My thoughts on copyright…. ^^;;

So there’s been all this talk about copyright and videos becoming unavailable and stuff recently.   I’ve mostly been exposed to WGM related ones since I started softsubbing them…

These are just my personal thoughts.  Feel free to leave comments…but something more intelligent than “Kyaa!   They ^$*& suck!” would be much appreciated…^^

First, I’d like to state where I stand in this, to disclaim any bias.

I have no affiliation with any of the TV stations or any media corporations.  I own no stocks of any kind (sob) and I am not making any profit through my meddling in love for K-pop.  I do not have any access to Korean TV and any exposure to K-pop I get is through the internet.  I do try to buy officially released DVD’s and CD’s whenever available, even though shipping sometimes costs more than the product itself.  ^^;;  I have had my youtube accounts deleted for the clips I had up… but I figured it was somewhat expected, all things considered.

Having said that, I cannot blame the TV stationsfor claiming their rights and having vids removed from internet.

The first argument I’ve read about them is…

“They’re not losing any money by having them up!  It’s not like it’s available in English for us to buy anyway!”

Well.. yes.  They are losing money by having them up.  The issue is not that they’re not losing money since foreigners can’t buy these.  The issue is that Koreans won’t buy their online service if the videos are up.  There are paid internet distributions in Korea… but obviously, if the videos uploaded by foreigners are available to be viewed in Korea, Koreans will watch it too. -_-;;

There is actually a way around this.  You can host the video on a foreign country and have it blocked for views in Korea where the paid service is available.   It’s not really much more legal, I’m afraid…  but probably less likely to have your videos removed or get sued in the end.  I recommend hosting in Sweden.  ^^;;;  It’s actually still illegal even in Sweden but they’ll have to muddle through all the other pirates there before coming to hunt you down.  It’ll probably costs you a lot of money though to have that much broadband.  If you’re too cheap/lazy/don’t care enough/computer illiterate/etc. to take these measures… well….  at least stop complaining.  ^^;;;   Know your risks, take them if the risks are acceptable to you.

If you’re a viewer and not an uploader.. I think it’s really too much to expect other people will break a law for you….. so please don’t take it for granted.

The second argument I’ve read is…

“They should be just grateful to have people outside of Korea watching them!”

I’m sure they’re happy people outside of Korea likes the shows.  Other than the irritating self-important tone I’ve read in many comments like this, I’m sure they’re grateful that people like the shows overseas.   That does NOT translate to giving out free products.  For example, if I owned a Korean restaurant, I’d think it’d be cool and flattering when foreign people got introduced to Korean foods and liked them.  Does not mean that I’d give out free food on regular basis.  Maybe samples.  But not large amounts of free food on regular basis just because the customer was foreign.

The third argument is…

“The subs belong to the subbers and the fans!  They have no right to remove them!!”

Uh… as one of the subbers, I disclaim all rights to the subs/videos uploaded.  -_-;;;   I only have softsubs and even those, I think it’d be hard to claim that I own them really.  I might own them more than just a regular viewer, but not really compared to the TV stations since the content is really from them.   It’s like…  if I translated a book, I’d be a translator, not an author.   I really do want to cover my own legal behind.   Please don’t claim it’s mine in my stead when I don’t really want to claim it as mine.  ^^;;;;;

Plus, the video that the subs are on definitely do belong to the TV stations.   If you put a little thing on top of a large thing that someone else owns, that large thing does not automatically become yours.   -_-;;;;;  Yes.  They have every right to remove them.

The fourth argument…

“It’s racist that they’re deleting the videos because that’s just targeting the overseas fans!  I’m going to boycott anything Korea related!!”

I don’t know if I should even bother to add a reply to these type of ignorant reverse-racism comments I’ve read.  -_-;;;   I was really surprised at exactly how many of them there were.   I had retained hope that still the majority of the world was made up of people of three digit IQ’s… and I had hoped that the prejudice against netizens that people who comment on internet are just ignorant immature pre-teens was just that… prejudice.  Please don’t prove me wrong.

The fifth argument…

“It’s not available in English so I can’t buy it.   Why can’t they release it it English quickly like the fansubbers?”

