How to view softsubs.

I think most of the .srt softsubs will play by default…

However, if you have softsubs in other formats, you may need the right plug-ins or codecs.

I use Advanced SubStation Alpha format (.ass) a lot… and to view this, you need to install Vobsub.

Or, you may wish to install the CCCP Codec Pack which will work too.

Put the video file and the softsub file in the same folder in the computer..  and rename them so that they have the same name with just different extensions.

For example:



When you play the .avi file with a player like Windows media player, the subtitles should show up automatically.

23 thoughts on “How to view softsubs.

  1. uhm i was just wondering..well my question is really for the hardsubbed version, however i can’t reply there because i don’t have an lj account YET…^^ so i found this and decided to ask here insted..uhm i actually downloaded the files and im curious how to join the files together. can i use hj split? if not, could you recommend? thanks i appreciate your reply. after disturbing you with this weird question..^^ thanks for uploading! -your such a fangirls’ life savior! haha

  2. Hi, i am new to NEWSFAN’S and i love kat-tun.

    I have a question on like if there’s many parts to a concert how do i link them together to watch it??
    I’ve downloaded the part one and it played well (11mins) and after i downloaded part 2, but it dosent play.
    Is there a program that i need to download or something? o.O
    If you know how to link it can u please reply me in my email, because i want to see the clear version of the KAT-TUN soo badly (UEDAAA)

    thank u sooooooooooo soo soo much ^.^

  3. The KM player is more useful than VLC. You should really try it out. It has more codecs and is easier to use + prettier :P. It can even play .flv files.
    For .ass softsubs, as long as you rename the file it works brilliantly.

  4. humm, i was trying to play the shounen club with the softsubs but it dosen’t works :/ i’m using vlc, so, do i have to change something? cause if i rename the file to .srt it dosen’t works either :(

  5. Umm i have a bit of a problem. i tried to download the EHB subs but it wouldnt play :| i also tried the options you have offered above but still nothing :S anyone think they could help me please? :(

  6. there’s an easier way which i find better… i just rename my softsub so that instead of *.ass, i changed the file extension to *.srt. it works for me but i dont know if it will work for others.

  7. hi! i was just wondering what vobsub is for. [you mentioned that we need to download it].

    and oh, i can’t seem to play the .ass format using vlc. :(

  8. I agree with meiko. If you put up a paypal button I’ll be more than happy to donate for all your hard work on the excellent subs!

  9. hey, may i ask what is the difference between softsubs and hardsubs ?? i really do not understand and gets confused when some videos show hardsubbed and some show softsubbed.

  10. i’m trying to watch unstoppable marriage
    but i can’t open the file and i did all the steps
    but instead of a player type
    i keep opening it into torrent
    can you help me?

  11. Hi -muish :)

    thank u for all ur work im so grateful. ive watch dramas for years but i never watch a show. this is my first. i do have a question. this question goes out to anyone that can help. ep 37 subs is in black. an i would like to change the color of the text. i’m using vlc. i tried changing the color using notepad. no that don’t work. then i tried using wordpad and it seems that i change the color on wordpad. i save it. but when i go and play the vid again its still black. i hope someone can help me with the prob. thank you.

  12. @ skyccm.

    Unfortunately, I am not able to experiement with all the players out there… so all I can do is recommend that you use windows media player (which I’m familiar with) or wait for hardsubs by Tung Tung (usually only takes a few more days).


    I haven’t tried to burn this as readable on DVD players. My assumption is that it would really depend on the DVD player. Your best bet is probably just to hardsub into a format that would be readable on your DVD player. Which format that is…really depend on your DVD player.

    I think there are ways to do it so you can turn the subs on/off for a DVD. I am not experienced in doing those at all… so I really can’t help you..


  13. Thank you for all guidance, but I still have a question.

    Due to low disk space in my laptop, I need to write it on CD/DVD to play on DVD player. Would it be workable video with sub if I write to CD/DVD by put both files in same folder as you suggest?

    OR what should I do to write to CD/DVD to play by DVD player with subs?

  14. Hi. Muish~
    Thanks you for putting your efforts to make the subs.
    It really helps for my friends to understand the show.

    I’ve got a question. I’m using KMPlayer. I can see the subtitles; however, I was wondering if I can’t see the shape(font styles) of subtitles as you put the tags with notepad.
    I also installed Vobsub, but nothing changed.

    I was just wondering how I could see the font styles as it’s made in ass. format.

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