Since all the Megaupload files are no longer available, this section has been removed.

I’m sure there are random subs still available on youtube…but don’t think I’ll be subbing videos again.  It’s much too time consuming, not to mention copyright laws, etc.    I’ve had my fun…   :)

However, it was good to see that there are a lot more official subbed videos on youtube that are high definition these days.  My, how things changed in the five years that I’ve had my hiatus.  Mostly for the better…

-muish (Oct 2013)


  1. An OMG you have no idea how elated I was when I saw your update. I had been visiting your blog on and off to check if you updated anything! IT’s so good to hear from you! <3

  2. And I would love it if you could reupload the videos you have subbed before. It’s no longer available on Youtube but those were my initial memories of when I first got into Kpop/SuJu so it is really precious to me. Hopefully you’ll reconsider

  3. I loved your subs! I got into Kpop (Super Junior) thanks to you and I learned Korean because of it. Now, I am also doing subs but I have stopped too because of the amount of time needed. All I want to say is, thanks. You have no idea how much impact you have on my life.

  4. Muish, I could never thank you enough for your job. What you’ve done alone, subbing all those episodes by yourself is truly amazing. You’ve given my mom and I so many unforgetable and hilarius moments!!!!!! There’s no way too put it… just… THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!! From the bottom of my heart, thanks!!!!!!!!!! You’re wonderful!

  5. hi Muish, I thank you very much for your kindness , for spending a lot of time to do the English subbed of the wonderful couple JoongBo . It must be really hard for you doing this great work by your own .
    My family, me, my younger sister and my mother have become JoongBo couple’s fan . Thanks to you, we had great time , great moments enjoying together with the couple . I could feel their real feelings , may I say their love for each other . I have no idea Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo are truly wonderful . It will be a huge loss for me if I hadn’t have a chance to watch this . Now I feel so good to know that Hyun Joong is a very close friend of Jaejoong and Yoochun (members from Dongbangshinki) becuz I’m DBSK’s fan.
    My wish is the beautiful relationship between Hyun Joong and Hwang Buin will last forever , I wish they will become a real couple one day , I wish .
    Once again I thank you so much for your hard-work , wish you all the best ^^

  6. thanks so much for subbing~
    I was wondering if you were going to post all those other videos you’ve subbed, like Super Junior cuts?


  7. which video is the sang sang plus sub sync to? i have the 678 mb version but the subtitles are faster and i don’t know how to make it sync with the video.

  8. @ Hee.

    You can use my Sang Sang plus softsubs.

    Please remember, as usual:

    I am only giving you permission to use my softsubs. Any other use of video, etc are at your own risk.

    Thank you~

  9. hi
    we’re from ^^
    we remembered getting your permission for WGM softsub
    now, can we use your “Sang sang plus” softsub for translating and encoding?
    we promise to credit properly and carefully
    we’ll be really appreciated if you allow us to do so
    thank you so much for all your hard wok!!!

    we’re looking forward to hearing from you ^^

  10. thankz so much for subbing the episodes…
    i really appreciate it…
    im decided to stop watching the other new episodes as d only reason for me watching the show is because of the lettuce couple…
    so, since they are now leaving wgm, then i guess, i hv no reason to watch it…
    n im really not interested to watch other couples too…

    anyway, thankz again…. bye~…

  11. THANK YOU so much for subbing. Not just WGM but a whole lot of other shows, as well. You have been so extremely awesome in providing all these goodies.

    Now go and take that break you deserve! HUUUUG.

  12. Muish, thanks for all the subbed wgm episodes. I would not be able to understand and enjoy this show without your subs. It is really sad to know that you are not subbing anymore, however, i respect your decision. Well i guess everyone have to source for another subber.

    Thank you so much once again!

  13. Hi Muish,

    Actually you caught your goal, I read one you said “The good sub is making people forget they are reading sub”, right? You caught it. :X

    I am in love w/ all your subs. :X

    Thank you so much for that.

    I love watching WGM because of your subs tho. :X

  14. Thank you for all the episodes you have subbed muish. ^__^ you’re the best! Happy holidays! I enjoyed watching WGM up until now because of you!