This one… I think is reasonably good argument.  I hope that things will be quickly released officially with English subs in the future.  But realistically, I don’t think they’re all that slow.  I guess variety shows are not really all that commonly released yet… but maybe they will be in the future.  Or maybe they’ll be available online.  It’s funny how quickly people expect things.   I remember that 2 years ago when I started , people were happy with LQ 2 minute subbed clips of anything.   Now, everyone expects  whole hours of every entertaining show to be available in HQ the day it’s aired in Korea (maybe I did have some bad influence on these expectations…^^;;;;)

Honestly, I think it’d be good if these are released officially at any future, even when it takes a year.   That’s still better than some anime I used to watch.  ^^;;  You don’t go around swearing at TV shows from other random countries that they aren’t subbing it all to English, right?   (or maybe you do and I just don’t know…^^;;;;)   It costs a lot of money.  It takes a lot of time.   Hopefully, they can work with fansubbers… but even then, it would take a bit longer since official releases actually have to be proofread and things.

I’m always surprised when people comment “8 hours!  I didn’t know it took that long to sub!!”    Umm…  How long did you expect?   When a show is 1.5 hours, even watching it a couple of times to proofread a few things is going to take four hours.  -_-;;  I thought 8 hours was damn good and I’m sure anyone who has experience in subbing will agree with me.

In the end… I think… looking at the viewcounts on youtube…   I think 20-30 000 people watch these outside of Korea.   I wonder if even 10% of them will be willing to buy the official releases if it were available.   I wonder if it’s even financially feasible to have these out as official releases for a few thousand viewers who are willing to pay.   When I read multiple complaining posts asking the same questions that came up few posts earlier about where to watch these videos… Hmm.. I really doubt people who are too lazy to scroll down a few posts and read them will be willing to pay for the official releases.   Considering how much it would cost to release them, I can’t blame the TV stations if they don’t release the programs officially.

I guess what would help is if everyone showed the copyright owners that we do care and we they will buy official releases.   If you wanna be constructive and tell them that there are lots of fans wanting official releases, please go here:

Ok.. this rambling’s getting too long.   Hope I haven’t offended anyone.  ^^

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  1. Yeah. I wouldn’t imagine those would be available in any large type of box set. They will most likely spread out the releases so it’s not so expensive, maybe release them in volume box sets like the DVD re-releases have been, or maybe 1 a week.

  2. You’re an AWESOME person. You sub videos, a great artist, and what’s more a rational person. I agree with a lot of your points and opinions. Although it is sad that subbed/Korean vids are being removed due to copyright and anger is expected, I wish more uploaders could be more sensible like you.

    :\ I think “Blame it on ___ if my channel is suspended” from channels such as wondersmurf or Jaeurazn whatever are just a bunch of whiners. If they didn’t learn from the first time about copyrights and consequences, why continue to complain while they still upload infringed videos? Or even use a different website BESIDES YouTube? -_- Besides just for the sake of sharing, it seems they are more concerned about getting more popular, which is why they haven’t moved accounts.

    It’s disappointing this has to happen, but these people should also consider some responsibility too.

  3. As much as I’m disappointed, I can understand the whole copy writing issue. I know it’s been awhile, but it’s still on-going. Personally, I’ve always wondered why they never thought to have a website with all the variety shows, dramas, or programs being subbed and uploaded?

    Then people from anywhere all over the world could have this monthly subscription where they pay a certain price for an all-access pass to the website so they can view the content legally as well as enjoy the program. that way everyone’s happy, or at least content. I would happily pay a monthly cost to view all the variety programs and dramas through the internet (as long as its within a reasonable price). It’s the same thing as watching it on YouTube, but you’re paying and it’s legal. Then again there’s probably another issue with that (that I’m not aware of), but seriously it’s so hard to get anything legally when you can’t even get them legally even if you wanted to.

  4. hehehe nice one!! its kinda funny too true but funny.. i loved the racist, the subs belong to us and “it takes 8 hours?” parts.. hehehe youre right though, ive tried subbing *a 4 minute mv* and it took me *i think it was an hour? to get the translation and the timing right* hehehe…
    i wish they would sell variety shows outside of korea.. ive been looking for xman for ages.

