RM (BTS) – Freestyle 1-4 (English Translation + Ramblings)


From Feb-Mar, 2013, predebut, on BANGTAN BLOG.


I guess these were done based on some jotted point form and words (as seen on image) without writing the lyrics out.  RM’s version of rambling…. I don’t know how he can be so poetic.

These are from a few months before his debut.  He would have been 18 and 1/2 years old international age, and 20 by Korean age at this time.  He would have had his high school graduation  in Feb 2013.  He would be considered a legal adult for some things starting Jan 1, 2013.

For certain things, they lump all the kids born in same calendar year as becoming legal on Jan 1st of the year that they turn 20 by Korean age, whether your birthday is Jan 1st or Dec 31st.  I guess it makes some admin stuff easier to lump everyone born in that calendar year together.

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