it may seem strange to you if you know the program better.  Please refer to the labels on the image. 

1.  Open program.

2.  File->New Subtitle…

3.  Movie->Open…

and then open the video you’re planning to sub.

4.  I usually start off with a lot of empty subtitle lines.  If you press the button labelled M, you’ll keep getting the empty lines in the N section.   Note these lines have not been timed yet and have the same start and end timing.  Then I go back to line one and start translating in the O section.

The very nice thing about Subtitle workshop is that you can start and pause video by just clicking on the black screen area

Also, Once you finish writing the line of sub in the O area, you can move to the next line by pressing Shift/Enter

Other useful to go back and forth in the movie if you’ve missed a dialogue and only need to go back a few seconds:  Ctrl/Left Arrow will rewind 5 seconds, Ctrl/Right Arrow will fast forward 5 seconds.

Save frequently so that you don’t lose your work.  ;_;  I’ve lost my work many many times.  Guh!

Note that with the .srt format (as convenient as it is…), if you have multiple lines of sub with same timing, it will only save one of those lines!   You MUST TIME BEFORE YOU SAVE AND CLOSE THE PROGRAM IF YOU’RE SUBBING IN SRT FORMAT.  OTHERWISE YOU WILL LOSE HOURS AND HOURS OF WORK! 

Few other annoying things… sometimes the last line in a sub will not save for some reason.  Make sure you check that it has saved…


Going onto Timing!  (I do this once I’ve subbed a few minutes and save so that I don’t lose my work.)

1.  Go back to line one and start with the beginning of movie..(or wherever you left off)

The left arrow J will put the start time of the highlighted subtitles to wherever the video is at that moment.   The right arrow K will put the end time of subtitle line. 

You’ll notice that When you press K, it automatically goes to highlight the next line and by default, the start time is about 0.03 seconds after the previous line ended.  This is really useful when you’re having a long dialogue.  You can just keep pressing K when one person’s stopped talking and the next one’s about to start…and don’t actually have to manually set the start time for each line.   Once you’re comfortable, you can let the video just run and pretty much time at the speed of watching it. 

Few details about timing.  If there is less than 0.03 seconds between subs, they will usually be assumed to be overlapping and show up funny. 

Also… hmmm.. this part is kinda hard to explain.

If you have lines 1 and 2…  and your line 2 has a start time already set to be much later.  When you press K to end the line 1, it will not change the start time for line 2. 

However, if the start time for line 2 is before when line 1 ends, it will automatically change to the 0.03 seconds after line 1 when you press K with line 1.

2.  And then…save.   ^^  To save as .srt which is the most commonly used and simple file, go to File->Save As->scroll down to SubRip and save.