  5. Can’t argue with most of the legalities of copyright-ing and removing fan-subbed videos.

    I just like to point out that 1. really a lot of these videos are only available online and not in foreign countries which is why people view them online in the first place. 2. official subs can be extremely weird and funny…some of the “official subs” i’ve seen on movies/dramas make me laugh so hard, I stop reading them, and I try listening to the original language instead which is 3. extremely difficult if you don’t UNDERSTAND the original language (and I don’t understand Korean since I’m neither a native speaker nor a foreign student of the language).

    As Toya mentioned above, I think the TV stations are trying to do too much by themselves – if they would outsource the subbing to fansubbers who do the work 1. in their own time 2. for their own pleasure 3. without money!!! (which I find AMAZING btw) they would find their work halved, and would be able to upload more VODs on their website. I just find it a pity that they would remove all these videos of popular series like WGM (which I highly appreciate you subbing btw, muish) on “illegal websites” like Youtube. How else are we going to get our drama fix?

  6. Here’s a random thought of mines, it sort of sucks when they copyright things on youtube so suddenly. I mean, if you have too many copyrighted videos, your account will be deleted. They should change it to if you had the videos uploaded BEFORE the copyright and they delete it, they can’t delete your account.

  7. First of all – thank you to all the fansubbers for the Eng subs on WGM, X-man, Infinity Challenge, Family Outing, etc.

    As a US-based fan of your work and other fansubbers of some of my favorite variety shows, I deeply appreciate your hardwork. The shows are laugh-out loud funny and I love watching them, even if I don’t know who everyone is on the show. Since I don’t get K-TV or even if I do, there are no subs, the only way for me to watch these are via internet.

    I believe that if things are available through valid, legal means, you should. Why take money from the hardworking, behind-the-scenes people? Most, most, of the time, piracy/copyright violations hurt the non-star power more than the K-stations & stars.

    That being said, I would like to suggest that the K-stations start doing something more than taking down the videos. Of course there are fans all over the world -that’s the power of the internet & fans. Instead of trying to figure out ways to stop it, I really think they should harness the power and distribute the shows themselves online, with subs, for a fee.

    Kind of like how Netflix has videos to watch via their site but with a fee. Half that fee can go to fansubbers who can do the initial tranlations. (The company is then free to hire their own proofreaders.) That way, everyone wins.

    I would of course love to be able to watch my shows legally, but until the PTB of the Kstations can figure out how, then I feel ok with watching the fansubbers work, just a slight twinge of guilt. And I don’t complain about how long it takes since I’m just grateful to be able to enjoy them in my language.

  8. hey Muish right ? sorry to bother you, just wanted to ask something…. how come you stop subbing ? not to be selfish or anything ( i know you have a life too ) but i really enjoyed the show (WGM) and i just started watching it, you decided to stop subbing… so sad :( the show is so nice and funny… i laughed a lot …. all thanks to your great subs (cause i dont understand korean) what a pity !! gosh you really did a good job with the subs. sry for wasting your time reading this but i do hope you continue subbing WGM for us all (true WGM fans)

    P.S. i wont mind you taking a long time subbing an epi, take your time i will wait for it. ^^

    hoping for the best ~~

  9. Heyy! I just finished watching the last sangchoo bubu episode and I just wanted to come here and say thank you for all your hard work subbing! thank you so much :)

  10. Sorry just I came back to see replies after a while and I read that… it was annoying. No one asked them to endorse it, we asked them to beat it.

  11. Well MBC’s problem is this; Why is it that we overseas, have to e-mail them to find out they are trying these things. I bet if you ask around online not one bloody person knew about their site.

    The worst thing you can do is not advertise! And how are they even running this? I just tried to visit it just now and I am getting “Page Load Error”.


    How are you supposed to beat the threat of pirated content when your best offer is a site that doesn’t work (at least for me here in Canada) and DVD’s that are for one specific show when there are Web sites streaming all of their shows free or for pay(the pay ones usually ask for payment to maintain the servers that hold it, not for the show, and payment rarely exceeds $5 min. – $30 max.), with subs?

    I understand that what they are saying is that they won’t endorse illegal content but what we are saying is not to endorse it, but fight it head on and defeat it if you are going to stand there all holier then thou.

    They aren’t doing a good job if they can’t even make it known in Canada and The States that they are at least making plans for it.

