Suga (BTS) – It Doesn’t Matter (English Translation and Ramblings)

Suga’s 싸이하누월/Ssaihanuwar/상관없어/It Doesn’t Matter …. so many titles!!!

Lyrics from their blog.
This is a mixtape single released in October 2013.
He also released the instrumental version of this, with a note saying on his blog for people to use if needed.

He mentions this song in lyrics of his recent mixtape, August D.

The reason that the song is called “Ssaihanuwar” is because of the background vocal that says “Ssaihanuwar” repeatedly at the beginning, from a song by An Sook-Sun (안 숙선) who does a type of traditional Korean music/storytelling.  I couldn’t find the original song…but this is one of her performances of another song.

He seems kinda embarrassed about this song now, but I kind of like it.


There is usually quite a lot of sexual innuendos in BTS songs, and especially Suga’s parts.  I often read comments on Youtube saying “don’t talk about sexual things!  BTS doesn’t like it!”  or “They didn’t mean that to be sexual!”

It’s true that JK was only 15 when he started out, but he’s not 15 anymore.  He’s legal now.  And I don’t think Suga ever really minced words.  It’s true you shouldn’t be outright rude or gross when you comment on Youtube, but I don’t think you need to coddle them like they’re 10 years old, either.  It doesn’t have to be one extreme or the other.  Let’s not neuter them in our minds, in our attempts to be respectful.

Produced by SUGA
Lyric by SUGA
Keyboard SUGA
Synthesizer SUGA
Mixed by Pdogg @Dogg Bounce
Contain sample from ” 안숙선 – 단가 적벽가 /An Sook-Sun’s Jukbyukga”

verse 1)

Every day, going to sleep around dawn
Feeling so sleepy again
With decreasing inspiration, end up right at the studio

My day job is musician
It’s a position I have not lost
I play on the front lines, 
Another idol clears his throat
What is your identity?  If they were to ask,
I would not think twice
before I can explain it.
But I don’t even need to explain it. 

If you judge me based only on what you’ve seen, heard and felt, that’s a mistake.
My music steals the nights of girls, like insomnia
Manias give us cold shoulder, just because we’re idol.
“mania” is what they call non-mainstream fandoms in Korea (eg. anime, certain games, underground hip-hop).  They often look down on mainstream media.
But I’m Hip-moron’s rehabilitation.  
This song is a little slap for those blocked ears.
I’m the next generation musician wearing the mask of an idol.  
Through to my bones, I’m a D boy.
In this K-pop world full of hypocrisy, I protect my integrity.




It’s doesn’t matter
Through to my bones, I’m a D boy.
I protect my integrity
Even if you diss me and chew me out
It doesn’t matter to me.  That’s right, it doesn’t matter.


verse 2)

I I I am out of me
On top of this sharp beat, I go insane
I forget that I’m an idol
What I’m doing now, and my job, and living as a rapper
On top of this beat I designed, I needle on all the rhymes
I needle my attitude onto my body instead of tattoos
My flow is like Kama Sutra, I’m toying with you on this beat
Kama Sutra is ancient text on human sexual behavior.
The word “toying” he used here is to toy with/entice someone sexually.
Yeah,  stop acting up.  Our sizes are different.
Compared to that, you’re a dress shirt collar
Even if you get it up, it’ll go down  quickly.
…because you put up dress shirt collar, then put on a tie, then put the collar down again.
These lines can refer to popularity (hater’s popularity is small and will go down quickly)
Obviously, the sizes are also phallic references, and some erectile dysfunction jokes here too..
RM previously used premature ejaculation references in Joke.  What a wonderful pair they make.
Go fuck yourself, just suck on your finger, huh?
Just suck on your finger, huh?
Sucking on finger obviously has some sexual connotations.  This also comes from an expression in Korea, where someone is poor and hungry and sucks on his finger while enviously watching someone wealthier eat.  So this line could mean, “just keep being poor while we gain wealth.
Just watch what we’re doing, huh?
2kool 4skool, debut album sold 30 000 copies, huh?
He seems really embarrassed about this line in Agust D..
Sold 30 000 copies, huh?
Who’s doing the best out of the rookies, huh?
Just live the rest of your life comforting yourself with your keyboard like that. What.
The term he used for “comforting yourself” is the term commonly used for masturbation.


Cute song.  although kinda short?



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