  15. Thank You for your hard work! I really can understand your decision. Since Lettuce couple left the show I’m not sure if I will ever watch again… They were the best! Thanks again

  16. Muish…
    thx for all the subs u’d provide us all the while…
    really appreciate ur effort…
    and i have great fun reading them too…

    JoongBo <3

    P/S: just if u r free and still enjouing subbing on Joongbo, could you please sub episode 9 till 21 too? =x
    i just love your subs and had collected them all… and was hoping to have the same musih style sub for epi 9 to 21 too… thanks..
    but if u r not free, its ok… thanks lots too…
    its good enough that u’d help us all with the existing subs…

    will wait to see if u have any new interests… hehe ;)
    then i could follow up with the subs…

  17. Hey

    Muish. jus wanted to say THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH. thanks for all the time uv put into it till now. do hope u enjoy ur rest finally.

  18. I will be very sorry to see you go, but I respect your decision, and am very thankful that you even decided to sub WGM. When Korean Subs UTD. went down, I was sure that that was the end of WGM for me. But then you showed up, and poof, the Korean made sense. Thank you so much, and I wish you well in your feature endeavors, whatever they may be. Kamsamnida!

  19. Muish~ Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you for subbing WGM all this while. Really appreciate your hard work and effort. I really enjoyed watching the show more with your subs. :) Ssangchu couple = <3 Thanks again and good luck with whatever you’re doing next!

  20. Thanks so much muish. Without you, we crazy fans won’t be able to enjoy WGM. I am sure most of us are pretty much affected by the departure of Ssangchoo couple. But.. the past few months have been great with Ssangchoo couple and Muish. Thanks and hugs!

  21. Thanks a lot, Muish!
    I kept checking for your last sub of WGM today.

    Though I was already sad that the Lettuce couple was leaving before watched their farewell, but didn’t expect the last epi.’d this sad. Watching the last epi. of Joongbo, kept making me sad… and reminded some people’s the Lettuce couple’s fanfics that they go for real… I was shouting out, Lettuce! Go for real!!! (-.-;;)
    Their last epi just gave me full of questions and thoughts of them…. T.T

    Anyway, I wanted to leave a comment, Tons of thanks even from a Korean like me. I know how hard subbing is because I tried several times… ^^;; You’re definitely better at English than me, though… Still, it’s just a lot of work, as everyone knows.

    Take a deep rest and enjoy your free times.
    Hope we see again somewhere on the Internet world. ^_^

    Thank you very much again like everyone else~!

  22. thank you SO much for all your hard work! so sad to see lettuce couple leaving, but i guess all good things (including your awesome subs!) must come to an end…

    thank you~

  23. hey, muish!
    just passing by to say you saved my life these couple of months!
    i totally understand you about joongbo!
    feel sad for the fans of the other couples though… but i wouldn’t be motivated to do that kind of hard work too if my fav couple wasn’t there…

  24. Thank you very much MUISH
    You’re my angel 55+
    I’m JoongBo’s fan too
    So sad for farewell episode
    but still wait for big good news come true…

  25. hi muish!!!

    thanks so much! I’m a really big fan of WGM and thanks to you I was able to anderstand what they were saying.

    I was so sad when AnSol leave the show even if they weren’t so attractive like they were in the begining, but the couple that I liked the much was AlShin couple, they were so cute and romantic, I really miss Alex!

    When I heard that Hwangbo and Hyun Jong were leaving too it was awfull, I don’t know how they will do to keep viewers watching the show now, because for me the only interesting couple who will stay is Hwayobi and Hwanhee, they are funny.

    I hope that someone will take on your job. Thanks so much for your hard work!!!
    Sorry if I make some mistakes in English but I’m French.


  26. thanks for ep 37
    that was quick
    too bas that hwangbo and hyun jong are leaving soon
    i hope you’ll be able to continue subbing the show even after they leave, cuz hwanhee and hwayobi are making me like the show now
    and who knows may be future couples would be intresting too

  27. Darn! two episodes left for you, Muish. I dreaded the day when you stop subbing. I wish you would continue but that’s just a huge “WISHFUL THINKING” on my part. I am really very grateful to you for doing this project. I wish you all the good things in the world. I hope we will bump each other once in a while on this vast superhighway of the internet world.

    Thank you thank you thank you.

  28. @ Kay

    There are no softsubs available for eps 1-21. However, you can download hardsubs done by KSU team (although their site is now closed). I believe there is a list posted under WGM topic at d-addicts….