    Omni (station in Canada) shows Chinese/Hong Kong movies every Saturday night. You’re telling me they couldn’t buy a slot for 15-20 sec ad time?

    Keep saying you won’t endorse it and not actually listening/doing anything buddies.

  12. thanx coz sub wgm ep 34….
    nex epsde will late 2-3 days coz u wan enjy ur weekend….

    im ok, wit it….
    hope u’ve a good weekend…..

    ~love u n take care~

  13. Hi there, Muish. Just wanted to drop you a line — thanks a lot for taking the effort to provide subs for variety shows, WGM especially. IMHO you’re doing a lot of people around the world a huge favour by providing these subs. MBC should pay you or something for helping to bring K-variety programmes to the international market. Just my personal opinion, but of course there’s the proverbial issue of copyright.
    Anyway, keep up the good work there!
    With love, G.

  14. I have to say I’m pretty impressed to with your logical argument and ethical sense
    so I agree with what you are saying but then I am a great fan of Asian drama and variety show and would like to have quick access to all my favorite shows
    so its kind of a battle between my conscious and greed
    thinking of a solution of such problem how about having to buy raw videos from Korean streaming websites and then as i viewer i would integrate soft sub files done by groups to it!
    Either that or Learning Korean and Japanese oO

  15. halo muish,

    i just want to say thank you so much……
    coz of ur hard work on subs, i can understand the WGM programe,……

    so, just ignore whatever youtube did to you……
    and keep HWAITING ……….ok!

    love u n take care……….huhuhu=.=

  16. Hi Muish,

    First off, I just want to thank you — very very much — for all your subs and hard work. Especially with Joongbo and Hwangbo! :D

    I’m no subber and not an uploader in Youtube. But I am an internet addict and I can understand the amount of time and effort you put into the subs and vids. I can also understand about the legal stuff (almost had a little incident with that online too.. you are not alone!).. haha.. :D

    I just really want to thank you, and hope that you won’t feel too rejected whenever Youtube deletes your account or you get comments from whiners. You’re doing a great job! One, two, three.. Hwaiting! :D

  17. hi muish! i am one of your silent fans in soompi and one of those who think you’re a blessing to k-pop world. thank you sooo much for all your hardwork in subbing, btw! ^^

    from someone who had worked hard and made people happy and then got her yt account deleted, i must say ‘very well said’ for your post. you proved yourself to be someone mature and intelligent by objectively and responsibly addressing the copyright issue rather than making us viewers sympathize with you thereby initiating a massive attack on korean networks.

    i don’t want to sound ungrateful coz i must admit, i’m a leecher when it comes to korean goodies. i love watching free stuff in youtube and download clips at some k-pop oriented sites. i really appreciate their efforts and generosity. but it just irks me when a whole bunch blame and bash the networks for having his/her or someone else’s yt account deleted because of copyright infringement. i feel sorry too of course because it’s like taking away something that you’ve worked hard on for quite some time and as a fan who wouldn’t want to be deprived of something you really enjoy having. but who are we to complain? we don’t own those stuff and yet it’s like the networks fault if they take back what’s rightfully theirs in the first place.

    thank you very much for your thoughts. i guess it needs to come from someone like you (uploader and subber, who’s very well loved and respected) so that insatiable and whiny viewers like me would listen and understand.

    take care~^^

  18. Just wanted to say, you did an awesome job subbing WGM. If you ever decide to pick it up again, I’d love to give you a hand in terms of translating some screen caps and hard encoding / uploading. Let me know if you need any help at all.


  19. hi muish! i know this may sound not very unappreciative, and maybe greedy, but ep 31 of WGM only has the hwangbo&hyunjoong cuts subbed (and not as good as you, in my opinion)…..if nobody else subs, would you consider subbing for a little while more until another subber comes??
    we miss youre subs….TT.TT

  20. I just like to say thank you for your subbing. I got KBS world in my country but not much variety show in it or if they aired it..normally with no subs also. which is so frustrating. I think I should learn korean language, its easier. haha

  21. Muish,

    I love the work that you do since the other subbers decided to quit. I honestly do not know how long you can go on. My profeciency in korean is only about 70% so I get the gist of everything, but not the tiny details.

