Suga (BTS) – It Doesn’t Matter (English Translation and Ramblings)

Suga’s 싸이하누월/Ssaihanuwar/상관없어/It Doesn’t Matter …. so many titles!!!

Lyrics from their blog.
This is a mixtape single released in October 2013.
He also released the instrumental version of this, with a note saying on his blog for people to use if needed.

He mentions this song in lyrics of his recent mixtape, August D.

The reason that the song is called “Ssaihanuwar” is because of the background vocal that says “Ssaihanuwar” repeatedly at the beginning, from a song by An Sook-Sun (안 숙선) who does a type of traditional Korean music/storytelling.  I couldn’t find the original song…but this is one of her performances of another song.

He seems kinda embarrassed about this song now, but I kind of like it.

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