    @ Anonymous.

    There are two different copies of eps 36 floating around…. one has a little missing part in the middle….

    I think if you download from cashemania’s CB, they probably have the right one…. or if you go to soompi forum, they’ll usually post which one you need….


  29. Hi there,thank muish for putting out the effort every week to sub we got married. Because of you I am able to enjoy the show on a timely manner since I do not understand korean.

    With that said I just wanted to know if I am the only one experiencing a problem with the timing of ep 36 half way though the variety show.

    It hasn’t given me problems in the past.
    Thank you anyway. I hope it’s just me so I can just fix my computer.

  30. HEY there,

    Thanks so much for your subs!!!! I love WGM show and Im very grateful that you are doing the subs for all the fans here.
    Anyway, I’ve been watching the show in RAW Korean, but I have a friend who wants to watch the show with me over the break. She doesnt know any korean, so I’ve been looking for WGM soft subs. It seems like you have soft subs from ep.22. do you have any soft subs for ep.01~21???? I would prefer soft subs over hard subs, but it wouldnt matter much. if you know any places I can get them, please please let me know!!

    PLEASE HELP!! Thanks so much!!


  31. Hi there!!!
    I just wanted to thank u so so so so so much…ur really awesome…subbing is a hard work, once I helped translating anime…just translating and it took me like forever…and it was only from English to Spanish so yeah…I guess i sort of understand you…
    But thanks to you I can enjoy this show totally :)
    I just wanted to tell you that and to thank u again for ur hard work….u’ll be missed once u stop subbing hehehe…anyways, thanks once more and greetings from Chile :D

  32. Thank you so much for all the subs for WGM! I hope you don’t stop subbing until the very last episode!! You’re so awesome to do this!! Keep up the great work! =)

  33. I wasn’t expecting them to be out when I clicked randomly on your wordpress but WOW, that was quick. :] Aha, I can’t wait to see the continuation of Marco and Son Dam Bi’s date, HEE.

    You have been so awesome in subbing the last few episodes, Muish. Thank you so much!

  34. I’ve missed out on thanking you for the past few episodes of WGM! I’m so sorry, but please know that everytime I read that the softsubs were out on coolsmurf’s blog, I’d go, “THANK YOU, MUISH!” and start downloading. xD

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, seriously. I’ll miss Joongbo soooo much but I think I’m ready to say goodbye. Haha.

  35. thank you SO SO SO very much for ep. 35 subs!!

    it’s a shame that only the ant veterans are remaining. i’ll probably stop downloading this show once season 2 starts… so it’ll just be youtube for me >_<

  36. I really like WGM thank you so much for subbing. You really put a lot of detail to your subs and it’s greatly appreciated. It will be a shame when you stop but I will always remember and be grateful to the times you spent subbing. Thank You so much.


  37. Ikejo here you go : In HQ!!
    it’s not really really long : it takes 2 hours for me. But anyway, that’s the only source with clubbox (< it takes a really long time plus you have to download the program etc..!!) so no choices ^^.

    Source :
    (also taken from : )

    keep and save this adress for the next eps ! Hope i helped you !!

  38. Muiiisshh… Thankx a lot for ep 35 sub! I can’t wait to see Marco and Dambi part… They are my fave couple along with Joongbo Since Alshin left!


  39. lol VG , you’re totally right. It’s strange, maybe it’s beacause she (? i guess) is the only one who’s doing it but there’s something more than others about her work….Im sure t’s because sh’es doing it alone but essentially because she really seem to like subbing !! PLus , she really cares about us understanding and enjoying the show, with these cute notes and all her “look at his face ” in the middle of the show XD.

    I will really miss her subs. Too bad her fav couple is Joongbo, mine is hwanyobi….rahhh why did they not seduce her like they did with me LOL.

    Ah and not mention her colorful and clear subs…just the esthetic is unique. Now it seems like i became picky/greedy, before the default subs were good for me now i want them to be like muish…with the fonts and borderlines. ^^ They just seem too plain.

    Muish’s subs are like a rendez-vous , always there when we need it, in the place and time we fixed.

  40. waaahhh~~~ thank you SO much for providing these softsubs. though i understand about 95% of the korean used in this show… some of the words/phrases just go right over me ^^;;

    thank you!!!