    I hope you do not stop. Keep up all the good work.

  22. dear muish, first of all, thanks for all your hard work. watching WGM w/ your soft subs is def one of the highlights of my week.

    i have to say i was very impressed w/ your response to the various arguments; totally spot on. i think the main thing is that obviously overseas fans feel like they’re getting the shaft and this clouds everyone’s judgement a bit. i also think you’ve been too narrow in your focus of the distribution argument. animes that come out on dvd, for example, aren’t just for targeting the overseas fans. subbing just happens to be an added bonus of the package so that a wider mkt can be captured. there’s no reason the korean stations can’t do the same if they feel there is sufficient demand. of course, this doesn’t necessarily solve their pirating issue either since DVDs can be ripped just as easily.

    in any case, i hope you’ll keep on going. although it’s sad to see the original couples begin the process of leaving, the new couples might still be just as enjoyable to watch. thanks again for all your hard work ^^

    to phine76: i also am a proud mac user. actually you don’t need vobsub. if you have a video and softsubs, a player like VLC can handle it no problem. VLC is also designed to handle a wide range of codecs, both audio and video.

  23. firstly, I really want to thank muish for all the hardwork

    it must have been hard on you ith the subbing thing, and everything…

    I agree with all the point that you have said…..

    it’s understandable if the tv station doesn’t want to do all the work so that the other country can enjoy it
    and I think there’s nothing that we can do about it… (well maybe I just can’t think of a way, yet)

    it really makes me wanna cry when I think about what happened to me if I can’t watch any of korean variety show that I used to watch when I already got accustomed to it…..

    anyway thanks again for your hard work
    really appreciate it….

    ps: i think you have done AWESOME work on wgm softsub. thanks again ^_^

  24. i agree. i think subbing for 8 hours is really quick. i subbed joongbo’s part which was a mere… 20-30 mins and it took me at least 3 hours to make sure all was okay – and that was not inclusive of translations. i’m really anal about timings haha.

    all in all, i agree with you and i’m sick of seeing people “demanding” subs as quickly as possible -___-;

    thanks for all your hard work anyway muish (:

  25. I normally tend to lurk, but I think this issue needs a bit of attention.

    First of all, I agree with most of your comments. If someone’s getting it free, someone else is paying for it or is not getting paid for their work.

    However, Korea is in a very good position at the moment. A heck of a whole lot of their entertainment content is wanted, nay demanded by other countries. They’re not taking advantage of that if all they do is keep getting rid of “public” content on various sites like YouTube.

    What they should do is use places like that to gauge interest and use them as marketing platforms for their shows. They can use these sites as tools to see if it’s profitable to release shows or not. Even old shows like X-Man would be viable and even then possibly just certain segments of certain episodes that were extremely popular.

    Otherwise, all they’re doing is letting a good chunk of change go. Let’s take a look at just the United States. As of July 2007, there’s over 300 million people living in the country. Let’s say just a measly 1/2% of people decided to buy Random_Translated_Korean_Show. That’s 1.5 million people. Let’s say an average show (not including S&H which the consumer normally pays for anyway) costs around $30. And let’s say their profit it on it is a lousy 25% of the selling price. That’s 112.5 million dollars (or 137.362637 billion South Korean won). I don’t know about you, but that’s a heck of a lot of money I’m throwing away. Even with overhead, I can’t see anyone not making a profit on internationally popular shows.

  26. yea mwell I totally agreed event if they start to come out has dvd’s just few people will bought it.. actually they already have problems in korea to sell even they own product (dvd & cd & movies) because of the free download…
    I even was surprice to not found many CD and Movies shop even if I search down I only found good one in Seoul and Busan maybe I wasn’t well inform also it was my first time…

    “I learn that when I was in Korea last summer and a friend of Seoul told me aswell…”

    I just think (deep inside my heart) is a bit of a pity to remove them because for myself it’s because of old (Xman) subs. I start to get interested into Korea culture and start to learn hangul (take class and it’s very very hard to find a teacher in Geneva) and even been for a all month over there and this just in 6month…^^;; mwell probably I’m just on the extrem to be totally into it… but I think just few people are really into spending a lot of time and money to have those kinds of think happening (like sub the video) honestly I never though some people will be so sweet hearted to spend so much time on this and always will be thanksful even if I never leave comments… (my first time here before I thanks the other persone by e-mail) anyhow just to say you will always find thanksfull guys and otherones who will never see your kindness…

    ~~~cha chongmal kamsahamnida~~~
    (by the way you are my hero of the day with the link of MBC subs drama and events…………. kibooni cham choowayo~~~!!!! kkk)

  27. I agree with you whole heartedly. If there had not been videos of DBSK and other Korean artists, I would never have
    known about them or become a real fan. After finding DBSK, I started watching Korean tv shows and dramas. I have bought dramas, cds and magazines as a result of being able to find eng subbed versions that subbers have taken the time to provide to us who don’t know a word of Korean. If it had not been for the subbed versions, I would never have spent any money on any asian media. I have tried to find kpop on itunes but it is virtually non existent. The same for tv progams. I am from the “heartland” of the USA and their are no asian channels available in my area. AZN broadcasted for a while but even it is gone now. If there was a way to subscribe monthly to subbed dramas, shows , etc, I would certainly subscribe so that I could watch all the stuff I love. I think that there is an untapped market in America that has gone unrecognized by the the asian music and television industry. I hope that one day this will change.
    And btw, thanks to you and coolsmurf and lots of other people who work hard to keep the subs coming. Even though you probably don’t hear it often enough, we do appreciate all that you do for us on sites like YT. I am glad that I have a friend like you!!

  28. I decided to send a mail about licensied and I had a answer by mbc

    My e-mail

    I saw this comment and I think you should see it too because even if we,viewers,know that what the subbers do ,it’s illegal.It’s the only way for the non korean people to watch korean and others asians shows and dramas.If we also want to support the licensied one but how we can do that if we are in america or europe and the show licensied are not at least in english and not available in our country.

    “Personally, I think the TV stations should come up with an online gaming approach to this.

    Take for instance, Ragnarok Online. They charge $15 US for a month’s worth of play time.

    Why not charge $15 bucks for a month of viewing time? Hire subbers (hell, they can out source if they really can’t find good Chinese/Korean/Japanese subbers) and hardsub and stream their TV shows.

    I mean, they obviously can’t beat pirating, because if they could they would have stopped it by now. So if you can’t beat them, join them and then squash the competition.

    When online games started having problems with free servers, gaming companies adapted and started making games free to play to avoid all that. Why not do the same for television in a way.

    Have a certain amount of hours per payment (for example: $15 for 1 month [720 hrs, give or take]) and let there be a database of shows from that TV station to watch, available in whatever sub you need. If they can make a multi-language subbed media site (by multi-language I mean you select a show, and have a choice of whatever language with high quality streaming and subs) they would definitely beat their problem.

    Give the people what they want at an affordable price and you’ll start getting results.

    All other measures have failed, why not give it a shot?”

    Why if you don’t give a shot to this proposal,don’t you forbid the videos on youtube only on the country of the show ,like some musicians does for their mv,like that you can keep your system of video on demand.

    I hope that you will take into account my mail.

    A french viewer

    The answer

    Thank you for your comments.

    We have legal ways to sell our DVDs and make our online VOD available.

    We produce our DVDs with English subtitles in USA and our headquarter has many contracts with other abroad agents who sell their DVDs legally abroad.

    We also have many legal VOD sites around the world that you can use.

    I don’t know which company our headquarter licnesed to Europe but you can access our headquarter website and watch English subbed VOD on
    They don’t have many selective English subbed dramas at this point but we’re working to make our many many English subbed dramas available on

    So please check that website in a couple of months. They also have CHinese & Japanese subs.

    Our company which is based in USA as well as our headquarter has many outlets that make our content available through legal outlets.

    Thus, we don’t endorse illegal websites like YouTube and hundreds of other illegal sites that take advantage of our contents and damaging the legal sites.

    Thank you.

  29. Personally, I think the TV stations should come up with an online gaming approach to this.

    Take for instance, Ragnarok Online. They charge $15 US for a month’s worth of play time.

    Why not charge $15 bucks for a month of viewing time? Hire subbers (hell, they can out source if they really can’t find good Chinese/Korean/Japanese subbers) and hardsub and stream their TV shows.