  41. I’d just like to say thanks for subbing! Also, your subs convey so much more meaning than others that I have seen, so all your hours of effort really do show.


  42. Thank you very much for the soft sub. I have great time enjoying it. Yeah you’ve made my day happier^^
    Never mind, take your time subbing ep 35. I don’t mind waiting as long as you are still there, dear. We understand that you have other things to do. So, do the subbing at your convenience.
    I can’t imagine how I can survive without the WGM soft subs by muish. The love in me for WGM and the soft subs with cute notes by muish has grown too huge. Just thinking about you stopping subbing makes me…
    The ep Joongbo couple leaves is approaching, what to do? *sigh*

  43. Thanks Muish for your hard work. You’re so fast~!!! ^_^

    As a fan of 쌍추커플(Lettuce Couple), it’s so sad that they’re leaving. I read new articles and blog posts on naver today. It seems sure that they’re leaving due to Hyunjoong’s drama filming schedules as most of fans already guessed.
    Actually the news articles say that they were already done with the last shooting in Jeju Island as their farewell trip.
    Also, it doesn’t seem to be possible for Joongbo couple to have their final studio shooting also due to HJ’s schedule. (It’s from also some news articles. I’m not sure only about this, though…) I hope they’d have studio shoot. It’ll be so unfair if they are the only couple who don’t have the final studio farewell.

    I’m kinda worried if many WGM fans could have a good translator LIKE YOU. You’re the best~! (I do totally respect what you’re thinking about subbing. You’ve got your life,too.)

    Have a great week~!

  44. hi there muish, I dunno if this would be too much for u
    But, is it possible that u help sub the previous episodes of JB too? Older than ep22 that u have. I love your subbing as t is clear and understandble with great choice of font n color.
    Meaning, ep 9-21? If from beginning ep1 would be even better, but if u can’t just at least the episode when JB starts on?

    I’m not forcing, if u cant its ok. If u gonna do if i Thankh u from d bottom of my heart n dunno how to repay, just with all d good prayers for u for making me a joongbo fan happy.

    Anyway, thanks for all do subbing u’d done so far. Thx a million. U r d MAN! ;)

  45. can you not stop to translate because that variety show was very good and I will not understand if there is no subtitle in there….^^

    thank you very much muish….

  46. Thank you for your nice subbing and Thank of your kindness. I have no idea that what should I do if you don’t sharing your sub because I can’t understand Korean.

    Thank you again and again

    take care,

    Fattyacid ( your Thai fan sub)

  47. Hello muish!
    I just don’t know who to believe …someones say that JongBo are not leaving despite he’s busy with the filming while others say that they’re leaving soon ?
    Who’s right ? where do you got your souce ?
    thanks in advance.

  48. hi muish XDD
    i just wanna say that THANK U SO MUCH FOR SUBBING WGM!!!
    THANK U!!!!!

  49. wow you are the best!!!! thank you for your hard work and patience in subbing WGM. I just downloaded the entire ep 33 and not you have the sub. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  50. muish,

    hello there! i really appreciate your work and all your effort…

    thanks for your dedication in your work and i believe that there are a lot of people who are thankful for it…

    thanks a lot…


  51. Dear muish,

    Like many others, just wanted to thank you for all your time and effort. I hope something in the show will happen to change your mind about subbing, but I def understand how there are other priorities in life. Hopefully someone else will def pick up where you and coolsmurf left off. In any case, I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate you providing me with some of my weekly entertainment. Watching WGM is def one of the highlights of my week when I’m not at work.

  52. hi muish. i’m really really thankful that you have been translating WGM episodes.
    i’ve done translating before and i know it is a really tough job.
    so i really really thank you alot!!

    hopefully whoever who uses ur translations will credit you cuz i think that’s the least they should do. anyways, hwaiting with all the translations and actually, i do support you’re “stop subbing after jongbo left”

    i’m really upset that they’re leaving… nevertheless, thanks for translating so many videos.

  53. I missed all the drama on soompi apparently lol, but I was backtracking and THANK YOU for translating that awesome Hyunjoong article and for subbing the show so diligently :D. You’re awesome. You’re my favorite subber! Thank you for taking the time to sub :D!