    I mean, they obviously can’t beat pirating, because if they could they would have stopped it by now. So if you can’t beat them, join them and then squash the competition.

    When online games started having problems with free servers, gaming companies adapted and started making games free to play to avoid all that. Why not do the same for television in a way.

    Have a certain amount of hours per payment (for example: $15 for 1 month [720 hrs, give or take]) and let there be a database of shows from that TV station to watch, available in whatever sub you need. If they can make a multi-language subbed media site (by multi-language I mean you select a show, and have a choice of whatever language with high quality streaming and subs) they would definitely beat their problem.

    Give the people what they want at an affordable price and you’ll start getting results.

    All other measures have failed, why not give it a shot?

  30. Talking about MBC’s site. Man! I e-mailed them probably like 3 weeks ago and asking them not to suspend all the subbers/uploaders from any sites by releasing the videos such as WGM, Family Outing, Xman, and such as, but they didn’t even respond. Oh, well! What do I expect, right?! hahaha!

    Anyways, thanks to all the subbers that are risking their “accounts” just to upload the videos that the fans will enjoy. Bless you heart!–I know you know who you are.

  31. I agree with you to 100%, there is absolutely nothing I don’t agree on! I was also recently thinking back on the time when smaller clips, even unsubbed, was so entertaining and so appreciated! Like from Xman. Then some came subbed, and people was overjoyed! Now, when teams are put together to even sub whole shows, people become very used to it. But who knows if it’s the same people. Who knows if all the people nagging all the time isn’t five year old? I mean, that would be very logical. A grown up person should know that nothing comes for free, and if it does you have to be greatful for however it is.

    I think there is too big of a problem to try sell this internationally. And I think it would cost too much maybe in royalties? But I sure do hope so to, it can be commercially successful.

  32. Hi everyone,

    from my comment @ coolsmurf blogs.

    to coolsmurf, muish and all subbers that are here (i read some), i really appreciate what you guys have done before, i mean subbing all those videos, i know how difficult it is, (although i dont do subbing because i dont understand korean,) am just one who enjoyed your videos, coolsmurf videos, all variety shows that had been subbed.
    But i think you guys really contributed a lot to make them famous, for ex, charice she is now famous worldwide thanks to coolsmurf who subbed the guesting of charice in sbsking, now even oprah really amaze with her, and the video of collsmurf are the one they used. One more thing, super junior also have fanbase here in the philippines because they found them funny through the subbed videos..
    Anywayz, as of the moment it is really hard to find subbed videos because of copyright law and honestly speaking am starting to loose my interest because i don’t want to watch videos that i don’t even understand… My time that supposed to be watching subbed videos i spending it in learning your language…. aist i find it difficult to learn…

    Thank you again muish, coolsmurf and everyone
    who spent their precious time in subbing videos for us.. I really do appreciate it and i know a lot of people really appreciate it too.. :)

  33. What you said were all true :) Bravo for ranting it all out!! Hopefully more netizens will be enlightened by your logic ^_^. Those who request for faster subs, are just putting off subbers who took time and effort and risk of law infringement for their own viewing pleasure.

    As for subbers and uploaders who got their video deleted or worst account terminated… well, my heart really goes out to you. But hopeful after reading Muish explainations you won’t feel that the attack is so personal… Ah… what am i saying???

    Anyway I was enlightened! Thanks Muish!!

  34. In a logical respect, I can understand the legal perspective, and how we have no “right” or entitlement to these videos. But as an avid fan, it’s also difficult to cope with the reality. I guess a big part of the shock factor was that there was absolutely no enforcement in the past, and all of a sudden they crack down hard on everyone.

    Personally, I feel bad for the subbers and uploaders because they are the individuals who have invested so much time and effort into sharing Korean entertainment with the outside world. The punishment seems a bit harsh for something they didn’t intend on purposefully violating for personal gain. Heck, seeing your “how-to’s” on subbing, it’s hard to think why anyone would fansub unless it was out of the goodness of their heart. Honestly, I found it unfair in the sense that the “crime” did not mete the punishment. I mean, the offending videos could have been removed, but a suspended account? But that’s just my take.

    I guess for me during all this, it’s just been very frustrating. In the past, like you said, Muish, I was fine with even a subbed clip dating 5 years back, and I guess sometimes I’m still fine with that. However, sometimes it’s nice to be caught up to the here and now, know who’s in, what’s in, and what’s the trend. We have no access to that in the states. I don’t know. I guess Korea’s standards are definitely stricter than America’s, because a lot of American TV stations post their latest episodes to stream on their website, archiving others. It’d be nice if we had that kind of access (with subs would be nice), but Korea just blocks everyone outside. It’s very isolationist in that you have to register for everything, even viewing things like a cyworld. It’s so exclusive that sometimes it feels like such a shame and waste that we aren’t allowed the opportunity to appreciate it as well. Of course, that’s just my very long two cents worth on the matter.

  35. love your subbed videos. really appreciate your effort. having tried to figure it out myself n failed…i know how difficult it is. n it’s kinda frustrating when inconsiderate people always push u to finish subbing.

    u’ve got good arguments there…couldn’t agree more.

    being someone who’s pretty righteous on plagiarism and copyrights, i think the stations’ actions are justified. n yeah…i did feel guilty watching all those subbed vids online. but all that guilt is immediately washed away by the exhilaration from watching them.

    it’s good that the stations finally do something about the videos online. i’m just hoping they’ll find a solution that would make us all happy…however fast that may be.

    having said that, i can’t help feeling a sense of loss from all this copyright thing. where else can i get this much entertainment? n with subs too??

    once again…thank u very very much for all your efforts. my love for korean entertainment grew because of u subbers n uploaders.

    nomu kamsahaeyo

  36. Hi Muish,
    Thanks so much for all your efforts so far. It was pretty cool of you to take over the subbing of WGM when KoreanSubUtd decided to give it up. You made a lot of people happy, that’s for sure!
    I agree with everything that you’ve said, and most of what the others have replied… I do have a further issue to add to the mix. I have an iMac, and so far in my travels I haven’t been able to find a Vobsub version for Macs or anything similar. That means I’m completely reliant on hardsubs when they come out. I agree that I have no ‘right’ to these as essentially the person posting them is risking copyright infringement consequences, so it would be great if there could be a happy medium for everyone.
    Anyway, thanks again. Love your subs, and appreciate all the hard work :)

  37. hi muish. I just wanna thank you so much for you precious efforts! I did some little subbing jobs too but due to time and energy constraints, I stopped doing it. So I know exactly what you’re rambling about.
    I hope you realized that you have made a LOT of people very happy, by providing the subs for these shows. It’s very tiring right! But keep figthing baby….and we love ya~~

    Thank you again muish, you’re the best!!

  38. Hi.

    I’ve saw one of your fansub videos.
    I really appreciate you for doing all those things.
    I am, too, a fansubber. I do the subbing for Super Junior’s Clips by translating from English into Thai because I don’t know Korean.

    I was surprised for a while that most of the fansubber’s youtube accounts keep being suspended. And now, the answer is clear – the copyright stuffs.

    Anyway, keep fighting!!
    And thank you for everything you’ve done so the dont-know-korean-at-all fans like me understand what our beloved artists said.

  39. It’s fine for you to ramble. I feel dejected that the videos are being deleted, btu honestly what can I say? It’s a legal issue and there’s not much I can do about it. I wish they were released in Eng. or that I understood Korean better, but even then I don’t get any -_-

  40. yeah, i think all that you’ve said above are right…
    well, we cannot blame anyone for this copyright things….
    they do have right to claim their copyrights, it just that
    maybe the fans feel really upset about this,
    thats why too many questions came out…we cannot watch
    our favorite shows with our favorite idols anymore:(
    plus many up loader has been suspended too…..

    well, i think your opinions above are the right answers for everyone….i really appreciate all of your hard work, i will
    never forget this=) you’re awesome

    btw muish, do you speak and understand Hangul???

  41. For me the solution is to be uploaded as torrents(they can’t touch them yet) and only soft subs to be made, when I started watching k-dramas and variety shows I was wondering why everybody are making hardsubs which takes much more time and effort… in my country we use only soft subs and torrents and we don’t have any problems and it’s all free… muish thanks again for all the good work you are doing I know how hard and ungratefull sometimes can be :)

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