    And your comment at the end of one of your posts: “PS. I’d like to add thanks to Mr. Muish who quietly did all the laundry without complaining… ” ^____^ you are so cute <3.

  54. How do you know that they are leaving WGM?

    Oh my, I don’t know what to do. I really love this couple, but they will leave the show like AnSol T_____T

    Anyway, thanks for the info, and hope you will sub eps33 soon ^^

  55. I thank you for subbing the episodes!
    It’s really great because you introduced me to the variety of different Korean shows that are out.
    Dang it! I wish that you would still sub the show
    But you won’t since JoongBo is leaving
    I thank you anyways for your hardwork!
    Go Muish!

  56. Hi Muish you are awesome for subbing the rest of this.. I was so lost when Korean Sub UTD stopped subbing but you picked it back up.. Gonna be lost again when you stop subbing but thank you for at least keeping it up this long..

    Question though… I have never seen any subbed version of the Lunar New Years Special.. I’m wondering if possible would you ever sub that?

  57. Thanks muish for deciding to translate the WGM. I understand how tiring it was to translate, and the subbing it. Because I’m translating videos and interview and performance, but for Japanese videos only. So, yeah, we are on the same boat, at least as a translator? xDDDD

    Sorry for rambling~

    Anyway, thanks again! Since I -completely- didn’t understand Korean, your translation is the only way for me to be able to watch the show without dazing off xDDD

  58. Thank you very much muish!! Can’t express how grateful i am that you still subbed ep31 & ep32. I really really appreciate your hardwork. ^^,

  59. You are amazing! You are a real Super Hero or a Goddess. I know how tiring is to sub week after week and I really appreciate everything you do for us WGM-fans! Thank You!

  60. thanks for continuing subbing WGM, i was so despreate to find the subs (except on youtube)
    am having a collection of the episode, so bad CWJ TOwn only release their subs on youtube, but thanks god there is you !!

    i really can’t thank you enough, i stopped watching the show after you stopped subbing it, but now am on it once again

    ps: i’ll keep uploading the eps on youtube, thanks for your permission

  61. Hi chuung,
    I appreciate their work when they always are the first who posted WGM in korean on youtube on the day of the diffusion in Korea. And I know how hard to sub.But, the fact that they take long time for subbing, is that not true? Did I say anything wrong. I only did a comparaison between them and Muish. Can I not do that? I’m sorry, I think we have the right to talk about what we think, right? Personnaly, I don’t think that I insult someone so please, be more gentle. Thank you.

    Muish: I’m sorry to disturb you like that but I’m only trying to make Chuung understand my idea. Thank you for letting me do that.

  62. Hi muish!
    You did Ep 31?! So Happy!!!! I really really appreciate you!!!
    Thanks so much for using your time!!!
    You’re so great!! Thanks!!!!!!

  63. ^ its kind of rude don’t you think ? to diss CWJTown like that, at least their trying their best, sure . their kind of slow on uploading and everything, but i think you should put yourself in their shoes to see how hard it is to find translators, encoders, timers and whatever more there is to it. its a lot of hard work you know, so i think you should learn how to appreciate.

  64. Thank you so much Muish.I really feel happy that you sub again WGM.About CJWTown, I think that they take too much time to sub an episode. I’ve waited an entire week for their sub of episode 31 but we still have nothing. I don’t know but it seems like CJWTown is a team. But why…their work isn’t as efficace as yours. I mean, you put only about 4 days to sub, right? Anyways, the happiness returned with us. I would like to thank you so much for your work. And I hope that you’ll continue to sub next episodes. You can’t abandon our couple like that, right? And us, without you, how can we understand the meaning of each episode since we don’t know korean. So please, please continue to sub. Take a break like you want but just don’t abandon. I really wish you the best, Muish.

  65. Hi Muish!
    I watch WGM through MySoju every week, and every week I see that you sub all the episodes – REALLY, TRULY, thank you soooo much. I know it’s such hard work, and I really want to tell you that I appreciate all the time, effort, blood, sweat and tears that go into subbing these.
    You are so awesome, I hope you continue on, although I’ll totally understand (sniff, sniff) if it becomes too much.
    Thanks again for being AWESOME!!! :o)

  66. Hi girl,,,,,,\(i- i)

    Thank a lot for your kindly spend your time everyweek for us.

    real wonder girl \(^_^)

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